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Timur Akpinar

Timur Akpinar

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Tim Akpinar represents commercial mariners, recreational boaters, cruise ship passengers, and other injury plaintiffs throughout the entire United States, including inland rivers. As a former shipboard officer, Tim understands the operation of commercial vessels and the legal rights of people who serve aboard them. Such rights can materialize under the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and other laws. He has owned several vessels over the years and handles maritime collision, maritime salvage, boating accidents, cruise ship accidents, and complex technical cases. He also handles general injury (motor vehicle) and medical malpractice cases.

Tim taught law at SUNY Maritime College and in the MBA program at Southern New Hampshire University. Tim fights hard for the legal rights of clients who have sustained injury or other damages. Tim’s work is referenced in Wikipedia - Seaman’s Manslaughter Statute. Tim was asked to cover the subject of limitation of liability for the American Trial Lawyers Association, for which he wrote "Defeating Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law." This concept arises in litigation involving commercial and recreational vessels.

Tim worked as an environmental engineer for an 826 MW generating station where he was responsible for regulatory compliance, remediation, and oil spill response. He trained NYC firefighters about first responder power plant hazards that included 138,000 volt electrical equipment, high-pressure steam, bulk acid, caustic, and no. 6 heavy fuel oil storage. He worked as a shift supervisor at a 425 MW station, responsible for steam turbines, generators, boilers, diesels, and auxiliaries.

Tim covers maritime law topics for nationally published maritime and boating magazines, including WorkBoat, The Ensign (US Power Squadron), Offshore, Marine Officer, and LI Boating World. For a free consultation, contact Tim at (718) 224-9824 or

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  • Personal Injury
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Products Liability
  • Insurance Claims
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Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice
New Jersey
New York
St. John's University School of Law
State University of New York - Maritime College at Ft. Schuyler
Bachelor of Engineering (1981) | Mechanical Engineering (Marine)
Professional Associations
Maritime Law Association of the United States
New York State Bar # 2621100
- Current
Gulf Coast Mariners
Activities: An Advocacy group for commercial mariners working on the nation's inland and coastal waterways
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Articles & Publications
Defeating Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law
Trial Magazine - The Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Speaking Engagements
Legal Issues for Recreational Boaters, United States Power Squadron - Bayside Power Squadron
Tim spoke about admiralty jurisdiction over pleasure boats, boating accident legal issues, limitation of liability, salvage law, marine liens, and other legal issues related to recreational boating.
Maritime Law Issues for Commercial Mariners, Kingsborough Community College - Maritime Technology Program
Tim spoke about the legal responsibilities of officers and ship's crews, criminal liability, the Jones Act, limitation of liability, salvage law, recent developments in Coast Guard regulations with marine casualty reporting and alcohol testing, marine pollution, and other maritime law topics.
Recent Developments in Maritime Law, St. John's University School of Law
Admiralty Law Society
Tim spoke about salvage law, the law of finds, the Jones Act and legal issues affecting the rights of commercial fishermen.
U.S. Military Sealift Command Firefighting School
ALARA Training - As Low As Reseasonable Achievable - Radiation Reducing Considerations in Nuclear Power Plant Design
Reliability Engineering Training
Third Assistant Engineer - Steam & Motor Vessels - Unlimited Horsepower
Websites & Blogs
Admiralty & Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar
Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Rights of Cruise Ship Passengers Injured in Accidents at Sea

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Passengers and Guests Injured in Accidents Occurring Aboard Cruise Ships or Shoreside in Connection With Their Voyages. He Describes Jurisdictional Issues and Other Stipulations Imposed by Cruise Lines Within the Contract Conditions of Their Tickets. He Also Briefly Touches Upon SOLAS, The Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, in Terms of Safety Compliance by Cruise Lines.

Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Issues with Boating & Jet Ski Accidents

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Recreational Boaters Injured in Accidents Occurring in on Navigable and Non-Navigable Waters of the United States. He Discusses How Arcane Elements of Maritime Law Can Apply to Pleasure Boat Accidents, from Limitation of Liability to Certain Presumptions Observed under Federal Maritime Law in the United States.

