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Q. I was a victim of a hit and run, my car was damaged no one was hurt. Is there any legal action I can take?
A: If he has insurance under Oregon Law the insurance company is required to quickly settle the damage claim with you. If you have full coverage you can just use your own insurance, pay the deductible, and wait for your insurance company to deal with the other drive and your insurance. They will usually get your deductible back for you if they can get reimbursed. The police will turn the matter over to the DA and as part of the prosecution of the hit and run driver you can ask the DA to get you restitution. While you say you weren't hurt just to make sure you don't waive your rights for personal injury damages if you do discover you were injured, when you settle your car damages claim, don't sign a release that also releases your personal injury claim.
Q. Can i win custody over my 5/9yr old kids from my ex .we werent married but i agree to all her terms and she broke it
A: No one here on the internet can tell you what your chances of getting custody are based on your short paragraph describing the situation above. It the matter has never gone to court before then there will be a hearing and a judge will decide what is in the best interest of the children. Probably being left home unattended is not in their best interest but we don't know what the other side of the story is. The fact that you have a girlfriend and a new child will not deter the court from giving you custody if that is in the best interests of the children. Get a lawyer and figure this out.
Q. In Oregon, if I filed the petition of custody am I able to drop the same petition ever with a hearing scheduled?
A: You need to talk with an Attorney about this in an office consultation. This is too complex to give general advice in response and really shouldn't be discussed on the internet. If the Judge's clerk is related to your ex then maybe you should ask for a new judge to hear the case.
Q. My boyfriend and i have a lease agreement in both of our names. Can he request me being evict
A: I don't do landlord tenant law so I can's answer the question about whether you can be evicted or not. (If your name is on the lease I think your relationship is with the landlord who is leasing the property, and your boy friend isn't the landlord - he is just also on the lease. But talk to a landlord tenant attorney about this.) What you can do is get a court order making your boyfriend pay child support to you. You don't have to be separated to do this. All you have to be is the mother of a child struggling to support yourself and the child which it sounds like is what is going on. However, this will lead to a battle for custody because your boyfriend will figure out if he is awarded custody then you have to pay him support. So it is risky to initiate this while you two are still living together. I would probably transition yourself to living somewhere else without your boyfriend and take the child with you. Maybe you can move in with your parents or a friend. The file for custody and child support. I suspect that you want to stay with your boyfriend and you believe that things will get better and everyone will live happily ever after. But you need to recognize that what he is doing is psychological abuse. I wouldn't be surprised if he is also physically abusive. Here are some resources and hotlines you can call to get help: Again, what you are describing, the controlling behavior, not letting you work, then being emotionally abusive, all tells me that you and your child are victims of domestic violence. It will probably just get worse if you stay. It is time to get out. As much as you think you love him and you need him, you need to put your own safety and mental health first as well as the safety and mental health of your child.
Q. my daughter agreed to 50-50 custody when she left her childens father, tried to change to 60-40 now gets nothing.
A: There appears to be some confusion here. DHS which administers welfare, TANF and other benefits for low income people has nothing to do with setting or collecting child support. I don't have expertise in how they calculate income so I would suggest you go with your daughter to the field office and find out why they don't think she is eligible for TANF. I suspect that the social worker is confused as to how child support is calculated. Often times the non-working parent will be assigned "minimum wage" on the calculation sheet because it is presumed that the parent can get a job and work for minimum wage. It is not proof that she is working, just an assumption that is used for the child support calculation. The child support, parenting time, and any investigation into the father's income needs to be determined in a court proceeding. Your daughter should hire an attorney to help her. She can go down to the courthouse and get an application to modify parenting time and child support and file it to start the proceeding. The problem will be that she will need to prove her ex's income so that may require getting help from an Attorney to know how to force her ex to disclose his proof of income such as tax returns. You use what is known as discovery, and you sent a list to the other side requesting these documents. There is a list of required discover that is given out when people file divorce at the courthouse. I would suggest asking the court clerk for this list and using it as a template to create your own discovery request to send to her ex. If he does't comply you will have to file a motion with the court to compel him to produce this information. All of this has to be done before there is a hearing. She can alternatively go to the district attorney's office, the child support division, and ask them to modify the child support. They will do this at no charge if it has been a while since there support was last reviewed by a court. They won't however assist with modifying custody or parenting time. She should probably consult with an attorney to figure this out.
