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Mr. James Parrish Coleman

Mr. James Parrish Coleman

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James Parrish Coleman was born on August 23, 1955, in Jackson Mississippi. He and his wife live in Silverhill, Ala. Mr. Coleman is a 1977 graduate of Loyola University with a degree in Journalism. He worked as a newspaper reporter, operated his family's marine supply business and was a sales representative for a large manufacturer before attending law school at Birmingham School of Law, while working full time. He graduated from Birmingham School of Law in 2006 and started work as an associate at Murchison & Howard, LLC in Foley, Ala. He opened his own firm in July 2012. He currently serves as the chairman of the Baldwin County Bar Probate Committee. He is an avid cook (see his cooking blog at and active volunteer for the United States Coast Guard. His son, James Parrish Coleman III is a partner is the law firm. His daughter is also a lawyer who lives and works in New Orleans, La.

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Q. Can a 16 year old leave home with her child to live with her baby daddy ? Or is it illegal
A: You are a minor and you getting pregnant and having a baby does not change that.
Q. If someone is two years behind on child support payments, how much would need to be paid to avoid getting a warrant?
A: ALways a good question! The smart thing would be to start making payments. I suspect these payments etc are set up through DHR. If you will contact them -- with a fist full of money -- they will allow you to pay current support and the arrearage. Good luck.
Q. How does a teenager have to be to choose which parent to live with?
A: A teenager (minor) can't choose who to live with. You can't choose. Simple as that.
Q. My husband and I share joint legal custody. I have physical custody. Can I give my child's father temporary custody.
A: You can only do that through the Court. You don't have the power or authority to modify the Court's order.
Q. I am working for a EMS company currently. The company I’m working for now purchased my tuition contract from my previous
A: You need to take the contract to an attorney and have him review it. Finding "loopholes" is not as easy as your changing your mind about your career path. Get some legal help here.
Q. I'm 19 and I just left home in the state of Alabama but I'm still in high school can my dad pull me out ?
A: Welcome to the world, baby girl/boy!! You are an adult now, and your father has no obligation to support you. If he wants -- you are completely on you own. You probably want to make grown up decisions, like leaving home, so here you are. He does not have to house or support you if he does not want to.
Q. Can a 17 year old refuse to see her father who wants visitation. Is she obligated to see him ??
A: Yes. It is a court order, not a friendly suggestion.
Q. If I am 16 years old in Alabama and my parents have joint custody, can I move in with my mother?
A: You are court ordered to be there. You don't get to decide where you want to go. If time between you and your parent is ordered, the other parent must present you for that time.
Q. If dhr has your kids who has the main call in what happens with the kids in Alabama?
A: THe judge makes the decisions here. The Court will pay a lot of attention to what DHR says, but you or your son or daughter need to get into Court here and try to keep them from terminating the parental rights of the parents. If there is something to show what the father has abused them, he is not likely to get them back.
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