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Kelly Henry Turner

Kelly Henry Turner

  • Probate, Business Law, Elder Law...
  • Illinois, Nebraska
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Brad Marsicek
Brad Marsicek January 27, 2023
Rating: 10 Lawyer Rating - 10 out of 10
I could not recommend Kelly more for her practice areas. She is friendly, open, hard working, detail oriented. View More
Q. How do you know this lawyer?
  • Current or Former Co-Worker/Colleague

Known lawyer in community as a mediator, estate planning attorney, and probate attorney and is now a work colleague.

Q. In the cases you were involved in with this attorney, which of the following apply?
  • Same Client

Worked with Kelly on mutual clients, observed work product in which she was a third party in a case.

Q. When did you work with this lawyer?
Q. Was this lawyer an effective advocate/counselor and why?

Kelly has a wide range of experience and knowledge of many legal issues. She is a highly experienced probate attorney and is even trusted to mediate probate disputes. She does family law mediations and juvenile court law. But most importantly, she does estate planning and is very knowledgable about a wide range of topics. Her trusts are complex when needed, but does not put clients into something they don't need.

Q. Please rate this lawyer on the following:

Legal Knowledge: Excellent

Kelly has a wide range of knowledge and experience in family law, mediations, elder law, trusts and estates, both as a practitioner, litigator, and mediator.

Legal Analysis: Excellent

Kelly displays her knowledge of the legal issues of her clients by in-depth discussion of the issues involved in their case.

Communication Skills: Excellent

Kelly displays a high degree of care for her clients and is extremely prompt when answering questions from clients, responding to opposing counsel, and being available to colleagues.

Ethics and Professionalism: Excellent

Kelly has never once displayed any sort of questionable behavior and stresses being open and following rules and orders.

Q. For which practice area(s) would you recommend this lawyer?
Estate Planning, Probate Litigation, Mediation
Q. Which of the following skills does this lawyer possess?
  • Arbitration
  • Business Advising
  • Client Relations
  • Collaboration
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Drafting
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial Literacy (handling client funds)
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Writing
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Problem Solving
  • Transactions
Q. I would recommend this lawyer to my family and friends