Q. 16 years ago I had a one night stand with a woman and recently, the local child support agency contacted me.
A: Get a blood test and find out if the child is yours first. It may not be. Please understand that this women may not actually know that you are the father. What happens is that when someone applies for welfare the State may force the to name a father as a condition of receiving government benefits because the State's position is that two parents have to support a child before the State picks up the bill. So this is probably being driven by a State Agency looking for reimbursement. The women may have just given them a list of possible father's and they are going down the list. So don't get too excited until the DNA test comes back. As for what damages you may have for not getting notified earlier, that is an interesting theory that I haven't looked into before. It is something that an Attorney could research and see if there are damages. There have been torts called "alienation of affection" but that applied to spouses and has mostly been abolished. There may be some thing about a tortuous interference with or alienation of a parents rights buried in the Oregon case law that some Attorney can help you find and use. It just isn't something commonly litigated these days.
Q. Can i as a stepchild. Adopt my deceased stepfather.
A: You cannot adopt a dead person. Maybe if you tell us what you are trying to accomplish we can suggest a more appropriate solution?
Q. If I am hit from behind by someone with car insurance who admits it's their fault and they would pay for the damage.
A: You absolutely need to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer. If the other person is at fault they are responsible for your damages whether or not you had auto insurance. The only thing not having auto insurance will do is it will cut of your right to non-economic damages which is what you get for your pain and suffering, as provided in Oregon Statute ORS 31.715. You still have the right to get your property damages and your medical bills paid. There is an exception to ORS 31.715's limitations which essentially says if you recently had auto insurance but it lapsed, the penalty doesn't apply. You can read the law here: Either way you have a right to get compensated. A lawyer will help you figure this out. Meanwhile you should be getting medical treatment for your injuries using your personal medical insurance. Because you don't have auto insurance you can't use the medical benefit that all Oregon Auto policies have called PIP (Personal Injury Protection) but you can use your normal medical insurance. You will have to pay your normal medical co-pay or deductible but you might get reimbursed when the case settles. If you don't have medical insurance you can try a low cost clinic like the Virginia Garcia Clinic or a County Health Clinic. Where ever you go for treatment, keep in mind that they medical provider will have the right to a lien on whatever you recover from the other driver so be sure to tell your Attorney so that they include getting the lien satisfied when they settle your case.
Q. if a dog was given as a gift to me as a child can my mom take her away.
A: Even though you are a minor you can own property. I can't say that in your situation the dog was given to you and became your property. There are probably two sides to the story. Typically pets are bought as family pets for the entire family even if the family says that the pet is for one particular person. As you describe the situation, the dog was given to you exclusively and is your dog. I doubt it is that simple. One or both of your parents probably helped pay for the care and feeding of the dog. True ownership means being 100% responsible for all related chores and expenses. Another part of the issue is that you are a minor child. Your parents can give you things and take the things away from you as part of parenting you until you become an adult. Ideally this is done for your safety or for some other reason like to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, such as doing well in school. So if your mother removed your dog as part of disciplining you she may well be within her rights as a parent. These are basically educated guesses as this isn't an area I normally practice in, ie determining the property rights of children as against their parents. Probably the best thing to do here is to discuss the situation with your father and let him deal with your mother and be your advocate as to your rights to have the dog. He can file a lawsuit called replevin to get the return of the dog as your guardian ad litem if the dog is truly your property. If your mom's need to have the dog is emotional, you might want to consider working out a shared custody arrangement where you and your mom both have days to have the dog. The frequency would depend on how close your mother lives to your present location, but if it is really close you could go there and walk the dog every day. On the other hand, if your mother is taking the dog as a way to manipulate you to spend more time with your mother, this isn't healthy parenting. This needs to be addressed by the family law court through a petition to modify parenting time.
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