The Jones Act Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Rights of Commercial Mariners Under Federal Mariti

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Mariners Injured in Accidents Occurring in the Course of Their Employment on Commercial Vessels. This Includes Deckhands, ABs, Oilers, Wipers, DDEs, QMEDs, Tankermen, Cooks, Stewards, Bartenders, Deck Officers, Engine Officers, and Other Ship's Crew Injured in the Course of Their Employment, Whether Shipboard or Shoreside. Tim Describes Coverage Under the Jones Act, Maintenance and Cure, and Outlines How Jones Act Coverage Differs From Traditional Workers' Compensation Coverage.

Maritime Attorney Talks About the Jones Act and Legal Rights of Injured Commercial Fishermen

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Commercial Fishermen Injured in Accidents Occurring in the Course of Their Employment. He Describes Coverage Under the Jones Act and Describes Distinctions from Conventional Employee Coverage Under Workers' Compensation Insurance.

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663 Questions Answered

Q. What is typical payout for pain and suffering in a motor accident in Atlanta GA is it a 1.1 ratio with medical bills?
A: There really isn't such a formula or rule of thumb that can readily be applied in every case across the board. Each case has to be evaluated individually on the basis of the respective liabilities of the parties, the injuries (particularly in terms of their long term impact - considering partial or permanent disability), pain and suffering, and other elements related to how the accident impacts one's life. These are only a few factors; there are others as well. If you want to gather the information that would enable you to make a well-informed decision regarding your case, a good starting point would be to consult with an injury attorney in your state. Many offer free initial consults. Tim Akpinar
Q. What do I do if I suffered due to a cut in my mouth and lost a tooth because of a bread tie in a burger bought at sonic?
A: As a starting point, you could contact an injury attorney in Montana to review and evaluate the details of the accident and your injuries. In these types of cases, recent dental history could become relevant. If the attorney you contact feels there is a viable case to move forward with, it would be helpful to readily have contact information available for the dentist(s) who saw you prior to the accident. Tim Akpinar
Q. I had an accident at the Airport. I fell on an escalator. Do I have any right to a claim?
A: You could possibly have a claim. It would depend on how the accident took place and the injuries. If you contacted a Florida injury attorney for a consultation, they could make a better determination after reviewing additional details about the accident and seeing your medical records. Tim Akpinar
Q. Dear Sir How can we difine and limit the Liquidated damages in Subcontract agreement at the start of the project?
A: That would require contemplating the extent of damages that could materialize in the event of a breach. Tim Akpinar
Q. I had an accident at the RI airport on an escalator. Do I have a claim for damages.
A: You could possibly have a claim. You could consult with an attorney, who would likely want additional details about how the accident took place and whether you sustained injuries. Tim Akpinar
Q. What happens in Federal Court after Initial discovery is over, defendant has offered me $ as settlement, but plaintiff?
A: The case moves to trial. It's a good time for plaintiff and attorney to sit down and assess strengths and weaknesses of case - and think about how those could affect the outcome at trial. Tim Akpinar
Q. Bridge out n they had no barriers up which caused me to run Into a excavator sitting In road is it my fault
A: One of the issues you could be confronted with here is the general responsibility to maintain a safe speed for given conditions and to maintain a lookout while driving, regardless of jurisdiction. I hope you were not injured, but based on possible injuries or damages, you could arrange a consultation with a Mississippi car accident attorney. They generally work on contingency and many provide free initial consults. Tim Akpinar
Q. I am having a new air conditioner installed it has not worked since day 1 can I make them remove it
A: Contact the manufacturer and ask them if they can work with you toward resolving the issue (whether in the form or service or replacement). If your model is the same one that is the subject of the class action lawsuit, you could contact the firm handling the suit if your amicable efforts do not work. Tim Akpinar
Q. Can an arbitrator deny a witness
A: Yes. Although arbitrators can follow the same rules of civil procedure and evidence observed in federal or state court, they generally have more leeway, based on the size and scope of the matter. The guidelines they follow generally tend to be less formal than traditional court rules. This is as a general matter. A Wisconsin attorney familiar with the particular arbitration forum could offer more specific guidance. Tim Akpinar
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