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Peter Munsing

Peter Munsing

I represent people & families throughout Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability
  • Connecticut, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
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I have been representing individuals, families, and small businesses since I graduated from law school in 1975. I believe that most people get confused by the legal system especially with insurance questions-- the system turns them around, nobody explains anything, and that turns them off. I want them to know their rights--that's why we're called The Know Your Rights People. Access to justice is why I offer free consultations, and take death and injury cases on a contingent fee--which means I don't get paid until I get money for the person I represent. Unlike many attorneys, I don't represent insurance companies to avoid a conflict of interest. Also, unlike many attorneys, I charge only for costs outside of my office---many attorneys charge for postage, even phone fees--and then charge interest on that! I went to the University of Michigan, then to Georgetown University's Law School, and have a further degree, a Masters of Law, from Temple University. I have been in practice for over thirty five years, and have represented people from adjusters to veterinarians, whose family members have been killed or who have --through no fault of their own-- had to deal with fractures and all manner of other injuries, from many varieties of corporate and individual carelessness. Some lawyers say they only take "serious" cases--I believe that any injury that causes you limitations, pain, is serious to you. Give me a call if you have a legal question about any form of injury--if I can't help you, I'll at least try to tell you who can! And it won't cost you a dime --even the call is free--1-888-PA-LAWS-1 (1-888-725-2971)!

Practice Areas
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Products Liability
Additional Practice Areas
  • Car crahes
  • Pedestrian run-downs
  • Bicycle injuries
  • Tractor-Trailer crashes
  • Free Consultation
    The insurance company is staffed by professionals whose job is to pay out as little as possible. Before you speak to them, you should have the opportunity to speak to someone who is on your side. A lot of law firms that advertise for personal injury cases also represent insurance companies! I don't represent insurance companies to avoid this conflict of interest. Every week I give free consultations to people who want to know their legal options--that's why my practice is called "The Know Your Rights People."(c) Too many lawyers don't care if their callers know why things happen in the law, or what resources may be available to them if they don't think an injury is "serious" enough for them. If you or a loved one has been hurt, then that injury is serious--and that's how I treat all callers. I've advised people with burn injuries, fatalities in their families, hit-and-run injuries, bicycle and motorcycle crashes, tractor trailer wrecks, medical mistakes, failures to diagnose, problems from dangerous medications and products. In fact, I'm proud that when insurance adjusters have been hurt or their family has been injured they call me to represent them! Whatever your injury or death question, call us. You can even use our toll free number: 1-800-367-5298. Put it in your phone so if a friend--or you--gets hit you can call for advice before you speak with the insurance adjuster!
  • Contingent Fees
    I take injury cases on a "contingent fee" which means I don't get paid until I get the other side to put money on the table. Most of my clients are average working people, without the money to pay the huge hourly fees insurance companies pay their lawyers. I want you to be able to have a lawyer if you've been hurt, so I set out to not charge up front fees for injured people or families who've had a loved one killed. I only get paid when I get money for you. It's that simple. Don't you wish other professions were like that? It doesn't cost a dime to talk to me, and it doesn't cost money to retain me as your lawyer. Unlike many other law firms I don't charge interest on casefile costs I advance, and I only get my costs back if and when I get money for you! You don't have to pay expenses up front as happens with many lawfirms.
  • Rates, Retainers and Additional Information
    I've helped thousands of clients and have given information to many more times that , and I'd be happy to speak with you about your case. Call me for an appointment!
Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice
1st Circuit
2nd Circuit
3rd Circuit
4th Circuit
U.S. Court Of Claims
U.S. Supreme Court
  • French: Spoken, Written
Temple University Beasley School of Law
LL.M. (1996) | Trial Advocacy
In the first class of Temple University Law School's Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy
Georgetown University Law Center
J.D. (1975) | Emphasis on topics related to rights of individuals. Practiced for one year under a local District of Columbia Court rule allowing law students to represent clients in the courts of the District of Columbia.
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
B.A. (1972) | History
Honors: Full tuition scholarships; honors college
Activities: Staff ot the Michigan daily;editorial staff of Gargoyle (Michigan's humor magazine);founder, University of Michigan Rowing Club; Environmental Law Society; active with political campaigns
Professional Associations
Chester County Bar Association
- Current
- Current
American Associaton for Justice
- Current
Activities: former chair, Forklift and Industrial Vehicle Litigation Group
Pennsylvania Bar Association
- Current
Activities: Solo & Small Firm Practice Section Member
Pennsylvania Association for Justice
- Current
American Bar Association
- Current
New Jersey Association for Justice
Monroe County Bar Association
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5134 Questions Answered

