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Jon Matthew Martinez

Jon Matthew Martinez

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Jon M. Martinez is a criminal defense attorney who is determined to fight for the rights of every one of his clients, whether they are charged with shoplifting or first-degree murder. Mr. Martinez has shown an outstanding understanding of the law mixed with excellent trial skills and compassion for his clients. Mr. Martinez has used his skills to obtain over 100 dismissals and not guilty verdicts in the past two years alone.


Born and raised in Orange County, California, attorney Jon M. Martinez graduated with high honors and attended the University of Arizona to continue his education. At the University of Arizona, Mr. Martinez earned a bachelorâs degree in political science and psychology with honors.

Mr. Martinez then focused his energy on pursuing his lifelong passion of attending law school. Mr. Martinez scored in the 96th percentile during the law school examination and eventually took a scholarship offer to a top 20 law school at the Boston University School of Law. While going to law school, Mr. Martinez decided to obtain his Masterâs Degree from the nationally recognized Boston University College of Communications and graduated with both a law degree and a masterâs from Boston University.

Professional Development

Upon graduating from Boston University with a law degree and a masters degree, Mr. Martinez accepted a position at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office as a criminal prosecutor. He quickly excelled as a prosecutor and was the first in his class of more than 25 prosecutors to move up to a trial group and also was the first to move up to a Major Crimes division. As a Major Crimes prosecutor, Mr. Martinez was in the Vehicular Crimes unit that is responsible for prosecuting all felony crimes involving a vehicle and alcohol or drugs, including prosecuting numerous Felony DUI cases as well as Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Manslaughter and Murder.

In February, 2008, Mr. Martinez decided to leave the Maricopa County Attorney's Office in order to join a criminal defense firm in Arizona. While at this firm, Mr. Martinez honed his trial skills and obtained numerous jury verdicts of Not Guilty and many more cases that resulted in complete dismissal of the charges before trial. Mr. Martinez gained a reputation for being both an aggressive trial attorney and one who genuinely cared about his clients. He has handled a variety of cases ranging from juvenile crimes, misdemeanor crimes and all felony crimes including first-degree murder.

After years at his previous criminal defense firm, Mr. Martinez opened the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group to allow him to give the personal attention and superior defense that he believes every client deserves. Mr. Martinez is determined to work personally with every client that walks into his office no matter the charges and he makes it a personal goal to get the absolute best outcome possible for each and every client.

The Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group

At the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group, we are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best possible defense for every client. Attorney Jon M. Martinez will work with you every step of the way to explain the legal process and help you through this traumatic and stressful time in your life. We believe that nobody should be defined by their worst day and we will never treat you as just another case number. We will work to get to know who you really are as opposed to who the police report says you are and we will do everything possible to win your case.

For a free consultation, call the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group today at (480) 745-1572 or email attorney Jon M. Martinez directly at

