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Megan M. Gilbreth

Megan M. Gilbreth

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Jay B. Recommends March 13, 2020
Great advice on real estate law and contract law Megan assisted me with a general warranty deed for agricultural land that had a few issues from one party not performing their side of the bargain. One of the parties did not pay the amount of money as stipulated in the contract. Megan was able to help both parties avoid costly courtroom litigation. She was very responsive and was an expert on both the real estate aspects of the deed as well as the elder law implications since the transaction was between two family members. Highly recommend her to anyone in need of a great attorney. View More

Megan M. Gilbreth's Response: Thank you for the complimentary words. We do our best to listen to our clients, consider facts and circumstances, give options and strategies and make sure our clients have an opportunity to participate throughout the entire process. We believe this makes for the best representation. Whether family law, estate law, real estate law, tax law or estate planning, we attempt to provide excellent legal services. Thanks again for sharing your generous comments.

L. W. Recommends March 10, 2020
Real Estate MY real estate agency has worked with the Blake Law Firm for over Twenty-Five years on real estate matters from simple deeds to more complicated matters involving estates, divorces, boundary disputes, etc during that period I have consulted with several attorneys in the firm with great results and recently worked with Megan Gilbreth who was very professional and knowledgable on a real estate matter which she handled in a timely manner with the same results however after this many years I have come to expect no less from the Blake Law Firm and its staff. View More

Megan M. Gilbreth's Response: We appreciate the positive comments you have given regarding our law firm. As you know, after an initial meeting, or telephone contact, we confirm any engagement in writing and outline relevant facts moving forward. The legal services we provide are the result of competency, hard work, attention to detail, integrity and trustworthiness. We have earned our reputation throughout the legal community, including peers and clients, as a result of handling cases the way we wish they would be handled if we were the client. Once again, thank you very much. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance in the future.

Travis T. Recommends March 8, 2020
Great Representation Megan is knowledgable in several aspects of law and does a great job updating her clients along the way. She was professional throughout the process and we prevailed with the results we were looking for. I would recommend her for family law, divorce, foreclosure defense, and real estate needs.

Megan M. Gilbreth's Response: Your review is appreciated. Each client is important to us and each case of each client receives competent and timely-handling, always attempting to exceed the expectations of our clients. Whether a will or trust contest case in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois, or a real estate case in Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois, or a divorce and child custody case in Shelby County, Illinois, or a tax case in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, we attempt to be thorough and exact in our representation. Thank you again for your positive comments. They are much appreciated.

Brian D. Does Not Recommend January 16, 2020
Not knowledgeable or helpful I feel like the Blake Law Group pulled a bait and switch on me. I originally retained Jennifer Behme, whom seemed very knowledgeable, then was assigned Megan Gilberth without explanation. Megan Gilberth has absolutely no business practicing family law. She is not knowledgeable on the subject. I hired the Blake Law Group to represent me to get arrears removed and obtain a modification of my support order. I found more information on my case on Google then I did from her. She does not respond to emails, calls, or voicemails. I only met with her a few weeks before going to court, she didn’t remember meeting me before while in court. The results in court were laughable. I am now in worse shape than before hiring the Blake Law Group. Ms. Gilberth refused to fight for me. I already felt like a caged animal because of a narcissistic ex-wife that has manipulated me and my children. Now I’m in debt to a horrible attorney with a resolution that I could have been had without any representation. She knew the history of the judge we were to argue my case in front of but failed to tell me that most of my evidence would not be admissible. The whole case could have been over for the $500 retainer. $10,000 later and I am worse off than before. After complaining about Megan’s service to the managing partner, Edward Blake, the firm withdrew from my case. View More