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Vicki L. Francois (née Wiese)

Vicki L. Francois (née Wiese)

  • Divorce, Juvenile Law, Domestic Violence...
  • District of Columbia, Virginia
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C. W. Recommends March 11, 2022
A positive experience in a difficult time I am not even kidding when I say that hiring Vicki to represent me was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have had several attorneys before this and, given the strangeness of my case, none of them believed in me or fought for me above the bare minimum required. Vicki took the time to actually listen to me and get to know the history of my case. Finally I have an attorney who cares! She worked so hard to get me through an almost decade long legal battle in which I was always the underdog and she won! I can not begin to describe how grateful I am for her and Barb! View More
Diana C. Recommends January 3, 2022
Vicki is Amazing! Vicki is knowledgeable about the law. She is very honest and straight forward about everything. Best experience with an attorney. Our case is going amazingly well and we are looking forward to going back to court. Vicki will be our first call for any legal needs.
Karen J. Recommends July 16, 2021
Focused and determined Vivki took over my case when my lawyer was promoted to J&D Judge, with just a few weeks until my court date. Vicki wasted no time getting to know and understand my case. Her assistant Barb was a big help as well. She was very thorough and confident in court. i was able to get visitation of my grandchildren. I would definitely recommend Vicki and use her again if the need arises.
S. E. Recommends July 14, 2021
Vicki will have your back I believe that Vicki takes cases she believes in. She is willing to fight and will go to bat for her client. She is very knowledgeable of the law and does a great job of explaining things to her clients. There is a reason she is so busy! My ongoing case is complex but I feel supported going into a courtroom with her by my side.
Diane H. Recommends July 1, 2021
Amazing Family Law Lawyer Vicki is extremely knowledgeable of the ins and outs of Family Law. She is both a courtroom practitioner and an instructor of law classes, as well. She has helped me through a long and arduous divorce and child custody battle. These cases are very emotional and volatile, and she makes sure I am treated fairly and my parenting rights are protected. I recommend Vicki to anyone who needs assistance with divorce and child custody. Vicki knows that fair, reasonable and civil agreements are best for the child and best for all involved. If agreements cannot be reached, she is extremely adept in the courtroom. I can't thank her enough for helping my children and I through this ordeal. View More
Al C. Recommends May 25, 2021
Compassionate and knowledgeable attorney Vicki's knowledge of the law and its nuances are nearly without peer. Her years of practice provide her with a depth of experience that is clear in the time leading up to a case, as well as during and after a case is heard in court. She has a reputation of toughness among prosecuting attorneys. While these attributes are highly important to being successful in a case, the most noteworthy part of Vicki's abilities is really her compassion and understanding, and the "hand-holding" that she and her assistant provide during the time leading up to, and after, a case is heard in court. I felt total assurance during the entire process...like Vicki truly had my back. She is almost always instantly reachable with a phone call or email. For the client who wants representation who has a deep knowledge of the law, combined with the empathy and understanding that is comforting during domestic law proceedings, I am very pleased to offer my highest possible recommendation of Vicki. View More
K. Collins Recommends April 14, 2021
She won my case! Vicki is an amazing lawyer and all around great person!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. I’ve been battling with my case for the past four years and she was able to finally give me some peace of mind and won my case! For once in four years I finally feel my children and myself are safe!! It’s an amazing feeling! Vicki, you are a rockstar and I can’t thank you enough!!
Lisa W. Recommends March 9, 2021
Best Family Law Attorney Vicki was responsive from Day 1, and very knowledgeable. She made me feel at ease and was non-judgmental (you think that would be a given with lawyers, but it isn't). She made things easy to understand for me, and I felt extremely confident with her by my side. I was so very fortunate to have found Vicki and cannot say enough fantastic things about her. You don't need to research any further, Vicki is the attorney you've been looking for.
Bari B. Recommends February 24, 2021
Confident, Compassionate Family Law Attorney Vicki was knowledgeable, compassionate, and reassuring while handling my case. She was successful in winning the case and I will continue to seek her help in any future legal matters. I loved the flexibility of meeting virtually to prepare for my case.
Becca L. Recommends February 14, 2021
Many were called, one was chosen...Ms. Wiese Vicki Wiese was an invaluable resource when it came to protecting my rights in the courtroom. I felt her attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend her. She was very patient with me, always answered my questions and gave me objective counsel I knew I could trust.
Ethan R. Recommends December 31, 2020
