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Matthew Maerowitz

Matthew Maerowitz

  • DUI & DWI, Criminal Law, Traffic Tickets...
  • Arizona
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A. D. Recommends May 25, 2021
Matt is top notch. You want him on your team As a medical marijuana patient facing a DUI charge that had the potential to ruin my life, I was extremely fortunate to have had Matt on my side. In our initial consultation, Matt explained that my case was not the slam dunk that I thought it should be, because under Arizona law, I had to use an affirmative defense and prove that I was NOT impaired by the marijuana in my system - guilty until proven innocent! Moreover, the judge clearly favored the prosecution, and allowed evidence that was clearly irrelevant to the case to be admitted. Nevertheless, it became clear at trial that the prosecutor was no match for Matt. Matt was far better prepared than the prosecutor was, and his cross-examination of the police officers and the state's expert witness effectively exposed the holes in the state's case. I was nervous about testifying, but Matt did a great job preparing me to take the stand, and we were ultimately able to convince the jury that I was NOT GUILTY. Matt was very honest upfront about not being able to guarantee a favorable outcome in my case, but he sure delivered one! Even though I was paying a flat fee, Matt was very generous with his time when I had questions, and always kept me posted on even minor developments in my case. Matt's services were worth every penny, and I would recommend him in the strongest possible terms to anyone facing a DUI charge. View More