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Premium Placement on Justia & LII Lawyer Directories

Higher placement has its advantages. Premium Placement for your profile in Justia and Legal Information Institute Lawyer Directories greatly improves your visibility.

Gold, Silver or Bronze Level Premium Placement

Premium Placements offer lawyers the opportunity to increase their visibility in our listing pages with higher placement. Your Justia representative can help you select the level appropriate for your marketing and budget requirements.

Justia Lawyer Directory Premium Placement

Upgraded Profiles

Your upgraded profile makes it easier for prospective clients to find and contact you. An upgraded profile's side bar features removal of your competitors, a contact form, and additional featured contact information.

As seen below, you get:

  • Removal of competitors from the sidebar of your profile.
  • A highly visible, easy-to-use intake form for potential clients.
  • Additional featured contact information.
Justia Lawyer Directory Premium Placement

Traffic Stats Information

As premium members, lawyers have the ability to view their traffic stats on the Justia & LII lawyer directories and legal portals.

Justia Lawyer Directory Stats

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