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We are a full-service law firm with a highly personalized approach. We handle most legal matters, however, we do not sue Doctors. We enjoy helping people with financial problems. We believe that filing a bankruptcy, under the proper circumstances, can change the balance of your financial life for the better. Call us for a free initial consultation.

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Q. Question about 5-101 Maryland. Where does the 3 year date start? It says from the date it accrues?
A: The beginning of the measuring period is the date you knew, or should have known, of the wrong. It is generally 36 months for contracts and civil lawsuits. There are exceptions: in some cases measuring years are shorter (one year for assault and battery) and longer (12 years) for contracts under seal; until age 34 for sexual abuse; and other exceptions as well. The issue is fact-specific. Terry Nolan 410-242-9177
Q. Is showing display ads at the polling centers on election day legal in PG county MD or the state of Maryland?
A: Generally, you can display whatever you have on election day, provided that you remain outside of the boundaries (50 feet? It is marked by the election Judges).
Q. Can I get a DUI for drunk driving my bicycle on my college campus?
A: Maryland law supports convictions for impaired or intoxicated: horseback riding; boating; snowmobiling; etc. So, hire an attorney.
Q. I am been scammed into a parent plus student loan scam.
A: Do you have a copy of what form you signed? The servicing company will provide a copy if you ask. Once you get it and read it, is it a Plus loan guaranty form? Is it your signature on it? Can you read and write the English language? Did you read the form before you signed it? Did you have the opportunity to read it, even if you did not choose to read it at that time. Did someone put a gun to your head and tell you, "Either your signature or your brains are going to be on that contract in five seconds," and mean it? If it is a Plus loan guaranty form and you signed it, you are likely liable for the $49,000.00 since your child apparently did not repay this Plus loan. So, you funded that child's education to the tune of $49,000.00. However, there is a bright side. It appears to me that you avoided paying child support (herein "CS") for this child from age 0 to 18. $500.00 per month is a reasonable rate of CS and is $6000.00 per year times 18 years which totals $108,000.00 in CS. If your child funded his/her entire education on the $49,000.00 then it appears you were told the truth at the time of signing. That is, the child figured out how to get the child a scholarship by getting you to sign the Plus loan guarantee and then not repaying the loan, leaving that to you. Pretty clever plan, really. And, you only had to pay $49,000.00 in child support equivalency. With a few limited "hardship discharge" exceptions, involving your near complete disability and related inability to earn a living at all, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, The collection tools available to the servicing companies are extensive. So, make arrangements to pay in installments and keep them up until paid in full, or be prepared to be harassed until they file a claim against your Estate to collect the balance due at that time.
Q. Can the wife be held responsible for child support is the husband is not working. The child was the result of an affair
A: IMHO, no. This is not your child and you surely did not consent in any way to the affair.
Q. child relocation father lives out of state already
A: See previous answer.
Q. Can i relocate with my kids? i have physical custody and joint legal. My ex lives across the country
A: You have two options: 1. Go and see what happens; if you make it 6 months in GA before your Husband files in Maryland, he would have to file in GA; 2. File a Motion in the Maryland Court seeking Court permission to move to GA. It will likely be granted, since it is just as easy to book a flight to GA as it is to book a flight to BWI.
Q. I need a quick answer to make sure I’m not incriminating myself in a existing case
A: Check the wording of the Court Order carefully, it only applies to the Party stated therein, and only requires them to do what is stated. In other words, if only you filed for contempt against her, then the Order that arose from that would likely only apply to her, unless the Court ordered otherwise. If she fails to timely comply, file a Motion to Enforce Contempt Order and the Judge will act to protect your interests. Good Luck.
Q. I am curious if I have any recourse for my position being dissolved when I was actually replaced before the dissolution?
A: In Maryland, you can be filed with or without good cause and at any time. Did they pay you what they owed you? If not, you may be able to recover the unpaid funds. Sorry.
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