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Tyler Eaton

Tyler Eaton

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Amber W. Recommends March 11, 2024
Highly Empathetic and Ultra Smart Attorney: Tyler is the Fighter that You Want in Your Corner Tyler recently represented me in a case that was the result of a traumatic situation. I was referred to him by a victims’ advocacy organization. I found out that the area of law that my case falls under wasn’t even his speciality, which was so hard to believe, based on his professionalism, heightened knowledge, and grace in dealing with the matter at hand. Admittedly, he was so kind that I almost (“almost” is the keyword) wondered if he could have the fight that it would take to get a positive outcome in my case. (I never truly doubted him, based on the clear level of intelligence that he demonstrated in this matter right from the start, but it was so hard to imagine that someone who is this professional and caring could pack a figurative punch for the opposition.) I quickly found out that he is more than capable, so I’m glad I trusted his obvious intelligence. Without a doubt he has plenty of fight; he just knows how to behave gracefully, depending on the needs of the client that he’s representing. This is to ensure that your faith in him will be gained and you will know that you’re safe with him on your side. When he’s dealing with the other guy, those gloves will come off. If you’ve been through a situation that’s made you generally distrustful of most men (or of the opposite sex) he will pick up on your hesitancy and conduct himself in a genuine and caring manner, so that you will never have to doubt whether he was raised properly and if he will do right by you...because he WAS and he WILL. The only person who would have any need to fear this clever attorney is the opposing party in your case. They’ll get no mercy. Furthermore, he’ll keep you informed every step of the way and always take your views into account before making any moves in your case. He won’t stop fighting until you have a resolution that you can feel good about while you’re healing and moving past whatever situation has brought you to need his legal expertise. Do not let the kind, baby face fool you. (It will definitely fool the other party, though. They won’t know what hit them until they’re retreating while still licking their wounds and believe me: you wouldn’t want it any other way.) View More