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The Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc. was formed in 2002. We have helped many people n the years since. We currently have 3 attorneys working in the areas of Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Real Estate Law and Civil Litigation. If we can't help you we will try to find you someone who might be able to by referring you to another firm. We pride ourselves on treating our clients like we would like to be treated so if you have any legal needs you should give us a call.

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    We take personal injury cases on a contingency basis and sometimes we can do other matters on a contingency depending on the situation. We cannot and do not take Bankruptcy cases on a contingency basis.
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Q. I inherited about $100K from my great uncle when he passed away. My parents have always controlled the money.
A: Mr. Light's answer is a good one. Just because you "inherited" the money doesn't mean you just get it at age 18. Quite often people will put restrictions into a will telling the guardian of the money how they want it spent. In your case they could have said to "only use the money for your education needs... otherwise you can use it for..." It was up to your great uncle in how the will was written since it was his money being given away. A review of the will would tell you everything... but again... if you parents spent the money on YOUR education then you really can't complain much.
Q. does releasing uninsured motorist destroy right to claim under my umi policy
A: It's difficult to understand your question. What / why are you "releasing uninsured motorist"? I would strongly urge you to get an attorney well versed in personal injury matters (assuming you were injured) because you could do something to jeopardize your case. And the insurance companies love it when someone is NOT represented and they can get away with as little as possible. It's their job to do that.... Good luck to you
Q. Can I keep my medical records private from defendant?
A: You should talk to your lawyer since Colorado law applies. If you don't have a lawyer you should seriously consider getting one. Statistics show personal injury plaintiffs net more money after the attorneys fees. This is because the insurance carriers will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible. Attorneys even the playing field... Good luck to you..
Q. I was hit by a drunk driver but I did not have insurance, do I have any rights to sue the guy that hit me?
A: You can sue him but the penalty for you not having insurance is that you are not allowed pain and suffering damages. You can get your car damage, medical bills and any other hard cost expenses like wage loss, etc.. You can sue him in small claims court.
Q. if a judgement s issued in a civil case then a stay is entered because a chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed
A: Your question requires some research depending on the unique facts but a simple answer is yes. You should absolutely hire an attorney to help guide you moving forward.
Q. i am being sued as an employee by a customer who had a trip and fall accident in a store i managed in california.
A: Your employer should handle helping you with a defense and getting you out of the action unless you did something out of the ordinary. It's impossible for us to analyze your situation without a lot more information. Normally a slip and fall doesn't involve an employee so your question is a little out of the ordinary. Make sure your employer's insurance is on top of it for you.
Q. My husband is missing. How can I get permission to sell our home without his signature?
A: Do you have equity? Do you have any chance of finding your husband? You have some time until they start foreclosure so I would not panic yet. Once you stop making your mortgage payment they usually don't start the foreclosure process for at least 4 months. Then, assuming they start in 4 months, you have another 90 days before they can schedule a foreclosure sale at least 21 days later. So you should have around 7 months and 3 weeks. Do you have a lot of other debt like credit cards? Because if you file a bankruptcy right before the foreclosure sale you could get another month or 2 out of it. Or if you have equity you could try to sell it hoping your missing husband comes around for his share of the equity. I have helped hundreds of people in similar situations but never had a situation where one of the people on the deed were missing... good luck
Q. Can a store manager be personally sued do to a slip and fall accident in the store he manages?
A: I suppose there could be some far out fact pattern that could implicate an individual working for a company but in most instances the employer (store here) is responsible for the acts of their employees.
Q. Bicycle accident premises shopping development; 4-inch drop on cement pathway where elsewhere similar pathways none
A: Find a lawyer right away who will give you a free consultation. Also.. as a previous answer suggested.. take pictures with a ruler clearly showing the 4" drop. Good luck
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