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I have been practicing law for 30 years. Lots of attorneys can file lawsuits and fight it out. We take pride in fighting intelligently. I have recovered millions and millions of dollars for people like you. I have met thousands of decent, honorable people who have been hurt due to negligence or intentional wrongdoing of others. You deserve a voice. We will speak for you. When we speak, insurance companies pay attention. Some of our biggest and most satisfying cases involved representing victims of dog bites, sexual molestation, product liability, dangerous roads and, of course, automobile collisions. We have a great deal of experience in virtually every kind of personal injury claim there is, including dental and medical malpractice, premises liability and employment disputes. I would like to discuss your case with you. Consultations are free.

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Q. I left my pet birds with people to care for while I was in transition & now they're refusing to give them back.
A: It will depend on whether you can prove that the arrangement was temporary, and/or that the agreement was for the 3 weeks. I assume that the other party will argue that you gave them the birds, or left them for so long that you abandoned them. Hopefully, you have emails, texts, voicemails, etc., that verify your position. If you left the birds for longer than originally anticipated, you would likely owe them a daily aviary fee, if you are entitled to return of the birds. Small claims is the appropriate venue for your claims, assuming that the value of the birds is $10k or less. You can sue for monetary damages (the value of the birds), and include a request for an order for return of the birds. You would only be entitled to one of the remedies for each bird. since you have already filed, you will need to either dismiss and re-file, or file amended documents to include the Order for Return of Property (which is the cheaper option and I assume that it is an appropriate way to handle this, but I can't predict how the Small Claims Clerk will respond). All documents have to be served upon the Defendants properly. As for deceased bird, you could include the value of that bird in your lawsuit. There might not be any evidence that it is actually deceased (photos, vet records, etc.), or that the bird died of natural causes. If you sue, bring all evidence that the birds are yours (veterinary records, records of the terms of your agreement, etc), along with some kind of proof of value (receipts, offers for sale of similar birds, etc.). Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claims Court; Form SC-100 (Lawsuit for monetary damages) Request for Court Order and Answer; Form SC-105 (Request for Return of Property, filed with SC-100) Order on Request for Court Order; Form SC-105A Proof of Service; Form SC-104 No guaranties that these are the appropriate forms or that a Small Claims Judge will rule in your favor.
Q. If an unlicensed driver was driving my car with me in it and someone hits them am I at fault?
A: You are derivatively liable for the negligence of the person driving with your permission. Your liability is limited to $15k/person, $30k/accident, $5k property damage. You might also be liable for negligent entrustment of the vehicle to someone who was not qualified to drive. Your liability under this theory is limited only by the extent of the damage caused.
Q. My husband passed away in 2009 and he had just started taking helicopter lessons that he paid in full for $30,000.
A: Any claim that the Estate had for a refund is now 10 years old, and is barred by the Statute of Limitations. You can ask, but I would expect that you will be told no.
Q. False statement was made and ammended, what happens next?
A: The false statement does not automatically make you at fault. Fault is determined by the facts of what happened. Lying to your insurance company is a breach of your agreement with it. It can be a crime. It can result in the insurer refusing to pay to repair your car, or refusing to defend or indemnify you in the event someone makes a claim against your. You have destroyed your credibility by lying and made it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to believe you with regard to what happened. As a result, the other persons version of the accident will probably be more persuasive and that person's version will probably put most, if not all, of the fault upon you. Whether your insurer will still protect you is unknown.
Q. Can I sue a DRP repair shop for omitting replacement parts and tampering/flashing car computer and security system?
A: Leaving out replacement parts seem like fraud, if you paid for them in a prior repair. However, if you didn't give an authorization, or receive an invoice or estimate, it is unclear how or why the shop was required to install replacement parts. Not sure how "flashing" the car computer and security system damages your car. Shops might need access to the ECU to diagnose motor issues. You can file a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repair: You can sue in Small Claims court if you can prove that you paid for services/parts that you didn't receive, or that the shop somehow damaged your ECU. You will need testimony from a mechanic to support your claims.
Q. I bought a puppy from a breeder in California. I recently found out my puppy has an hereditary condition.
A: First, give the breeder notice of the defect, with a written veterinarian certification that states within one year after the purchaser has taken physical possession of the dog after the sale by a breeder, that the dog has a congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the dog, or that requires, or is likely in the future to require, hospitalization or non-elective surgical procedures, and ask for one of these remedies: "(1) Return the dog to the breeder for a refund of the purchase price, plus sales tax, and reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees for diagnosis and treating the dog in an amount not to exceed the original purchase price of the dog, including sales tax. (2) Exchange the dog for a dog of the purchaser's choice of equivalent value, providing a replacement dog is available, and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees for diagnosis and treating the dog in an amount not to exceed the original purchase price of the dog, plus sales tax on the original purchase price of the dog. (3) Retain the dog, and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees for diagnosis and treating the dog in an amount not to exceed 150 percent of the original purchase price of the dog, plus sales tax." In order to be entitled to those remedies, the person from whom you purchased the dog must qualify as a breeder. The Polanco-Lockyer Pet Breeder Warranty Act defines a breeder as a person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other association that has sold, transferred, or given away all or part of three or more litters or 20 or more dogs during the preceding 12 months that were bred and reared on the premises of the person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other association. If the breeder refuses, you can sue in Small Claims court. An attorney can help you prepare the necessary paperwork and get the suit filed and served if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself.
Q. If an animal rescue facility is aware of & has knowledge of specific health issues relating to an animal available for
A: In some instances, the Lockyer-Polanco-Farr Pet Protection Act provides liability for breeders and dealers of dogs with contagious diseases or congenital defects. However, section 122125(d) specifically exempts public pounds and humane societies. It is unknown whether your obtained your animal from a pound or a humane society. Even in the absence of the Pet Protection Act, you might have ordinary remedies for breach of contract, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, etc. Review your paperwork. It may specify a procedure for health issues. If not, and the rescue is unwilling to refund, exchange, etc., you can try to sue in Small Claims. Be prepared to submit a written verification from a licensed veterinarian that the health issue existed at the time of acquisition and that the rescue knew or should have known of it at that time. An attorney can help prepare your documents and get them filed and served.
Q. Had a dog for 7vyears it turned out to be a chipped dog when took it to humane society they contacted real owners and th
A: That doesn't make any sense. You had it for 7 years and took it to the Humane Society? That suggests you were surrendering whatever rights you had. If that is what happened, you have no rights. There was no reason to take it there to adopt a dog you already had, unless you were admitting that it wasn't yours when you took it there, in which case you have no rights. Also, you don't explain how you acquired the dog 7 years ago. Those circumstances might shed some light on your rights, if any.
Q. My dog received a surgery burn on her side in October. Vet offered compensation for what she went through & myself.
A: No, you cannot sue for pain and suffering. Dogs are considered property. You could possibly get a refund for the cost of the procedure. If there are any procedures to repair the scarred area, you could potentially recover the cost of those procedures. You could possibly recover diminished value for the dog based upon its scarring. That would probably require some form of expert testimony from a dog breeder for a similar dog. If your dog is not a show dog, that claim is probably not worth very much.
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