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Ryan Hyde is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. In addition to handling hundreds of DUI cases through all stages of trial Ryan served as a DUI ARD Coordinator and as one of lead attorneys on Economic Crimes, Arson Crimes and Special Investigations Unit. Ryan has investigated and prosecuted dozens of complex economic crime cases, including securities fraud, political corruption and arson. As the deputy district attorney, Ryan gained insight into methods used against those charged with a criminal offense. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, he continues to capitalize on this knowledge to counsel his clients through the legal process. Ryan is available to help you with your legal needs. Contact him at (484) 886 - 4271 if you need representation.

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Zealously defend clients who have been charged with a crime in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks County.
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Villanova University School of Law
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Honors: Jessup International Oral Advocacy Competition
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Q. How long can your probation officer keep a detaner on someone
A: There is nowhere near enough information to answer this question. I realize that is not what you want to hear but some questions require specifics to answer. There is no real legal limit to the detainer if it is lodged for pending charges. Usually the court will allow the detainer to span the duration of the criminal proceedings. I say usually because there are instances where I have been able to get a judge to set bail on the detainer. Some counties will do this, some counties won't. The only way to get a meaningful answer to your question is to talk to local counsel. They will know the specifics of how that court handles probation matters. More importantly, they will be able to tell you if there are ways to get a person out pending the hearing.
Q. Will I go to jail for a first time misdemeanor theft? And could I win a case representing myself?
A: There is a lot of distance between where you stand and jail. I agree with Mr. Hall that a public defender is the best route. The challenge is you may be eligible for diversion programs which would leave you without a record. Bucks County has a number of such programs. Importantly, you may have defenses. The key to good representation is presenting those defenses at the right time and in the right place. When your future and freedom are at stake you would be surprised how affordable attorneys really are. Can you represent yourself, sure. But as you yourself state you don't have a lot of experience with the law. District Attorneys do. Explore getting yourself an attorney or applying for the public defender. It sounds like your freedom is very valuable.
Q. a felon with a stolen tampered with firearm found in their car, without fingerprints, will they be convicted?
A: WIthout discovery the "will I be convicted" question is almost impossible to answer. Finding a firearm in a vehicle under the sole control of a convicted felon is certainly not good. But there are a whole host of issues that could be relevant to the disposition of the case. More troubling is that if you are on State Probation they can violate on a much lower standard that proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Internet help is not what you need. You need an experienced local attorney to go through the discovery with you and try to determine the best course of action. There may very well be defenses that you are missing.
Q. What would the pentalty be looking like? Pennsylvania.
A: There is not enough information to tell you what the penalty would look like because sentencing decisions are personal to the defendant. That being said there are some pretty serious things on this information. The most alarming is buried down deep is a third offense DUI. DUIs in general carry mandatory jail time. A first offense for the highest tier has a mandatory 1 year license suspension and 72 hours in jail. Based on what is presented jail is a very likely possibility. You should consult with a local attorney to best determine how to minimize the damage. If its a third offense you are looking at substantial jail time.
Q. I was charge with DUI and reckless driving, turn signal light out. When to court the Judge withdrew the DUI charges
A: Double jeopardy is the concept that you cant be tried twice for the same charge. This means that when you win a trial the CW cant retry you for the same thing. As always, there are exceptions. Your situation does not appear in anyway to be jeopardy related. Your aituation is confuaing but it seems like maybe you refused chemical testing in the DUI, which leads to a 1 year suspension, even if you arent convicted. When things are confusing the best thing to do is talk to an expert. Contact a local defense attorney. You would be amazed how much confusiom can be cleared up in half an hour. More importantly they may be able yo help you avoid some of these suspensions.
Q. If a minor hits and adult, Can the adult hit the minor as self defense?
A: Self defense does not mean you can hit someone who hit you. Self defense is a justification defense that requires a detailed factual analysis of the totality of the circumstances. Even if you do use force in self defense that force must be proportionate to the risk faced. Retaliatory hitting is not self defense and you can be found guilty. An assault on a minor is a serious offense.
Q. I have a preliminary hearing as a plantiff to sexual abuse charges against someone. What happens after the prelim, will
A: Ms. Hilbush is correct, unless your case is dismissed by the district court it will proceed to trial. The important thing to remember is even if your case is dismissed the Commonwealth can refile the charges. The preliminary hearing does not determine guilt merely whether or not there is sufficient evidence to hold over the charges. You should absolutely have an attorney. It sounds like you are facing serious charges and the Preliminary Hearing is an important part of the process that lets good attorneys begin to lay the foundation for defenses and trial strategies.
Q. I am being charged for criminal case. My wife has dismissed the case but police department has reopened. Can I go to j
A: I am writing to voice my agreement with Mr. Hall. You don't give enough information to really a formulate an answer to the question of can you get jail time. In short the answer is almost always yes, but most times it is unlikely. It is very important to understand that your wife, unless she is a judge or District Attorney, cannot just dismiss the charges. Once the case it is charged it is the Commonwealth vs. you not your wife vs. you. In cases like this legal representation is almost always going to net you a better result. Sit down with a lawyer, most do free consultations, and let them walk you through the process and help you formulate a plan to minimize the damage.
Q. What is dram shop liability and how can a bar be held responsible for the car accident of one of its drinking patrons?
A: Respectfully, this is not an easy question to answer. Dram Shop litigation is an area best explained by specialists. Essentially it is an advanced form of negligence where case and statute has held that drinking establishments can be held accountable for overserving clients. Your best bet would be to contact one of the local Dram Shop experts in your area. has a decent explanation.
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