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Thomas M. Fleming

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  • DUI & DWI, Criminal Law
  • California
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Alexis G. Recommends January 30, 2024
Thomas is a Great DUI attorney First I would like to appreciate everything Thomas has done for me and my dui case. I honestly felt so scared after my accident especially because others were involved . My case was a very tough one due to my BAC and me hitting someone else. Luckily no one was severely injured. Thanks to Thomas my case was lowered to a wet reckless and they gave me the best deal I could possibly get thanks to such an amazing talented lawyer. Thomas also got the court to actually find me not guilty of the dui , which means under the law that dmv was ordered to also find me not guilty so that I never lost my license. I struggled finding a lawyer and hesitated but honestly I went with my gut feeling and I prayed to god that I would find someone who could really help me out in probably what was been one of the toughest positions in my life. I cannot express how relieved and happy I am that everything went well thanks to this amazing lawyer. If your in a situation like me, talk to Thomas and let him bring a blessing to you! God bless you Thomas! View More
Greg W. Recommends January 6, 2024
Awesome Attorney Bad things happen to good people. In my 62 years on this earth, I have NEVER been involved in a criminal matter. A moment in time, after losing my father, and having to take in my mother with dementia I was involved in a traffic altercation in which I lost my composure, which is so unlike me. Upon receiving a notice to appear in Superior Court for reckless driving I started researching Criminal Lawyers in my County. I came across the Law Offices of Thomas Fleming. He had excellent reviews, so I reached out to him and his firm. After a long phone call with Thomas, I decided to retain him to represent me. It turned out to be the best decision I could have possibly taken. His understanding of my situation and the Law was beyond comprehension. With his guidance along with his and my faith he guided me through a very difficult and intimidating time. Not only to have my case completely dismissed, but he also navigated an Order to Seal Arrest and Related Records, simply put, AMAZING! My family and I are truly blessed & grateful, to have Thomas by my side, helping me navigate through this very difficult time. If you EVER need an outstanding Lawyer to represent you, do not hesitate to reach out to Thomas, he IS a complete blessing.” View More
S. C. Recommends October 10, 2023
Not Guilty - First DUI Case In the early morning of the last week in January 2023, my life took a dark turn when I found myself pulled over and detained for driving under the influence with a staggering .12 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The day that followed my release was a whirlwind of confusion and fear, with no clear plan in sight to salvage my tarnished record, evade jail time, and cope with the looming fines. Amidst a daunting array of attorney options, my instincts led me to Thomas, and it turned out to be a pivotal decision. From the moment I first connected with him, Thomas radiated confidence and provided me with the much-needed peace of mind to navigate the complex legal process. He not only met but exceeded my expectations. Throughout the suspenseful nine months that followed, he encouraged me, kept me well-informed, carefully explaining each step along the way. As the days passed, I found myself summoned for a full court trial, my anxiety mounting with each passing moment. To my sheer astonishment, the case against me was dismissed, and I was declared not guilty. But the ordeal wasn't over; a full DMV trial loomed on the horizon. Thomas, however, continued to be my guiding light. Thomas had the brilliant idea of hiring a forensic toxicologist to shore up the defense. Against all odds, after a full DMV trial, the DMV officer found in my favor and found me not guilty. He not only saved my driver's license from suspension but had me found not guilty again – a feat that carried less than a 1% chance, especially given the fact that I had registered a BAC over .12 four times during my traffic stop. With Thomas at my side, I achieved a double victory – escaping conviction, avoiding the dreaded ignition lock, sidestepping driver's license suspension, and steering clear of jail time. I will forever be grateful to God for the day I chose Thomas, a decision that I made the moment I stumbled upon his profile on Yelp. View More
E. A. Recommends July 27, 2023
