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Justia is proud to provide a vast range of free legal resources to the public. You do not even need to create a Justia account to view our archive of U.S. laws, our lawyer directory, our legal guides, our databases of patents and trademarks, and many other sites. Read more below about the Justia sites that you can access for free without creating an account:

Justia Legal Guides

Legal Guides

If you want to develop a general understanding of a certain practice area or type of case, our Legal Guides are a good place to start. They offer concise surveys in which attorneys present legal principles in a readable manner and explain how they may apply to real-world situations.

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Justia Lawyer Directory

Lawyer Directory

When you have a legal issue, there is no substitute for professional guidance. The Justia Lawyer Directory allows you to find lawyers in your community who handle the type of matter with which you need assistance. You can compare your options and contact the attorneys who best fit your needs.

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Justia Ask A Lawyer

Ask A Lawyer

Understanding how the law applies to a certain situation is not always easy. If you have a specific legal question, you can post it on our Ask a Lawyer site. An attorney in your area then can provide an answer that is tailored to the details of your case.

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Justia US Law

US Law

Knowing the law helps you understand your rights and obligations. Explore our archive of statutes, regulations, and court decisions at federal and state levels. We also offer the full annotated text of the U.S. Constitution.

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Justia Dockets & Filings

Dockets & Filings

This database provides publicly available records for many types of cases. In addition to dockets and filings, these may include other documents related to the events surrounding the case. Materials are classified and searchable by state or federal court, as well as the subject matter of the case.

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Justia Patents


Patents grant their owners powerful rights to an invention. They have control over making, using, and selling the invention, which they may license to others. Explore our Patents site to search for patents by classification or year, or find out about patents owned by featured companies.

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Justia Trademarks


Trademarks allow businesses of all forms and sizes to set apart their products or services from those of their competitors. Explore our Trademarks site to find out which trademarks have been registered in certain categories, as well as which trademarks belong to featured companies.

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Justia Newsletters

Legal Newsletters

The law is constantly evolving, and even small changes can have a big impact on your rights. Stay up to date on the latest developments by signing up for summaries of key decisions in state and federal courts. You can also subscribe to Verdict, our online legal news and commentary magazine.

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