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Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar represents commercial mariners and recreational boaters throughout the entire United States, including inland rivers. As a former merchant marine officer, Tim understands the operation of commercial vessels and the legal rights of people who serve aboard them. Such rights can materialize under the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’s Compensation Act, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Defense Base Act, War Hazards Compensation Act, and other federal and state legislation. Tim handles matters involving maritime collision, maritime salvage, complex property losses, boating accidents, and cruise ship accidents. He represents commercial mariners, recreational boaters, and passengers. Tim taught law at a state maritime academy. He has also owned several pleasure boats over the years. For a free consultation, contact Tim at (718) 224-9824 or timakpinarlawoffice@verizon.net. Tim fights hard for the legal rights his clients who have sustained injury or other damages involving admiralty jurisdiction and maritime law. Tim’s work is referenced in Wikipedia - Seaman’s Manslaughter Statute In 2006, Tim was asked to cover the subject of limitation of liability for the American Trial Lawyers Association, for which he prepared the article, Defeating Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law. This arcane concept of maritime law comes up in cruise ship accidents, boat and jet ski accidents, as well injuries involving commercial fishermen, tugboat crews, and other mariners. The City of New York tried to use the law to reduce the awards of injury plaintiffs following the tragic October 2003 Staten Island Ferry accident involving Andrew Barberi. Tim understands why defendants try to use this trick, and he understands how to defeat this shameful legal tactic. Tim was recently interviewed by Water Welders, an online magazine about the commercial diving industry. Tim recently appeared in WorkBoat Magazine

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Maritime Law Association of the United States
New York State Bar # 2621100
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Articles & Publications
Defeating Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law
Trial Magazine - The Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America
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Admiralty & Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar
Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Rights of Cruise Ship Passengers Injured in Accidents at Sea

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Passengers and Guests Injured in Accidents Occurring Aboard Cruise Ships or Shoreside in Connection With Their Voyages. He Describes Jurisdictional Issues and Other Stipulations Imposed by Cruise Lines Within the Contract Conditions of Their Tickets. He Also Briefly Touches Upon SOLAS, The Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, in Terms of Safety Compliance by Cruise Lines.

Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Issues with Boating & Jet Ski Accidents

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Recreational Boaters Injured in Accidents Occurring in on Navigable and Non-Navigable Waters of the United States. He Discusses How Arcane Elements of Maritime Law Can Apply to Pleasure Boat Accidents, from Limitation of Liability to Certain Presumptions Observed under Federal Maritime Law in the United States.

The Jones Act Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Rights of Commercial Mariners Under Federal Mariti

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Mariners Injured in Accidents Occurring in the Course of Their Employment on Commercial Vessels. This Includes Deckhands, ABs, Oilers, Wipers, DDEs, QMEDs, Tankermen, Cooks, Stewards, Bartenders, Deck Officers, Engine Officers, and Other Ship's Crew Injured in the Course of Their Employment, Whether Shipboard or Shoreside. Tim Describes Coverage Under the Jones Act, Maintenance and Cure, and Outlines How Jones Act Coverage Differs From Traditional Workers' Compensation Coverage.

Maritime Attorney Talks About the Jones Act and Legal Rights of Injured Commercial Fishermen

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Commercial Fishermen Injured in Accidents Occurring in the Course of Their Employment. He Describes Coverage Under the Jones Act and Describes Distinctions from Conventional Employee Coverage Under Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Legal Answers
132 Questions Answered

Q. Is there a provision of challenge to decision of a sole arbitrator appointed by high court in India
A: Without seeing the conditions of the high court, it is difficult to say. There could possibly be issues here that require the guidance of an attorney familiar the law in India as it pertains to the court-appointed arbitrator. Tim Akpinar
Q. can president trump impose martial law.
A: It would depend on the circumstances facing the nation. Historically, martial law has been imposed in times of war or disaster. Constitutional scholars would be likely to have a deeper insight into the concept than maritime attorneys because it is closely connected to the suspension of habeas corpus. Tim Akpinar
Q. How would you recommend for an undergraduate student to get started on preparing for the LSAT. Thank you!
A: Do some research on the respected companies offering review courses and find out which ones fit within your budget and schedule. Look into the quality and size of their test banks. You could learn techniques from good instructors, but preparation for the exam is largely a matter of doing lots of practice exams, and TIMING yourself as you do them. If a course is out of your budget, there are self-study resources out there. But if you have the budget for a course, a good course could be valuable. For starters, check out some of the free sample resources out there to get a feel for the exam. Good luck. Tim Akpinar
Q. Hello I work on cruise ship. I fell down on the stair and injured my back. Because the stair was in a bad condition.
A: It’s possible you could have grounds for a lawsuit. How the matter is handled could depend on the flag under which the cruise ship was registered, the type of crewing agreement you work under, and whether there are provisions in that agreement as to arbitration or other forums. Report the accident to your supervisor, the ship’s safety officer, or one of the ship’s other officers - the deck officer on watch at the time of the accident if you are able to locate her or him. An accident report should be made and filed with the ship’s safety officer, or other officer/representative handling such reports. Keep records of the shipboard medical attention you receive. If ship’s medical personnel determine that you cannot work, or that you can only work in a restricted capacity, inform your supervisor. If you have photos of the stairs and the condition of the non-skid coatings, those would be helpful. If there are witnesses to the accident, note the names. If you are able to locate the crew members who brought the safety issue to the attention of the ship’s safety officer, note their names. If you are thinking about suing for your injuries, an attorney could examine the facts and circumstances of your accident and advise you as to the manner in which you could proceed. An attorney could also advise you of deadlines, notice of claim requirements, and statutes of limitations you would need to act within to preserve your legal rights. Tim Akpinar
Q. Are white collar crimes all federal crimes?
A: White collar crimes can be prosecuted in federal courts and state courts. Tim Akpinar
Q. The guy I hit with my car is now claiming he's not feeling well, but it was months ago - can he do that?
A: Yes, but symptoms that accompany motor vehicle accident injuries generally present themselves relatively soon after an accident. Medical records would need to be examined to help determine what happened. Tim Akpinar
Q. Hi, I am having a problem getting compensation for a lost delivery
A: You could ask the delivery company if the shipment was insured; if it was not, you could consult with an attorney to examine the validity of the no-pay position in accordance with their terms of shipment, what your options are, and what options would be most viable and cost-effective in accordance with the value of the phone. Tim Akpinar
Q. I don't believe I was compensated properly while working as a cruise member.
A: I would have liked to give you a “yes” or “no” answer, but the most helpful attorney could be one who is experienced with cruise ship wage matters. And not every maritime attorney handles cruise ship wage claims, even if they handle Jones Act claims for crew members. Cruise ship employment can be governed by contract, and crew contracts can vary according to the company, as some ships operate under the U.S. flag and some cruise lines, while having corporate headquarters in the United States, operate ships whose flags of registry are in the Bahamas, Panama, Monrovia, and other overseas locations. Tim Akpinar
Q. Are all mediators/arbitrators attorneys?
A: I do not practice in Texas, but your question has remained unanswered for four weeks. I can’t speak specifically for Texas, but in general, many arbitrators and mediators tend to be attorneys. However, there are also non-attorney mediators and arbitrators who preside over disputes. It can depend on the region, certification requirements, and the rules of the entity administrating the arbitration. Non-attorney alternate dispute resolution professionals generally have specialized expertise in a given field. Tim Akpinar
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