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Allysyn Lesley Overton

Allysyn Lesley Overton

  • Family Law
  • California
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M. C. Does Not Recommend July 9, 2021
Untrustworthy, unknowledgeable & unprofessional Allysyn is refusing to return thousands of dollars of my retainer after overcharging me for "work" - things like $750 texts with a former employee about her wedding, $2000 to open a dropbox folder etc... I posted a review about her incompetence on Avvo and she responded by posting my very unique last name and suggested people search the SF court website for it because she was my third attorney which is simply untrue. Then she went on to claim that I didn't submit documents because I used my "multiple mental illnesses" as an excuse. I have depression and anxiety that was exacerbated by my dad's illness, a contentious divorce with an abusive spouse, and my own failing health - understandable, given the circumstances. The fact that she mentioned my mental health issues at all, let alone in a public forum with my name attached is vile and tells you all you need to know about her as a person. What's worse is that it's a complete lie as I never once had an issue with getting her any documents on time. In fact, she completely forgot about the status conference and tried to blame it on another lawyer when I have emails saying she will complete the statement. She also forgot about completing the discovery questions and pressured me to answer all of them within a day so she could get them in on time (a week late) which I did promptly. She consistently made so many careless mistakes and then charged to fix them. Can you trust someone who is willing to post personal information about you online just because you have a disagreement, let alone a lawyer who doesn't have the common sense to understand this is a violation of the rules of conduct? When I called the state bar to begin a malpractice lawsuit, the woman on the phone called her a disgrace. Every lawyer I have consulted with about this is disgusted. I hope she doesn't put anyone else through what she put me through and continues to put me through with her manipulation and gaslighting. Beyond being awful at her job, she clearly lacks decency and morals. View More