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Jeffrey Anton Collins

Jeffrey Anton Collins

  • Tax Law
  • Illinois
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Jerry C. Recommends March 4, 2020
Great attorney and team! GRATITUDE! Where do I start? When I first contacted Mr. Collins I was a mess, I had received a call from my managing broker the day before stating that my Real Estate license had been suspended and I could no longer conduct Real Estate Related Activity. I needed to review the document sent and resolve the problem A S A P, mind you the document sent was from the DDFPR stating that AI had 60 days from the date sent Oct to resolve an issue with I.D.R. for State Taxes. The amount was 10 thousand plus some change. That had grown to a Whopping 17.000 since 2014 from the sale of my two Flat, but wait there’s more. I had received the document on December 8th, 62 days later, and two days too late! That's when my fiancé and I started our search and found Mr. Collins and his team online, from the first contact with Taylor to how fast Mr. Collins got back to me I was impressed. Mr. Collins was calm and cool, reassuring me that everything would be ok. He gathered all my information and the very next day had a game plan with an email that ended with a quote…An object in motion… Newton…He was hired and never stopped. After his research, we found that I had more issues, taxes needed to be filed back to 2008….Yep!I f'ed up! But Mr collins referred me to his C.P.A., Jeff Chang, knocked out all my taxes and stayed in motion, Mind you, this all happened at the peak of Holiday Season. Christmas, New Years. The I R S was on vacay and I was eager to clear this up and inpatient but Mr. Collins Shavonne and Taylor answered every email, call, and question reassuring, me every step of the way, that they were making progress, but there is a process….Needless to say, four and a half weeks later my license was reinstated a T R O was issued to stop any further fees or collections from the I R S and State. My story continues, but I’m positive the outcome will be the same and can’t thank Mr. Collins and his team enough. May the days before you be as blessed as they have made mine. View More

Jeffrey Anton Collins' Response: Thanks Jerry! We love working cases like yours. It gives our team a chance to work together and really shine. There's nothing better than delivering great results that truly matter. Thank you for giving us your trust. And thank you for the wonderful review. J Anton Collins, Attorney (Former IRS) Tax Law Offices