Thomas got my case dismissed! Due to unfortunate events I ended up with a DUI arrest after an accident late January. I had lost hope and the stress became so overwhelming. My wife found Thomas F. As one of the highest rated DUI attorneys in our area. We were able to get a speedy response from Thomas and had a consultation. I’m skeptical about reviews and all so I had my doubts. Talking to Thomas was far from what I had expected. He went over all our options and gave us advice beyond our knowledge even before becoming his clients. Moving forward 6 months later, Thomas talked to the district attorney and was able to convince the prosecutor to completely dismiss my DUI case! He also talked to the the DMV officer and got him to also dismiss my DMV case. He got everything’s dismissed just by the power of his persuasion. My blood alcohol turned out to be .149%, I didn’t have any hopes for minimal charges. Thomas went above and beyond our expectations. Thomas is much more than an attorney, he knows how to connect with his client and make them feel seen and heard. It wasn’t about the money or getting the job done. It’s about making a an impression on his clients and putting them on a better track. I learn a lot this pass 6 months. Today I couldn’t be more thankful to Thomas for giving me a second change and knowing that God loves all people. Thank you, Thomas. I will forever be grateful. View More
Tarun S. Recommends July 5, 2023
Best lawyer for DUI cases I had a DUI with an accident and my car got totaled. I found that Thomas is the best lawyer to ever acquire. He managed to change my DUI to a wet reckless. He managed to convince the jury and the judge to Helmandollar Plea! (This is very rare!) I have no jail time, no work detail, and no volunteer hours, Thomas also persuaded the judge to waive all the court fines and fees. This alone saved me thousands of dollars. I just have to complete a 12 hour class. Therefore, I recommend Thomas Fleming to anyone in need of legal representation for a DUI case. He is the man with a plan! View More
Tyler R. Recommends January 25, 2023
The Representation You Need When I received my 2nd DUI, I felt lost, helpless, and hopeless. I was down in the dumps to say the least. I knew I needed a lawyer but who? I contacted Thomas and immediately his way of doing business was very genuine. I did not feel like I was just another client, and over time that became more and more evident that Thomas' was of business is very sincere. More than just a lawyer to represent me, Thomas was concerned with my well being and acted as a rock in my corner I knew I could be honest with and count on. Thomas represented me with an elite level of not only professionalism, but guidance personally and spiritually, negotiation skills in the court room, and most importantly, a sincere and genuine support system as a human being. Thomas eased my worries and we are still very close to this day and I know I will know him forever as a mentor and part of my family! The specifics is Thomas negotiated waiving my DUI ticket fee and informal probation. If you need representation, you have found the correct Lawyer who specializes in this field with ample experience. Thank You Thomas! Ill forever be grateful for your representation and the quality person you are. A true blessing to have met you ! View More
J. Johnson Recommends January 23, 2023
Got my case dismissed! I found Thomas Fleming to represent me. He discussed the case with the district attorney, and got them to dismiss my case. The DMV then took action against me. Thomas again talked to a DMV officer, and persuaded them to dismiss the DMV action also! He is an excellent attorney and helped me personally in my time of urgent need. He is very passionate, caring, and great at his job. He goes above and beyond and does more than most attorneys would. Highly recommended.
N. M. Recommends December 27, 2022
Excellent Defense! A few months ago, I made the poor decision to get behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks. I was stopped by CHP just a few blocks from my home, and it was all downhill from there. Getting charged with this DUI was probably the most stressful experience I've had in my life, and not one that I want to put myself through ever again. I knew that I had to find the best attorney to navigate this mess...fortunately though, I was able to find the best representation in Thomas. I was very nervous and confused on my first phone call, but Thomas was able to make me feel more calm after our initial conversation. Thanks to Thomas, I was pretty much able to lead a normal life while the case was ongoing. He immediately requested a 'stay of suspension' on my license, allowing me to drive while the case was going on. He also appeared on my behalf for all court appearances, which was especially important to me given that I'm out of state. I had a very tough DA who wanted to throw the book at me and convict me of the DUI - higher fines, jail, 3 month DMV class, 3 years probation. But because of Thomas's relentless efforts, the case was resolved in a favorable way to me. He was able to bring me down from a DUI to a wet reckless. Thomas was also able to get the court to agree to an explicit 'not guilty' of the DUI, meaning that we won with the DMV too! After Thomas helps with a couple of other paperwork, I will be able to get my license back as well without any form of suspension. In the court where my case was being processed, this result is unheard of, and I don't think any other lawyer would have been able to do this. For many lawyers, a client is simply just another case number that they have to get through. But Thomas showed genuine care for me and my situation, and would not stop fighting for me until he got the best deal. Thomas, his wife, and I will always remain friends. Thomas's defense allowed me to turn a horrible situation into a positive learning experience that I will always remember to ensure that I am not careless in the future. To those of you reading this, I sincerely hope that you never land yourself in this situation, but if you do, choosing Thomas to defend you will be the best decision you will make. View More
