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Q. On a residential road can a police officer give you a ticket for Reasonable and prudent speed?
A: Yes. The law requires you to keep reasonable and prudent speed all the time. Of course, whether you ultimately kept a reasonable speed is up to a judge. So while the officer can issue the citation, you can contest it.
Q. What are and aren't undercover drug cops allowed to do/say?
A: There is no simple answer. The law on entrapment is complex. In general, an officer cannot improperly induce someone to commit a crime. But it’s not illegal to offer the opportunity or chance to commit a crime. Example: “Wanna buy these drugs?” That’s okay.” “If I don’t get someone to buy these drugs, my source is going to kill me because I owe him money.” That’s not okay. The key is in the details. Police officers are not permitted to induce someone to commit a crime that he/she would not otherwise commit. Hope this answer is helpful.
Q. Can someone have 2 NCO’s against the same person in the same state? This is in RI.
A: If you have not been charged by information or indictment in the superior court within six months of your first appearance in district court, your attorney can move to have the district court complaint dismissed. But that does not mean your case is over. The Attorney General can still file an information or obtain an indictment after the complaint is dismissed. That's the reality. The only limit on bringing back the charges would be the statute of limitations, which is typically several years at a minimum. I suggest that you speak to your lawyer about the case and where it may go from here. Good luck.
Q. In a first degree robbery if they got no weopon is it still a first degree in trail
A: The prosecution does not have to introduce a weapon into evidence to obtain a first degree robbery conviction. If there is testimony or some other evidence that a weapon was used, that should be enough, as long as guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt.
Q. is it illegal to spit on someone or throw an item at them
A: Yes. It could be considered an assault. Depending on several factors, either one could be a misdemeanor or a felony.
Q. How do I get my fiancé out of something that shouldn’t have happened and got arrested for domestic
A: You (or he) needs an aggressive attorney. If you are the complaining witness, you can cooperate with that attorney and let the prosecutor know that you do not wish to go forward with any charges. Sorry I cannot be more specific, but this question requires more details about the facts. Good luck to you.
Q. Hi. 11- 5- 16 Assault on a health care provider.still a felony? Also a person over 60 with b/I a felony assault also.
A: Yes and yes. Both felonies, but there are intent requirements ( knowing and willful, for health care providers, for example).
Q. hello i have lost an $2200 camera that i rented whats going to happen to me ?
A: If you truly lost the item, then you have most likely not committed a crime. However, you are responsible for the loss, and you will have to reimburse the person who loaned you the camera. That means you are most likely going to have to pay the value of the camera back.
Q. What are the specific elements that must be proven? Can the principal be convicted by aiding and abetting?
A: Depends on the facts. In some circumstances, am aiding and abetting charge would be appropriate. You need to consult with an experienced criminal lawyer.
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