Professional experience Great to work with, answered any questions I had, and explained things in great detail. Very professional and organized. I truly felt like she cared about my case and my situation, and we were able to get what I was wanting when we went to court. Would highly recommend, Vicki was a pleasure to work with.
Frederick G. Recommends November 28, 2020
Vicki will understand what you need and work methodically towards your goal! Vicki won custody of my son for me, which was huge for us! I’d been through a long and contentious divorce but my ex was alienating me from my son and not following the court order. On our first meeting I explained her behavior to Vicki and immediately felt confident that Vicki understood. She asked what my ultimate goal was and began preparing. She has a psychology degree and a lot of empathy. I needed someone to understand what I was dealing with and fight for me. She did just that.
Alex H. Recommends November 16, 2020
Nice, handworker, and unstandable Hello My name is Alex Holland , I would highly recommend Vicki Wiese as Attorney. She was very understandable with my case . She took pride in representing me. My case was very difficult and complex. Vicki took my case head on and won it . Also Vicki has a amazing staff . Her Parelegal Brab is awsome . When you are looking for a good lawyer please know Vicki will take care of what ever situation that needs to be resolved.
Missy S. Recommends November 15, 2020
My Godsend Attorney Vicki Weise Weise Law Vicki came in like a wrecking ball in the midst of a divorce that was just horrible. Her legal skills are above and beyond, but just as important she's a supportive attorney who truly cares. She helped me go from being a nervous wreck daily to not worrying at all. I could type all day and still not give you a picture of just how amazing Vicki truly is. She CARES! Honest, reliable, professional, and gets the job done. That's just a few. I couldn't have asked for a better law firm or attorney. She is a Godsend...I said it from the day I met her and I will say it until this is over! View More
Jenny W. Recommends November 15, 2020
Vicki L Francois, A First Rate Choice Vicki was a wonderful lawyer during an extremely difficult divorce. She made sure I understood what was happening, provided answers to my questions, and displayed a caring and sincere attitude through it all. I am so glad she was on my side. She helped me fight for me and my children. That is priceless.
Kim M. Recommends October 22, 2020
Flawless Victory If you want and/or need a lawyer that is calculated and thorough, an expert that will review your case once and have a plan for your win, then look no further than Vicki at Wiese Law Firm.  After 4 attorneys over a 2.5 yr period,  numerous, COUNTLESS court hearings, that of which I always left feeling defeated with no end in sight, then I hired Vicki who prevailed!! She articulated my case with flawless skill. I truly do not think anyone else could have matched her stellar court performance. She is life changing.  She is motivated, organized, articulate, attentive and focused. She is driven and respected. She has an exceptional reputation. Just having her as your attorney will give you immediate confidence. She will take control, no longer will you feel overwhelmed or uncertain. After 15 mins into my consult,  I knew she was DIFFERENT. I could see how she took everything in and had a grasp that I had not witnessed prior. Barb her legal assist is also amazing and is extremely knowledgeable and available to guide and assist throughout as well. Very prompt and diligent. There are attorneys that can make you think your case is a priority. Vicki is shows it and proves it from start to finish.  Don't throw away your precious time and money on anyone else. She is all you need and more. Her presence alone is a statement. She is worth a million times her fees. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH about how perfect she is. She dominates in her field. She is an absolute MUST HAVE!  Having her as an attorney feels and equates to driving a Bugatti in a world of Ford Escorts. FLAWLESS VICTORY!! View More
Jessica R. Recommends October 22, 2020
Simply the best!! Look no further!! #1 Attorney You're simply the best, better than all the rest! Vicki Francois, Esq. at Wiese Law Firm stepped in our complex and exhausting 2 year custody battle with no hesitation. Vicki was immediately comprehensive, strategic, one step ahead and a power house. When you hire Vicki and her Paralegal Barb, you have hired a 5 star team of legal advocates who care, who will keep you informed and who will fight for you till the end. The confidence of "One and Done" even after 2 other Lawyers "failed" was inspiring. Hiring Vicki first would have prevented 2 years of agony, excessive time with amateur Attorneys, thousands of dollars and unnecessary heartache. Vicki's day #1 passion and persistence paid off! The outcome of our case was successful. With tact and class she proved our grueling family law case in 2 hours! With all of the changes in recent years in LGBTQ cases, It is imperative that you have the experience, dedication that Vicki has with not just a loud bark but a big bite!! Vicki IS the "best" and "only" option if your looking for a Super Lawyer. She is a fighter and a winner!! Thank you Vicki and Barb / Wiese Law Firm is #1! View More

Vicki L. Francois (née Wiese)'s Response: Thank you for trusting us with your most important asset — your own family. It’s truly an honor to serve you. And I am very excited about this bright new future that now lies before you! Vicki - Wiese Law Firm, PLC