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Stephen J. Plog

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  • Divorce, Family Law
  • Colorado, Florida
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Janette M. Jordan
Janette M. Jordan April 24, 2018
Rating: 10 Lawyer Rating - 10 out of 10
Mr. Plog is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend his services. View More
Q. How do you know this lawyer?
  • Current or Former Co-Worker/Colleague

I am a current colleague of Mr. Plog's.

Q. In the cases you were involved in with this attorney, which of the following apply?
  • Same Client

Mr. Plog has shared his advice and experience on several of my domestic cases.

Q. When did you work with this lawyer?
June 2017 - present.
Q. Was this lawyer an effective advocate/counselor and why?

Mr. Plog has a remarkable ability to both retain all relevant statutory authority and always put the client's interests first.

Q. Please rate this lawyer on the following:

Legal Knowledge: Excellent

Mr. Plog's experience and legal knowledge far surpass many other practicing attorneys.

Legal Analysis: Excellent

Mr. Plog always applies critical thinking and issue spotting to all his cases to ensure that he approaches it from all sides.

Communication Skills: Excellent

Mr. Plog understands the importance behind what his clients are fighting for and does an excellent job of ensuring they are well-informed and supported throughout the process.

Ethics and Professionalism: Excellent

Mr. Plog always maintains the upmost professional conduct when dealing with both clients, opposing parties, and opposing counsel. He goes above and beyond his ethical duty to ensure no gray areas.

Q. For which practice area(s) would you recommend this lawyer?
Family Law, Divorce Law
Q. Which of the following skills does this lawyer possess?
  • Client Relations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial Literacy (handling client funds)
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Writing
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Oral Argument
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Trials
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