Justia Lawyer Directory Badges

The Justia Lawyer Directory uses badges to distinguish profiles with certain characteristics.

Claimed Lawyer Profile Badge

Claimed Lawyer Profile

This badge appears on the profile of any person who has claimed their profile on the Justia Lawyer Directory. It usually means they have more up-to-date business and contact information. These lawyers are more likely to respond to contacts than lawyers whose profiles are unclaimed.

If you are a lawyer and have not yet claimed your profile, you can do so here.

Offers Video Conferencing Badge

Offers Video Conferencing

The Video Conferencing badge indicates that the attorney offers video conferencing services. Attorneys with this badge have indicated that they are available to meet with potential clients digitally through at least one video conferencing service, such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. Video conferencing services allow people to get in touch while working from home. Lawyers with this badge are included in the "Offers Video Conferencing" filtered search results within the Justia Lawyer Directory.

Justia Ask A Lawyer Badge


The Justia Ask A Lawyer badge means that the attorney participates in Justia Ask A Lawyer, which is a forum where people can get answers to their basic legal questions on a variety of topics. Attorneys who answer questions on Justia Ask A Lawyer automatically receive this badge on their profile, and you can see a list of the answers they have provided if you scroll down on their profile page.

Justia values these lawyers because they freely contribute their time to helping the public get answers to basic legal questions.

Justia Premium Placements Badge

LII Gold

The Justia Premium Placements badge represents a lawyer with sponsored placements in both the Justia Lawyer Directory and the Legal Information Institute (LII) Lawyer Directory, giving them unparalleled exposure in two directories. Justia Platinum Placements offer fixed, top placement for a particular metro and practice area combination, while Justia Gold Placements are featured in sponsored positions above and among free profiles.

If you are a lawyer interested in Justia Premium Placements in the Justia Lawyer Directory and LII Lawyer Directory, you can contact us for more information.

Justia Blawgsearch Badge


Attorney blogs ("blawgs") are a great way for consumers to learn more about lawyers before contacting or hiring them, and they also allow lawyers to explain recent developments in the law to the public and their peers. Attorneys with the Blawgsearch badge have at least one blog in the Justia Blawgsearch directory, a comprehensive searchable directory of legal blogs.

Social Media Badge

Social Media

The social media badge indicates that the attorney has connected at least one social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), lawyer directory profiles (Avvo, Lawyers.com, Martindale), or publishing site (JDSupra, LLRX, BePress, SSRN, Scribd).

Responsive Law Badge

Responsive Law

Responsive Law is a friend of Justia, dedicated to making the legal system more affordable, accessible, and accountable to the people it is meant to serve. Lawyers with the Responsive Law badge in their profile have pledged to abide by certain principles of consumer-oriented service.

If you are a lawyer and would like to learn more about the Responsive Law badge and view the pledge, you can find it here.

Free Law Project Badge

Supports the Free Law Project

Attorneys with the Free Law Project badge provide financial support to the Free Law Project, a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which aims to create a legal system that is more fair, open, and competitive. Justia is committed to making the law free and accessible to the public, and we are proud to showcase attorneys who support our allies in this endeavor.