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18 Questions Answered

Q. My bf was p/o doing 28 in a 25.they arrested him & charged w/burg in 3 degree,burg tool,poss of stolen prop, prohb possr
A: The fact that the prosecutor has brought charges does not necessarily mean that they will stick. Truth is, you can be charged for anything. Whether those charges ultimately get dismissed is a different question. Because your boyfriend was speeding, the State will argue that the police had reasonable suspicion to pull him over. If so, the burglary tools and subsequent burglary will be relevant. If, however, your attorney is able to show that the police did not have reasonable suspicion to pull him over or search his vehicle, the attorney may be able to get the evidence suppressed and potentially have the case thrown out. With regards to the first court appearances in March, the prosecutor only has a certain amount of time in order to establish probable cause on any case while your boyfriend was in custody. Since he was released, chances are the prosecutor could not do so in time. They may have needed more information on the burglary from the police officers so your boyfriend's case had to be dismissed. This does not mean that the case is over, however. Once the prosecutor has the information they need, they can re-file the charges and begin the process over. Your boyfriend is facing serious felony charges and you should look into obtaining an attorney for him so that he has the best chance of avoiding prison time. Best of luck, Jon M. Martinez Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group 40 North Central Avenue, Suite 1400 Phoenix, Arizona 85004 480-353-8895
Q. My husband grabbed me and threw me down. Will the police do anything?
A: Arizona treats victims of domestic violence very carefully. The police are required to file a report and submit for charges if they believe a domestic violence assault has occurred. In addition, the police generally will arrest the suspect of the domestic violence assault and remove them from the property.
Q. Do kids that are ages 12 and 11 that were subpoenad for trial have to attend? its a dc/dv case...
A: Generally speaking, if a person is served in person with a subpoena, they are required to come to the trial. If they are not personally served, the court would have no recourse if they did not attend the trial because they cannot be certain that they received the subpoena. That being said, I could never imagine a situation where a court would punish a child for not appearing to court. I cannot even fathom any judge citing a child for contempt of court.
Q. What is the min/max sentence for 2nd time domestic violence offenders (boyfriend to girlfriend) in the state of Arizona?
A: If it is charged as a misdemeanor, the maximum penalty is 6 months in jail, a fine of $2,500 plus an 84% surcharge and probation for up to 3 years. You would also be required to attend domestic violence classes and counseling. If you are charged with a felony offense, the sentence would depend on what class felony it is, but all are obviously more serious than misdemeanors.
Q. A first offense dui does that qualify for a diversion program?
A: Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country and unfortunately, there is no diversion program for first time offenders. Arizona law requires jail time for every single person convicted of a DUI, no matter how clean their past is. DUI is a class 1 misdemeanor offense and carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail. There is also mandatory fines, fees, classes, a license suspension and an ignition interlock would be required on all vehicles you drive if convicted of a DUI. Hiring a DUI attorney may be your best chance to avoid a criminal conviction and jail time.
Q. IS IT TRUE THAT ON YEAR 2007; THERE WAS A LAW PASSED ON A DRUG charge,CAUGHT WITH paraphanalia would have no bond?
A: I am a bit confused by your question. By no bond, do you mean that you will be held in custody or that you will not have to pay a bond in order to get released? Normally for a first time drug possession offender, you will be released by the judge, but they could require you to post a bond or to be released to something like pre-trial services so that they can monitor you or drug test you. A law was passed called proposition 200 that a first time drug offender cannot be sentenced to prison. Rather, probation would be mandatory so long as they have no other criminal history. You may also be eligible for a diversion program that would allow for random drug testing and classes and once it is completed, you may be able to avoid a criminal conviction altogether.
Q. I had a warrant issued on me 2yrs ago and have not took care of it on behalf of not knowing what it is for. what do i do
A: I would recommend hiring an attorney to help you out, assuming this is for a criminal matter. The first thing you or your attorney would need to do is quash your warrant by filing a motion with the court. Once that is done, you would need to set up a pre-trial conference in order to obtain the police reports and discovery and begin negotiations with the prosecutor's office. Do not wait too long to quash your warrant. Every day that passes could be the day you get stopped by police and arrested on the outstanding warrant.
Q. When your house is broken into and you call the police, what is the officers duty to assit me in this situation?
A: It is rather difficult to determine what the tenants will be charged with for a number of different reasons. First, the police are not the ones who charge people for their crimes. Neither are you. Rather, the police submit a case to the County Attorney's Office or other prosecuting agency and the prosecutor's are the ones who will formally charge the person. Second, there is no crime in Arizona for breaking and entering. Rather, it would most likely either be trespassing in the first degree which is a class 6 felony offense. Arizona law defines trespassing as "a person commits criminal trespass in the first degree by knowingly: 1. Entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a residential structure." They may also be charged with burglary which is a more serious felony offense. However, to be charged with burglary, they must not only enter the structure without authority, but the tenant must also do so in order to commit a theft or felony inside of the structure.
Q. Prior case DWI - 84 months - is that from the date of arrest or conviction? Thanks
A: The 84 months should be from the date of the arrest, not your date of conviction.
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