Q. I
A: You have a claim for your injuries and lost wages. Contact a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Assn for the County where it happened. They give free consultations.
Q. Can police steal (confiscate) my owned car if I'm repairing it in my yard?
A: You have a nice constitutional issue but the bottom line is they say you aren't complying. So you need to get your car in a garage or most statutes allow for a properly secured tarp to count. Make it a hassle for them and you'll only possibly win the battle but you'll be losing a war of code enforcement. Not worth the fight. Of just get someone to fix the headlights, tag it, inspect it,insure it.
Q. I hit a cow on hwy281north at nighttime my car was totalled what is the animals owners liability?
A: I've been successful in getting compensation from the owner's insurance. If you have collision let your company handle it and go after the owner. If you were injured, then contact a member of the Colo. Assn for Justice. They give free consults.
Q. I hit a parked car while uninsured can the debt I owe for the property damage be included/dismissed if I file chapter 7?
A: It can but under the new law, it may be found that you can pay it off over time. If the other person received state funds the state may have a claim against you nonetheless and these may not be dischargeable.
Q. what if I was involved in a hit and run and I was not sited at fault. My passenger is trying to sue me for medical bill
A: First, if you have insurance let them handle it. Under many states laws the car you are in has medical payments which also cover occupants if they don't have insurance. As to the "hit and run" if you caused it, then they have a claim--the fact you weren't cited doesn't matter. If the cops say the hit and run driver was, then you aren't at fault but they can make a claim. Your insurance has to defend it. Now if you don't have insurance, then you have another issue.
Q. A car was driving in front of me and stopped suddenly I tried avoid hitting the car but didn't is it completely my fault
A: Most likely the insurance will consider it so. Was there a reason for it stopping? If no reason you may have an argument that the person was "contributorily at fault," but you are supposed to leave enough room so that you can stop if there's a sudden emergency in front--a child or dog runs into the road, the horse pulling an Amish buggy takes fright, etc.
Q. If a person in pa was not authorized to drive a motor vehicle and was involved in a car accident does my ins pay out?
A: If that person was at fault? Or not? You aren't being clear. If your vehicle was at fault, then your vehicle's insurance will pay for the driver's mistake. If the person was not authorized to drive that vehicle, the insurance may either a) not pay or b)pay under a "reservation of rights." Much depends on the "not authorized." If the owner is just saying that to protect their rates that's one thing. If they reported it stolen that's another. "I told him not to use it"(but left the keys lying around" isn't a good defense. If you were in the not at fault vehicle, then a) if you have collision run it through that and let them sort it out b) if you were injured you have a claim for injuries and should consult an attorney. Injuries may eventually be covered by the other vehicle. Also if you have "uninsured motorist coverage" that may cover you. Like many members of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, we give free consultations so that people who were injured through no fault of their own can know their rights. We also take calls evenings and weekends.
Q. Can I transfer vehicle title to PA resident but retain interest in the vehicle with a promissory note when I live in MD?
A: Technically, yes, but you are heading for a family relations mess if you have to enforce it--imagine playing repo-man (or repo mom). Look at other options. If you have concerns about your youth's habits sit down and workshop what would be a good way for them to access transportation they need that doesn't lead to a situation where they don't do something (forget topay insurance) so it bounces back (one reason not to be on the registration). Let's say you loaned them a car. If things are bad enough you're thinking you'd have to repo it, then those issues need to be addressed, and wrapping it all up as a commercial transaction is not a good way--the law doesn't do family relations other than in crisis situations, and then doesn't always do them optimally.
Q. A friend was watching my dog while I was in Japan. He was supposed to send the dog to me after 6 months, but has cut off
A: Spend more money than the dog is worth. Fact is if you return to Japan they may not allow the dog in, and vice versa. Time to realize that this person did something wrong and just remember the vet bills are now all his responsibility.
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