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Ryan Hyde is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. In addition to handling hundreds of DUI cases through all stages of trial Ryan served as a DUI ARD Coordinator and as one of lead attorneys on Economic Crimes, Arson Crimes and Special Investigations Unit. Ryan has investigated and prosecuted dozens of complex economic crime cases, including securities fraud, political corruption and arson. As the deputy district attorney, Ryan gained insight into methods used against those charged with a criminal offense. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, he continues to capitalize on this knowledge to counsel his clients through the legal process. Ryan is available to help you with your legal needs. Contact him at (484) 886 - 4271 if you need representation.

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Zealously defend clients who have been charged with a crime in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks County.
Deputy District Attorney
Bucks County District Attorney's Office
Federal Comercial Litigation
Villanova University School of Law
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Honors: Jessup International Oral Advocacy Competition
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
B.S. | Accounting & Finance
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Q. I was arrested by officers who were involved in robbing drug dealers. Some cases were dismissed, am I eligible?
A: Depends on what your charges were for and whether the CW can prove your case without their testimony. The CE cant use them as witnesses but id there is other evidence you wont necessarily get a walk. You should be having these conversations with your attorney. They would be in the best posiyipn to know how the district attorney is handling these kinds of cases.
Q. I was charged with SADV because my child's mother lied to the police. Now that I've been convicted she openly states she
A: When you say convicted, do you mean you were found guilty or you pleaded guilty? It only matter because you may have PCRA remedies availavle to you. Post conviction relief act is dificult to file under, you would need to consult with a local appellate attorney.
Q. This is my first dui in PA cop said he has yet to se anyone go to jail over frist offense should i beleve him?
A: If he has truly never seen someone go to jail on a first offense DUI he is either very young or very inexperienced. I should suspect he was not being totally truthful with you. Most DUI's have mandatory jail associated with them. If this is your first run in with the law you should be eligible for the ARD program. While ARD is a good outcome it has many conditions that must be met. That's why you should always consult with an attorney before entering into the program. As to your second question, he does not have to read you Miranda warnings unless you are in a custodial interrogation situation. The courts in PA have held that roadside questioning for a DUI generally does not invoke a custodial interrogation. This means that most arrests occur without a reading of Miranda (unlike TV where the read it all the time). You may have supression issues with your case that you are not even aware of. Talk to an attorney and have them properly evaluate your case.
Q. 66 year old father in law was charged with aggravated assault while a patient in the psych hospital. What can I do?
A: It is absolutely imperative that he have an attorney representing him. These are very serious charges and as you point out he has a defense. Mental Health defenses are not easy to assert and potentially require expert witnesses to assert properly. Your wish to assist is noble, especially in a case where he potentially has fairly serious mental health issues. Once he has an attorney you should contact them to see how you can best assist. I have had cases where I have asserted this defense and testimony like yours can be very important. Unfortunately, you contacting the judge is unlikely to have the desired effect as ex parte communications are often ignored.
Q. i have harassment 18 2709 a4 lead 2nd one any jail time and first time for comm,lewd threatening,etc, language
A: Are you eligible for jail time? Sure. Depending on whether this is charged as an M3 or Summary you could get anywhere from 90 days to a year. Is that the likely outcome? No. First offenses of this nature generally get probation or fines. There is no way to give you a definitive answer with the facts provided. A lot of it depends on prior history, nature of the contact, who the complaining witness is and what county it happened in (this matters more than you think). The best way to assess the potential outcomes is contact a local attorney. Experienced defense attorneys will have handled similar cases and will know how the officers and judges handle these types of cases. More importantly they can get the appropriate information in a confidential fashion and help you formulate a plan to defend yourself.
Q. when a phone number is not in ones name/own account but in someone else's by law can police obtain a line tap
A: You are asking a very legally nuanced question without nearly sufficient facts to provide an answer. Whether or not a wiretap is admissible is not an easy issue and often requires litigation. The Commonwealth has to jump through a lot of hoops to get one so they generally don't make the decision lightly. That doesn't mean they always get it right. As a practical matter who the phones name is under doesn't really matter the question is who is using the phone and why they have that belief. Hence why litigation is often necessary. If you have these concerns, and more importantly, the Commonwealth is using this evidence against you, the internet is a poor place to look for answers. This is a complicated question that requires a somewhat detailed factual recitation to get a quality answer. Take the time and sit down with an experienced attorney who can walk you through all the potential challenges to the evidence and the potential outcomes. They will be in the best position to know how to proceed and its confidential so prying eyes won't be privy to the information.
Q. Can a victim get in trouble if I threaten someone who is not honoring a pfa?
A: First, be careful you are admitting a crime on the internet. Not usually the best policy decision. Could she get in trouble? Theoretically she could be charged with conspiracy to your actions. I say theoretically because a lot of things would have to fall in place for that to happen. Circumstantially they could build a case against her. She would certainly have a good defense. In general, refraining from threatening people is in everyone's best interest. If there is contact between him and her she needs to be reporting it to the police. The document is only good if it is used for its intended purpose. In my experience the police will put a stop to contact if it's not allowed by a PFA. There are always outliers, it is afterall only a document, but it sounds like she has a good (at least well intended) support network. Make sure she is taking steps to protect herself, including using the document when appropriate.
Q. Carrying a firearm without a liscense
A: You don't ask a question here but it can be inferred you are asking what are the potential outcomes. THe challenge of answering a question like that without a thorough intake is who knows. A lot would depend on your prior criminal history and what the actual charges are. More importantly county specific knowledge would be invaluable as different counties handle this type of case differently. The only good way to answer your question is to tell you to take the time to consult with an attorney local to where the complaint is filed. They can walk you through the specifics in a confidential fashion. Importantly, posting facts on the internet is bad policy as anyone, including police officers, can read this information and later use it against you. Talk to someone local, most if not all will offer a free consultation and may be able to help you resolve this case without a conviction.
Q. can I fight a pending DUI that the police didn't observe me driving and don't know when I ingested the drugs?
A: Can you fight it? Sure. PA has a pretty tough DUI law. However, they do have to prove that you were under the influence when you were driving. Their observations are unimportant as if they can say you were impaired when you driving through third party testimony they can still convict you. There are ways of doing that but it is still a triable case. You should consult with a local experienced DUI attorney. They will have more experience in these types of defenses and trial experience matters. The presentation of evidence can be the difference in a win or a loss in this type of case. You have a good defense, hire an expert to present it for the best outcome.
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