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Millions of users visit the Justia and Legal Information Institute Lawyer Directories each year to find legal representation. Lawyers who have claimed and completed their profiles can benefit directly from this high volume of visitors. People who are looking to hire an attorney are more likely to visit your profile and contact you if you have claimed it and filled it out. Our listings of lawyers provide the public with the important information about which attorney to hire.

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Justia Lawyer Directory Premium Placement

Claiming and updating your profile expands your professional reach, highlights your relevant skills and experience, and makes you more discoverable by potential clients.

Lawyers who have claimed their profiles are eligible to participate in the Justia Legal Answers community. Answers you provide will be listed in your profile, and top participants may have their profiles featured on other Justia properties for additional exposure.

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Justia Lawyer Directory Premium Placement

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Justia Lawyer Directory Premium Placement

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