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Mr. James Parrish Coleman

Mr. James Parrish Coleman

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James Parrish Coleman was born on August 23, 1955, in Jackson Mississippi. He and his wife live in Silverhill, Ala. Mr. Coleman is a 1977 graduate of Loyola University with a degree in Journalism. He worked as a newspaper reporter, operated his family's marine supply business and was a sales representative for a large manufacturer before attending law school at Birmingham School of Law, while working full time. He graduated from Birmingham School of Law in 2006 and started work as an associate at Murchison & Howard, LLC in Foley, Ala. He opened his own firm in July 2012. He currently serves as the chairman of the Baldwin County Bar Probate Committee. He is an avid cook (see his cooking blog at and active volunteer for the United States Coast Guard. His son, James Parrish Coleman III is a partner is the law firm. His daughter is also a lawyer who lives and works in New Orleans, La.

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Q. How do I put myself on child support? Child lives in another state
A: If you are asking how to support a child of whom you are the parent, you will file an action in the state where that child lives. You should also include in that action your request that you receive liberal parenting time with the child
Q. Non-custodial parent: What document should I file to "stop" CS payments? No garnishments, no arrears. Always on time.
A: For how many children? If only one or if all are now 19 years old, you can stop without an order. You can simply stop paying unless the order tells you to do something. SOme counties are under the impression that you must go back to Court to stop the child support when the child turns 19. The Court looses jurisdiction over child support if there are no arrerages and no minor children. If that's the case, you should not have to do anything.
Q. i was married 17 yrs and she got an divorce and she wanted me to come back,and i came back can i get my belongings back
A: Is there an order in the divorce? The order tells the tale. If a default was taken against you, you don't get anything back. Please tell us what is going on here so someone can formulate an answer.
Q. What does this specific court mandated visitation order mean?
A: See "The Day" Just read the order. "5:00 p.m. on the DAY the child gets out of school until .... What day does the child get OUT of school BEFORE the holiday. Don't over complicate this.
Q. If I move out of state, change my address, will my soon to be ex not have to pay me half of what we have? 30 yrs married
A: The Court can do three things; Dissolve the marriage, Provide for the custody of the children, divide the divisible marital property. The third is what concerns you. All of the property -- land, cars, motor-bikes, collections of Elvis memorabilia, University of Alabama season tickets, etc will be divided based on what the Court believes after trial is a fair division of the property. If you leave and just move away after 30 years marriage through no fault of your ex husband, you will get less property (maybe as little as 40-percent) If you leave because he is an abusive slob and mistreats you when he is not out with his girlfriend, you will get more (Maybe 60-percent) It does no matter "whose name" the property is in, etc. Get to a lawyer and learn your rights before -- not after -- you pack up.
Q. Is is legal in AL for a 17 year old girl to date a 25 year old man?
A: Date? You mean go to the movies? Go out for a hamburger? Or, by "date" do you mean is it criminal for a 25 year old to have sex with a minor who is 17 years old. A 25 year old who has sex with a 17 year old is guilty of bad judgment, but not of a crime.
Q. There is a sexual assault charge against my ex wife's boyfriend involving my daughter. What can I do?
A: If you have been to Court on this, you are doing what you need to do. If you don't have a lawyer get one. "the courts are refusing to do anything" means that the court is not doing what you think the Court should do. Get an attorney, right now.
Q. My child support was terminated in April 2015 after I got sole custody. DHR still charges me every month. What can I do?
A: There are a lot of details that you may be leaving out. Was there ever an arrearage? Did you pay it? If your support was terminated by a court order in 2015 you need to look at the order and see why DHR could be charging you. If you can't clearly see that on the order, then you need to get to a lawyer and try to find out how and why they have your money. If they are not entitled to it, you should get in Court to attempt to get some relief.
Q. If i am seeking custody of a child and i miss the court hearing,does the judge order the child adv. Center to my home?
A: Your question is not clear to me. If you are seeking custody and didn't show up in Court you probably won't get custody. I don't know who the child adv. Center is. The judge could order DHR to inspect your home. Try this question again with a few details. and....... show up for Court.
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