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Steven Cole

Steven Cole

  • Divorce, Family Law
  • Arizona
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Travis B. Does Not Recommend August 17, 2023
Worked harder for my opposition than he did for me After almost 2 years of paying Steven, I am exactly where I was before all of this started. If anything, things have gotten better for her (my opposition), and SHE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A LAWYER defending her. He is not even capable of winning a case against no-one, imagine how things will go when he has to face a lawyer. My opposition had stated that she was willing to give me everything that I wanted, 7 months ago. Steven continued arguing with me about how I shouldn't even ask for anything, even though it was already offered, because she could have "changed her mind". All I was asking for was the property issue to be dropped and to have final decision making - things she was willing to do in the beginning. He spent all of his time challenging me to give into all of her demands and he spent zero time fighting for any of mine. He went form promising me everything to saying, "I'm not your guy". I wish I would have known that he was not my guy while he was promising me incredible things. I was paying my lawyer to work for her. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve just payed tens of thousands of dollars over nearly 2 years, for him to support her needs and dispute mine. This case nearly defaulted several times but, he charged me to file motions to keep it active. If it had defaulted, I would not be liable for anything. I was paying him to consistently extend a case against me! I paid him to "depose her" but, he brought her in and talked to me on the phone for an hour, then recommended re-setting it for another date, after she no showed on the first one. Soon, it was made clear that she wanted action immediately. Steven took this to be of the most importance. He demanded that we move quickly or risk losing everything. It took 4 months of panicking over the urgency, for him to take two separate vacations and do absolutely nothing. I became the one pushing for things to move forward, he began dragging his feet. I realized that he was working harder for her than he was for me. Spending excessive amounts of time convincing me why I should give her everything she wanted and why I can’t have anything. I asked him numerous times to, at least try, and he refused. I had numerous emails and phone calls with him where I carefully, detailed exactly what I wanted in the settlement, his response was always, “I can’t help you because I don’t know what you want” - how was that possible? When my son was taken from me for over two months, to a place that was kept a secret from me, he did nothing. The list goes on. This should have been an easy win. Yet, the case is now dismissed and I've paid him about $25,000 and nothing was resolved. A couple of short months prior to firing him, I had given him another $3,000. When I asked for the remainder of my balance back, since nothing had occurred (we barely spoke), I was told that I would be getting $200 back. A week later, it changed it to $700. I’ll never understand how I spent $2,350 on absolutely nothing. During the settlement and deposition, he had his assistant doing everything. He had her calling her for settlement terms and the only one involved in the "deposition". View More