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Robert B. Buchanan

Robert B. Buchanan

Divorce and Custody Help: Ensuring That Each Parent Has Equal Rights.
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Robert "Bobby" Buchanan is a seasoned practitioner that focuses his practice exclusively on helping parents through divorce and custody matters.

He is a 2019 recipient of the "10 Best" award for client satisfaction.

He has consistently achieved results for his clients, including:

- Secured regular parenting time for father who had not seen his two-year old son in over one year.

- Obtained 50-50 parenting time for father who had been marginalized to every other weekend before hiring lawyer and starting court process.

- Successfully re-gained custody for a father who had been falsely accused of abuse of his 6-year-old daughter.

- Obtained regular, unsupervised, parenting time and reduced child support for father who was only permitted to see child at the home of mother before hiring Joint Custody Advocates.

- Assisted mother of 5-week old daughter negotiate a joint parenting plan, which protected child and fostered healthy relationship between father and child.

(**each case is different and we can't guarantee any particular result**)

We have the experience necessary to assist in the following areas:

- Contested and uncontested divorces
- Contested and uncontested custody proceedings
- Establishing parental rights
- Establishing a court ordered parenting schedule
- Defending and prosecuting orders of protection
- Establishing child support and maintenance (AKA alimony)
- Other matters involving your parental rights and your children

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Legal Answers
29 Questions Answered

Q. What is the time frame for this whole process? I haven't gotten a date for a hearing. It's been well over 30 days.
A: Did you present your motion to the court? The court should have entered an order setting the tentative schedule. The court doesn't give you a first court date without you asking for it.
Q. I want to move from Illinois to Missouri with my children but my ex husband will not allow it
A: You will not get a response from the court without having a trial. You have to present your motion to the court by scheduling it per the clerk's instructions. The court will then set a briefing schedule and set the matter for hearing. The rules of evidence are complicated and the burden is on you to prove the move is in the kid's best interest. I would highly advise you at least consult with a lawyer.
Q. My son lives in Nevada with his mom and hates it and wants to move to Illinois with me. What is the easiest way to do
A: Unless you have a custody judgment in Illinois, any court case will have to be in Nevada. Diplomacy is easier than court. Would the mother be amenable to a conversation? I would start there first. Good luck!
Q. What does summons retd ns mean in a divorce? Does that mean the divorce was cancel.?
A: It means the Sheriff was unsuccessful in their attempts to serve your spouse.
Q. How can a mother give a child my last name with out my consent, and does that makes me legally the parent in Illinois?
A: Assuming you are not married to the mother, the name on the birth certificate does not determine whether you are the legal father. To be the legal father, if you are not married to the mother, one these things has to happen: - A judge signs an order saying you are the father; - You and the mother both sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity and send it in the Department of Healthcare and Family Services. It's unclear from your question whether the mom could get in trouble for what she did, but as long as she didn't forge any signatures or lie, than most likely she will not "get in trouble."
Q. Can a mother take her child (2 1/2) from the custodial father just to get child support when he’s had her for a year?
A: Yes, she can, unless there is a court order. The father could file a custody case and file a motion to maintain the status quo. If the motion is granted there will be a court order establishing the current schedule and saying that mother cannot do whatever she wants.
Q. What is an in-camera judge appearance like to a child?
A: The professionals involved in contested custody proceedings are usually very understanding of the stress the interview may cause the child. The judge will be personable and informal with the child most likely. I agree with the other attorney that suggested a restraining order re communication with child. The judge should not hesitate to enter this order and to admonish the parties re same.
Q. After living with my civil partner for almost 20 yrs. Who has supported me can I contest the will for provisions
A: I would suggest posting this to the probate or estate planning section of this website.
Q. Orthodontist expenses when only deemed medically necessary.
A: Document your attempts to get proof. Email is a good method. Make your requests simple and clear. You may need them in court, if you can't come to an agreement. Be wary however, fighting in court can cost more than "braces."
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