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As an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, I know how the criminal justice system works and what it takes to get good results.

My goal in every case is to obtain not only a great result but also the best possible outcome for my client under the facts and circumstances of the case. Consequently, my clients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can trust their lawyer to protect their legal rights and handle their cases in a way that ensures the best outcome for them.

I have deep roots in Austin and practice exclusively in Travis County. Every one of my clients is important to me so rather than delegate my cases to an assistant or junior associate, I keep my caseload small so that I can provide personal attention to each client and put a lot of work into every case, whether it's a felony or misdemeanor, state or federal charge.

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    We focus on defending people accused of domestic assault in and around Austin, Texas. Our mission is to provide the highest quality representation and the best possible result for each client. We do not represent common criminals. Our clients are the type of people who plan for their futures and generally make good decisions in life. They are good people that cannot afford to NOT to be represented by an exceptional defense team that focuses on defending people accused of domestic assault.
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I defend people accused of domestic assault in Austin, Texas. My mission is to provide the highest quality representation and the best possible result for each client.
University of Texas - Austin
J.D. (2000) | Doctor of Jurisprudence
Honors: Advanced Criminal Defense Clinic
University of Texas - Austin
B.B.A. (1997) | Managment Information Systems
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509 Questions Answered

Q. Unlawfully Carrying a Firearm
A: Can the indictment allege a different set of facts other than what is sworn to in an officer affidavit? Yes. Assuming they get it past a grand jury, an indictment could allege that you assaulted the Tooth Fairy. Whether the indictment survives a motion to quash and whether the prosecution can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt ... those are probably he real questions you should be discussing privately with your criminal defense attorney..
Q. Can they charge me with a possession of marijuana if i call the cops for a breaking and entering?
A: They *could* charge you with assaulting the Tooth Fairy! The real question is whether they will have enough admissible evidence to prove every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. If you invited them into your home to investigate one crime, but they found evidence of a different crime, then the question is whether the evidence is admissible. Did you invite them to look at the busted door frame and instead they looked in your sock drawer? Don't answer on this public website... this is a matter that should be discussed privately with your criminal defense attorney.
Q. Police say drug found in plain view but I was not charged with anything related to the drug upon arrest?
A: Without looking at the evidence, no attorney can give you anything more than a guess. Your current attorney can't share the evidence with anyone who is not on the defense team. Therefore, you can't get a REAL second opinion like you could with a medical diagnosis unless you HIRE another attorney... all you can get is a guess.
Q. While I was out of town, my tenant took a purse of mine and pawned it at a pawn shop. I have proof, what can I do?
A: Call the non-emergency number for the police if you live inside the city limits, otherwise call the Sheriff's department. Also go to the Justice of the Peace precinct for the address of the property and ask about how to legally do an eviction.
Q. I was charged with the family violence girlfriend saying I hit her in the face and I did not Hit her
A: Suppose that Joe shot Steve with a handgun. How do you think it would go for Joe if his argument was "I didn't hurt Steve, the bullet hurt Steve. I didn't even touch the bullet. All I did was squeeze the trigger. Don't blame me, blame the bullet!" If you intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly hit the sun visor, which caused the sun visor to flip up and hurt her, then you committed assault. It sounds like the more serious accusations are that you pulled her hair and hit her three or four times with your hand. If that is not true, and she did not say those things to the officer, then your attorney will have something to work with... The first order of business may be to preserve the BodyCam or lapel microphone recordings from when the officer talked to the alleged victim. You'll be a lot closer to your goal if you can show that the officer's accusations were wildly exaggerated and don't match the statements given by the alleged victim.
Q. I completed 10 years deferred adjudication for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, can I ever get LTC?
A: Not under current law because the definition of "conviction" in the LTC code includes deferred adjudication and the expiration of that status after 10 years excludes felony offenses against persons (title 5 penal code.) Deferred adjudication does NOT count as a conviction if it is sealed by an order of nondisclosure. You are only eligible to pursue an order of nondisclosure if: 1. Five years have passes since the successful termination of felony deferred adjudication community supervision. 2. The alleged victim of the Aggravated Assault case WAS NOT a family member, roommate, someone with whom you had a romantic relationship, or someone who is involved with someone with whom you had a romantic relationship and .... 3. You have never previously been convicted of assaulting a family member, roommate, someone with whom you had a romantic relationship, or someone who is involved with someone with whom you had a romantic relationship, and ... 4. You have never previously had to register as a sex offender and have never been convicted of any of the following offenses: aggravated kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, abandoning or endangering a child, injury to child, disabled, or elderly person, stalking, or violation of bond or protective order in a family violence or stalking case. 5. During the period starting with the date you were put on felony Deferred Adjudication and ending five years after the termination of supervision, you were not convicted or put on deferred adjudication for any offense except a traffic ticket punishable by fine only, and ... 6. The judge did not enter a Family Violence finding in your Aggravated Assault case. Note: If you are able to get a nondisclosure of Aggravated Assault, that doesn't mean you will necessarily qualify for a License to Carry. The other requirements are listed in Chapter 411 of the Texas Government Code.
Q. Can an acquitted and expunged case be used against you in a new criminal trial on a different charge?
A: If the prosecutor knowingly used expunged records to get a Grand Jury indictment then she probably committed at least one crime.* HOWEVER, this does not necessarily help your case. Even if the indictment is quashed and the current prosecutor is recused, the chances are high that a new prosecutor will get a new indictment from a new grand jury. The new prosecutor might even be worse than the old one. For example, the new prosecutor might be looking to avenge her coworker's honor... she might go digging in the statutes to find additional offenses to throw the book at you! Going after the prosecutor with guns blazing might not be in your long term strategic best interest. Sometimes a little finesse goes a long way in pretrial negotiations. This is why it is smart to have a local attorney on your defense team. Someone who knows the reputations and personalities of the various prosecutors will have a better idea of how to use this situation to maximum effect with the least chance it will backfire. * See Article 55.04 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 39.02 of the Texas Penal Code, and Rule 8.04 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.
Q. What is attempted theft?
A: Attempted theft is pretty self-explanatory ... the defendant is accused of attempting to unlawfully appropriate property with intent to deprive the owner of property. If you want to dive deeper than that, you'll need to study the definition of Theft in chapter 31 of the Texas Penal Code and then go to Chapter 15 for the specifics of Criminal Attempt.
Q. There is no time limit on appeal..its people's lives..please tell me this is the case
A: Of course there are time limits on appeals! There are way too many deadlines to discuss here but the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure is full of time limits for each step in the process. There are rules for how to calculate the deadlines and which days count and which don't. There are even rules for everything and anything related to appeals... even rules about what size FONT to use! See TRAP 9.4(e) That said, there are some cases in which an "extraordinary remedy" is available, even after the deadline for an appeal. You'll need to consult an attorney that is an expert on criminal appeals to find out if that is even possible.
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