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At Divelbiss Law we help keep GOOD people out of jail! We are a competitive criminal defense law firm in the valley that ruthlessly advocates for our clients. We work continously to pursue the goals of each individual client and fight endlessly until we reach the desired resolution. Our clients enjoy the benefit of being educated about the criminal defense process so we can resolve their current matter(s) and prevent any future criminal issues. Our firm has received the best training through both small and large criminal law firms, including the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office. Our goal is to achieve the best resolution for our clients and in order to do that we limit the amount of clients we retain in order to dedicate all of our time and resources to the clients we accept. Additionally, we limit our practice to criminal, DUI, and traffic offenses in order to master and provide an incredible defense for our clients. If you are facing any criminal charges or have criminal law questions, please contact us NOW to set up a free consultation!

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Divelbiss Criminal Law
- Current
• Advocate and educate criminal defendants through all processes of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses throughout Maricopa County.
Ryley, Carlock & Applewhite
• Reviewed and analyzed documents for discovery in a large, complex intellectual property and breach of contract case using Relativity platform. • Analyzed complex legal documents including emails, contracts, spreadsheets and other contract documents. • Determined which issues applied to each document and coded the documents accordingly. • Reviewed and determined if the document was responsive to the issues in the case and determined if any type of attorney-client privilege applied. • Performed quality control on other reviewers work to ensure the client was receiving a top quality product.
Law Clerk/Extern
Maricopa County Public Defender's Office
• Received projects from a team of over twelve attorneys while working hand-in-hand with paralegals, investigators, and secretaries. • Successful Motions: Rule 20 – Charge Dismissed, Reaffirmation Finding of Incompetency – Case Dismissed, Severance of Charges – Granted, and Necessarily-Included Lesser Offense – Granted in Jury Instruction. • Compiled thorough pre-litigation research memorandums for matters involving double jeopardy, standing, discovery and counsel disqualifications. • Performed expedited projects for attorneys during trial on matters involving judicial discretion and prosecutorial misconduct. • Completed extensive post-litigation research memorandums for matters involving sentencing, restitution, and expungement laws. • Research, memo writing, courtroom observation, various criminal pre-trial and trial proceedings. • Completed over 200 hours of legal research and writing while working in close contact with supervising attorney. • Courtroom Duties: Assist with Voir Dire, Attend Conferences, Assist with Clients at Health Court Probation Violations, and Observe Complete Trial. • Motions: Franks and Pre-Indictment Delay. • Memorandums: Pre-Indictment Delay, Sexual Misconduct - Position of Trust as Teaching Assistant, Possession of Marijuana - Fresh vs. Burnt, and Misidentification. • Attend: Psychiatric Review Board Hearing and Restoration of Rights Volunteer.
Law Clerk
Lorona Mead, PLC
• Gained general and advanced civil litigation experience in over 30 separate cases. • Drafted complaints, answers, amended complaints, 26.1, interrogatories, request for production, attorney fees, wrongful termination, negotiation letters, status reports, scheduling orders, failure to prosecute, and specific research memos. • Completed over 400 hours of research, writing, and client interaction.
Law Extern
Cavanagh Law Firm
• Researched complex insurance statutes and cases involving insurers obligation to provide replacement parts of “like kind and quality” and “diminution of value.” • Created and compiled a 36-page report including statutory and case law for all 50 states to be included in insurance treatise. • Completed over 200 hours of legal research and writing.
Law Extern
Harla Davison Law Firm
• Experience drafting motions to suppress, remand grand jury and sentencing memos. • Observational experience with change of plea, continuances, initial pre-trial conferences, discovery requests, oral arguments, witness interviews. • Completed over 350 hours of overall experience with Rule 38(d) Limited Practice Certification.
Arizona Summit Law School
J.D. (2016) | Legal Studies
Honors: Donald E. Lively Mission Pillar Award Cum Laude Castro and Merit Scholarship Dean's Award 2014-2016 Top 10% Graduation
Activities: Law Review Moot Court
Arizona State University
B.S. (2014) | Justice Studies
Honors: Cum Laude Provost Scholarship
Professional Associations
State Bar of Arizona # 033949
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72 Questions Answered

Q. Can an old DUI charge for metabolites in your system be overturned based on the new law stating no longer a dui
A: This is an interesting question and situation you are in. My best recommendation is to contact Reeves Maxwell Law since they specifically and exclusively handle appeals. Their number is 480-352-3701 or email: Based on my limited knowledge of appeals, you might be out of luck. After accepting a plea you have 90 days to appeal. Even though the law changes, they are typically not retroactive. You might also need some clarification on the law because marijuana DUIs are still charged here in AZ as long as you test positive for the "Active" metabolite. This is what is tested: THC - Delta 9 Tetrahydrate (active), Hydroxyl (nonactive), Carboxy (nonactive 30 days+). Removing the interlock is also going to depend on the plea you took and the charge you plead guilty to.