Tom S. Recommends October 5, 2022
Mr. Fleming was of great help to me I recently got two DUI cases in a row. Very bad. A friend of mine at work had celebrated a dismissal of her DUI case from a year previous (2020). So l asked her who her lawyer was and said it was Attorney Thomas Fleming, who won the dismissal because of an unlawful police action. I called Mr. Fleming and was fortunate that he accepted my cases. First and foremost Mr. Fleming supported in every way. Secondly, he represented me with extreme expertise. Because of my two cases, he immediately suggested l start getting alcohol treatment. I completed this in 3 months. Furthermore, he strongly recommended AA meetings, several per week if possible, w/ proof of attendance. This proved to be fortuitous advice, as the court later ordered me doing 2 AA meetings per week WITH PROOF of attendance. As my case went along, Mr. Fleming continued giving me strong advice, showing up in my stead in court, and constantly supporting my sobriety. Furthermore, he got the DMV to issue me a substitute drivers license (paper allowing me to drive while the court considered my case - my CDL had been taken, obviously, by the police). This was HUGE, as l was able to continue to work. After one year’s time, just a week or so before 365 days of the date of my offenses, Mr. Fleming appeared w/ me in court before the judge. Judgement day had arrived. (I hadn’t had to appear in court up to this time, AND in fact, had led pretty much my normal life, thanks to Mr. Fleming’s representation. Although, NOW l was sober, thank God.) Mr. Fleming negotiated intensively and passionately with the DA - l don’t know what was said, but it was very favorable for me. The judge and Mr. Fleming seemed to have a good rapport… the bottom line? No jail time or any volunteer work. Minimal court fees. No alcohol-blow-thing put in my car, l just have to attend a DUI class, which l will gladly do. And the DUI charge was dropped to a wet-reckless. Amazing. It’s basically a miracle, the outcome of my cases. One thing l would like to emphasize is this: Mr. Fleming recommended a number of things that turned out to be critical for my case and for his negotiation with the DA and court. Honestly, l feel as though l’ve been given a new lease on life and will be forever grateful to Mr. Fleming (AND my co-worker friend for her recommendation). I also feel strongly that due to his constant and fastidious efforts representing and fighting for me, I felt I could not relapse since I do not want to let down my family, the court and Mr. Fleming, who cared very much for me. I think Mr. Fleming is the best attorney that there is. He did an outstanding job as my attorney, and I would recommend him over anyone else. Thank you again for saving me, Mr. Fleming! View More
Ric P. Recommends May 30, 2020
Thomas Fleming saved my life!!! What can I say about Thomas Fleming other than he is an amazing lawyer. I had a lapse in judgement and was arrested for domestic violence incident. In the beginning I was lost. I hardly get in trouble so getting arrested and what follows after is something I'm not familiar with. After days of the incident and reading forums and watching YouTube vids of what could potentially happened to me I was having real bad anxiety attacks. So I went to look up a lawyer who would take my case. I emailed a couple lawyers but Thomas was the first who responded quickly. After explaining to Thomas my situation he gave me a peace of mind and knew I needed not look no further. Thomas gave me a list of things to do before my first court date. That's when good things started happening and when we went to court a slight miracle happened. Long story short after a year and 1 month later we arrived at my 4th court appearance because it kept getting pushed which wasn't a bad thing because at the end I received way less than I should've got. Thomas tirelessly worked on my case for over a year and was always there to answer any questions or just check up on me. Thomas really cares about his clients and about his work and it shows. Thomas amazed me in court many time with the knowledge he would speak in the court room towards the DA and the judge. Because of Thomas I have a second chance at life and I don't intend to ruin that chance. At first the court and DA demanded 60 days of jail time for my case. After intense negotiations Thomas convinced the court and DA of no jail time and no work details. Thomas pulled off a miracle!!!! As Thomas says, all glory goes to God! Not only did I have the best lawyer I could ask for, I believe I made a friend and a mentor I look up too. So if you're going through hard times, remember what you're going through doesn't define who you are, it's what you do after. Forgive yourself, pick yourself back up, and help others who are in need. View More