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Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar represents commercial mariners and recreational boaters throughout the entire United States, including inland rivers. As a former merchant marine officer (unlimited horsepower), Tim understands the operation of commercial vessels and the legal rights of people who serve aboard them. Such rights can materialize under the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Defense Base Act, War Hazards Compensation Act, and other laws. Tim handles matters involving maritime collision, maritime salvage, complex property losses, boating accidents, and cruise ship accidents. He represents commercial mariners, recreational boaters, and passengers.

Tim taught law at SUNY Maritime College and in the MBA program at Southern New Hampshire University. He has owned several vessels over the years. For a free consultation, contact Tim at (718) 224-9824 or timakpinarlawoffice@verizon.net. Tim fights hard for the legal rights his clients who have sustained injury or other damages on the water. Tim’s work is referenced in Wikipedia - Seaman’s Manslaughter Statute. Tim was asked to cover the subject of limitation of liability for the American Trial Lawyers Association, for which he wrote "Defeating Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law." This arcane concept of maritime law comes up in cruise ship accidents, boat and jet ski accidents, as well injuries involving commercial fishermen, tugboat crews, and other mariners. The City of New York tried to use the law to reduce the awards of injury plaintiffs following the tragic October 2003 Staten Island Ferry accident. Tim understands why defendants try to use this trick, and he understands how to navigate through its provisions. Tim covers maritime law topics for several nationally published maritime and boating magazines, including WorkBoat, The Ensign (U.S. Power Squadron), Offshore, Marine Officer, and others.

Practice Areas
  • Maritime Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Products Liability
  • Insurance Claims
  • Appeals & Appellate
Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice
New Jersey
New York
St. John's University School of Law
State University of New York - Maritime College at Ft. Schuyler
Bachelor of Engineering (1981) | Mechanical Engineering (Marine)
Professional Associations
Maritime Law Association of the United States
New York State Bar # 2621100
- Current
Gulf Coast Mariners
Activities: An Advocacy group for commercial mariners working on the nation's inland and coastal waterways
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Articles & Publications
Defeating Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law
Trial Magazine - The Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Websites & Blogs
Admiralty & Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar
Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Rights of Cruise Ship Passengers Injured in Accidents at Sea

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Passengers and Guests Injured in Accidents Occurring Aboard Cruise Ships or Shoreside in Connection With Their Voyages. He Describes Jurisdictional Issues and Other Stipulations Imposed by Cruise Lines Within the Contract Conditions of Their Tickets. He Also Briefly Touches Upon SOLAS, The Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, in Terms of Safety Compliance by Cruise Lines.

Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Issues with Boating & Jet Ski Accidents

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Recreational Boaters Injured in Accidents Occurring in on Navigable and Non-Navigable Waters of the United States. He Discusses How Arcane Elements of Maritime Law Can Apply to Pleasure Boat Accidents, from Limitation of Liability to Certain Presumptions Observed under Federal Maritime Law in the United States.

The Jones Act Maritime Attorney Discusses Legal Rights of Commercial Mariners Under Federal Mariti

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Mariners Injured in Accidents Occurring in the Course of Their Employment on Commercial Vessels. This Includes Deckhands, ABs, Oilers, Wipers, DDEs, QMEDs, Tankermen, Cooks, Stewards, Bartenders, Deck Officers, Engine Officers, and Other Ship's Crew Injured in the Course of Their Employment, Whether Shipboard or Shoreside. Tim Describes Coverage Under the Jones Act, Maintenance and Cure, and Outlines How Jones Act Coverage Differs From Traditional Workers' Compensation Coverage.

Maritime Attorney Talks About the Jones Act and Legal Rights of Injured Commercial Fishermen

Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar Discusses the Legal Rights of Commercial Fishermen Injured in Accidents Occurring in the Course of Their Employment. He Describes Coverage Under the Jones Act and Describes Distinctions from Conventional Employee Coverage Under Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Legal Answers
496 Questions Answered

Q. Are there any lawyers with experience in the mental health laws is Virginia?
A: One option is to check with the Virginia State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service. Tim Akpinar
Q. Is our court actually considered a tribunal as in Admiralty law. The judge, DA and the prosecutor?
A: People use the terms loosely, but U.S. Constitution grants U.S. Courts authority to hear admiralty cases in Section 2 of Article III. In terms of maritime prosecutions, it is common for them to sometimes be handled jointly between the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Coast Guard, depending on the nature of the crime. Tim Akpinar
Q. 3 car bumper to bumper accident on interstate. No traffic. I was the 3rd vehicle. Now I’m being sued. How liable am I?
A: Make a copy of the summons you received and present it to your insurance carrier. The attorney assigned to you will address the question you ask about how liable you are after conducting an investigation of the crash and the actions of the other vehicles. It could take some time for a meaningful answer to emerge because your attorney and attorneys for the other side will likely conduct depositions, which are sessions where attorneys ask the parties questions about the accident. Tim Akpinar
Q. If you sell a car while in the process of investigating a claim. does that negate the claim?
A: It shouldn't automatically serve to invalidate the claim, but it could be a source of problems if the city/town/other defendant wants to inspect the vehicle to verify damages described in the claim. At this point, preserve whatever evidence you still have (vehicle photos, repair estimates, work orders, replacement parts lists, invoices, police report if applicable, flatbed towage invoice if applicable, etc.). Tim Akpinar
Q. can one company cease doing business with another without justification
A: As a general matter, yes. If a company ceases to do business with its steel supplier because it finds another supplier that provides higher quality steel, this sort of thing might be considered without justification and it happens all the time in commerce. If you are inquiring about a specific matter that involves your business dealings, you should probably consult with an attorney in Georgia. If ceasing to do business without justification means being in breach of contract, that's something different. Tim Akpinar
Q. My outside air conditioning unit caught on fire & was put out by the fire department. No one knows what caused it.
A: If the manufacturer agrees to replace it, then it would seem there is no longer a loss for insurance to cover. If you choose the insurance company's payment, you have the deductible to consider. Insurance carriers will offset their payments, or choose not to issue payment, if a loss is already covered by another source. If you have reservations about the terms of the release, you could consult with a Florida attorney. Tim Akpinar
Q. If you tell a doctor you think they overlooked a medical condition what should they do.
A: Individual doctors could handle the information differently. Some might order tests based on the new information. Some might include the information in their chart notes. Some might make a mental note of it or mention it to other treating staff. It could depend on the doctor, the scope of the information, and the relevance the doctor feels the information has to the condition at hand. Tim Akpinar
Q. What are my options I was part of a class action law suit there was a company hired to disburse the funds I received my
A: One option might be to present the check to a bank or financial institution, since you say it was declined by a merchant. Another option might be to contact the law firm that handled the class action lawsuit to inquire if other plaintiffs experienced problems with their checks. Tim Akpinar
Q. Someone suggested to prevent shoplifting at retail establishments that merchants should have all customers stand on
A: It's an interesting question. Criminal law attorneys are the ones who know the Fourth Amendment best. The Fourth Amendment essentially provides protection to people against unreasonable searches. Constitutional law scholars might argue either side of the issue. It doesn't seem like something on which there would be abundant case law, but if there is, that might help answer your question. From a practical standpoint, the precision of measurement instruments needed to detect low weight/high cost items could render the measure impracticable. Also, the public might not put up with it and it could result in loss of business for merchants. Tim Akpinar
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