Q. Can you please tell me what this charge is CR19902991FE is?
A: I am having trouble trying to pull up this case number to see what the charge is. I will need more information in a confidential email to I need full name and date of birth. If you know more about the surrounding case, that would be helpful such as the year of offense and court that handled the case.
Q. If I was charged with something you and they had no evidence so they dropped the charges the send a now found the charge
A: It sounds like you are experiencing a classic situation where the prosecutors and police are not on the same page and so what happens is the prosecutor ends up dismissing the charges. At a later time, the prosecutor then brings back up the charges and you are once again stuck in the same situation. This happens for a few different reasons. Typically, it is because the prosecutors are not on the same page as the police and someone has dropped the ball. So, the prosecutor dismisses the case for legal purposes since they do not have a complete case. They are allowed to refile the charges against you as long as they do it within the statute of limitations time period. Please feel free to contact us directly and we can discuss your specific case in more detail. and 480-935-6545
Q. If my daughter is on financial probation and pays off the fine, does the probation end then? She is unable to get a job
A: Typically, once you complete all terms of probation you can apply to end your probation. Sometime probation ends automatically but better save to double check. You should contact a lawyer to get help with this or contact the court clerk to see how to get it done at your specific court. Feel free to reach out at or 480-935-6545
Q. Is there a way to open a civil case to be reimbursed by my codefendant for half of the restitution I solely paid in full
A: This is a question we get asked quite frequently. Who you really need to ask is a civil litigation attorney but their answer is likely going to be that you will not have a successful lawsuit against the other party. The unfortunately reason that you will be held responsible to pay everything in full is because you agreed in your plea agreement that you would pay full restitution whether you caused the harm or not or whether the co-defendant pays or not. This is standard language in most cases because the plea is suppose to help the victim get paid their restitution and the courts don't particularly care who pays it as long as it gets paid. Now, the fact that your co-defendant did not have to pay anything or very little is unfair. You could attempt to sue them in civil court with a civil attorney. However, there is nothing in either of your plea agreements that says you will both split the cost of restitution. Additionally, your plea agreement is with the State of Arizona and not the co-defendant, so there really isn't any kind of agreement showing that your co-defendant owes you any money for the restitution you paid. If you wish to talk more about this or want a civil attorney who might be able to help you further, please let me know and I can get you in touch. 480-935-6545
Q. A friend has been charged in Arizona for Possession of Marijuana and DUI. What to do next? No priors. Court in a week
A: Your friend should contact and hire a lawyer immediately. There are no "do-overs" in criminal court or with the charges he is facing. He will be provided with a public defender for both cases but since it's his first offense, he should make sure someone puts careful attention into his case so everything goes well. It is typical to have the drug charges reduced or completely dismissed after doing TASC. The DUI is going to be a little more difficult and may require jail if not taken care of properly. Feel free to have your friend call or email us for a FREE, confidential consultation. 480-935-6545 or or
Q. What does it mean when a case says long form citation filed about 6 times ?
A: This is a legal phrase that means your case took longer to be filed than normal. Typically, police will come into contact with someone and immediately write them a ticket for what ever crime they feel is appropriate. When they long form a ticket, it typically means they had to do more investigating in order to charge the suspect with a crime. This commonly happens in a DUI where they draw someone's blood but can't charge them until they get the blood results back. In other situations, the police are unsure of whether they should charge the person with a crime because they are not lawyers and do not know all of the crimes. In that case, they do the investigation and submit their report to the prosecutor's office as "long form" and allow the prosecutors to charge the crimes once/if they find it appropriate. It is commonly a GOOD thing for criminal defendants to have their cases long formed because it means the case isn't cut and dry. This gives the defense lawyer room to poke holes in the investigation and provides better negotiating leverage. Feel free to contact us with more questions or about your case directly at 480-935-6545 or
Q. What is solicitation of sale of dangerous drugs what does this mean
A: It means its a MAJOR FELONY! This basically means that who ever is charged with this was somehow involved with the sale of a dangerous drug. There are many different dangerous drugs but commonly it's meth. If you have been charged with this then you need a consultation immediately or else you could be facing lots of jail time. We would be happy to provide a free consultation! 480-935-6545 or
Q. nics wants to know if my conviction 44 years ago of larceny was a misdeameanor or felony.
A: Hello, I understand your frustration as we have encountered similar issues. Our best recommendation is to go in-person to the County Records Office. If your case 44 years ago was in Maricopa county then you have a few different locations you can go to. This is your best bet to find what you are looking for. If they don't have records then good luck for anyone else finding something.
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