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Kevin Cortright

Kevin Cortright

  • Bankruptcy, Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury
  • California, California
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Client Reviews
Reviewed by Dominique F. July 20, 2020


Smart, strategic, savvy - this is the attorney you want on your side
I'm so happy I chose Kevin Cortright to assist me with my legal problems. Right away, I could tell that he was laser beam focussed on my greatest concerns. Within the first 60 seconds of our conversation, he gave me confidence that there was were several accessible solutions to my problems. This put me at ease and made it less difficult for me to explain my situation. Over the course of my experience with Kevin, I realized how savvy and clever he is. He thinks fast and comes up with strategic ideas that he is able to communicate easily. He never made me feel like he was trying to prove how smart he was, either -- if I didn't understand something, he just explained it another way. I've had experiences with other attorneys where if you didn't understand something they just said the same thing only more slowly and louder as if you were both hard of hearing AND stupid. Kevin doesn't insult you; he works with you like a partnership, and that's how you know he's on your side. There are a lot of lawyer jokes out there about how many attorney are selfish, unethical and downright evil. But I don't think Kevin has ever heard any of those jokes because nothing could be further from the truth about him. He's one of the rare "good guys". Highly recommended for personal injury, workers compensation and bankruptcy cases.
Reviewed by Shaaf Patel July 1, 2020


He really cares, and saved our case.
Upon being dropped by our previous lawyer, we were distraught and without hope. Then we realized that Kevin, who helped out my mother with a wells fargo nightmare, with a ch. 13 bankruptcy, also practiced personal injury cases. After speaking to him he advised that we needed to get the deadlines extended for the case to be workable. Once I completed that task he accepted our case on contingency and began working. He was very through in going through the materials, and met with us on scene to go over the police report, and he did a great job gathering the real facts and then using them to disect the police report and the officer involved deposition. He used only the facts and made it difficult for the opposition to continue to cover the incident with clouded misdirection. As he never doubted the truthfulness of my brothers account for what happened, he was always on our side and his hardworking nature paid off. He achieved what other lawyer deemed impossible. This was also his first time working a case such as this in the federal court system and he did a marvelous job. As brilliant as he is, if he continues to take cases in this realm, personal injury, police brutality, civil rights, then the opposition should be very afraid as he will obtain justice for anyone seeking it. We are very happy that he picked up the pieces and proved that my brother was innocent and that everyone the doubted him and belived the lies the deputy and his legal team were fools. We highly recommend Mr. Cortright. He is a great lawyer.