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Cynthia Sue Johns Mendoza

Cynthia Sue Johns Mendoza

  • Divorce, Family Law
  • Texas
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Reviewed by Lee F. November 29, 2020

Does Not Recommend

As a Mediator Ms. Mendoza was lacking in professionalism & follow through!
I hesitated saying this about Cynthia as my first impression was she was an ok mediator. Spent a great deal of time for the better part of the day as mediator going back & forth fighting over crap...with my X during our divorce. It was settled. Then given there were a couple outstanding items that she wanted us to decide on...said that if we could NOT decide amicably she would use what we had negotiated on painstakingly for almost a whole day as her blueprint for a decision... Then she apparently DID NOT go by her notes as she promised she would...let opposing counsel submit a new property list that she accepted! This foolish & incompetent move permitted my divorce to drag on for almost 3 years! Costing me huge sums of money & emotional duress. I can say without any reservation I would NOT use Ms. Mendoza for anything related to the legal field. She did cash my first check for mediation...& then promptly cashed the follow up check before she completely went back on her word for how she would follow the decisions & agreements. I truly wish I could send Cindy Mendoza a bill for ALL the wasted money she cost me with her foolish & incompetent ruling!