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J. Richard Kulerski Esq.

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J. Richard Kulerski is a partner in the Oak Brook (and downtown Chicago) divorce law firm of Kulerski and Cornelison.

Richard has over four decades of trial experience in the divorce courts of Cook and DuPage counties, IL. and is a Harvard trained mediator and settlement negotiator.

Richard and his partner, Kari Cornelison, are staunch advocates of the settlement approach to divorce and both are
active in divorce mediation, collaborative divorce law and in the rapidly growing cooperative divorce movement.

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  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
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Q. Married 21 years & divorce in June of 1999. X passed April 20, 2016. Name Fidelity Beneficiary. Fidelity states not.
A: Your question, as it reads, cannot be properly answered in this Forum. Consult with an attorney in person and tell him or her ALL of the facts of your situation, and give the lawyer the benefit of reading your Judgment for Dissolution.
Q. Hello, my ex wife is threatening to take me back to court to enforce college expenses,
A: There are many factors to consider when determining each parent's obligation to contribute to college expenses, and these are best discussed, in person, with an attorney who can learn all of the facts of your particular situation. However, to answer just the questions you asked, full discovery is allowed in these cases. If you had remarried, they could look at your new wife's income and financial wherewithal to determine how much you should pay. You have not remarried, so your girlfriend's income will not play a direct role.
Q. RE: -750 ILCS 5/530(d)1...Is it true no judge factors this into a settlement? That is what current counsel tells me
A: I'm sorry, but your question is unanswerable because you have not provided enough facts for us to grasp a proper understanding of the situation. Only your attorney knows the facts of your case, and only he or she fully understands the context in which the opinion was given. With your particular needs, this Q & A forum is not the place for you. If you are unhappy with your present lawyer's answer, you should really consult, in person, with another attorney. This is the only way you will have the opportunity to explain what the lawyer needs to know to give you a proper answer.
Q. I have an open civil lawsuit against previous employer, if a settlement comes from it, is that divisible in a divorce?
A: If the lawsuit is based upon a happening that occurred during the marriage, any award you receive would be a marital asset and subject to division between you and your spouse. However, this does not necessarily mean it would be divided 50-50. Every case is different.
Q. We would like to get a legal separation but cannot afford to live in different residences at this time. Illinois
A: Under the new law in Illinois, you do not have to be separated at all unless one party does not want the divorce. In this situation, a separation of six months is required to establish irreconcilable differences.
Q. I am divorced as of Dec. 2016. My ex was put into comtempt because he did not pay the lawyer as the MSA said
A: It is not proper to answer your question because you already have an attorney. In addition, he or she knows much, much more about your situation than can be expressed in this forum. This makes any answer that you might get here to be incomplete and pure guesswork. However, and for your general peace of mind, please know that it is not easy to modify parenting time if one party does not agree to it.
Q. Can divorce be kept a secret from future wife or church?
A: It is difficult to answer your question because it is too broad. Please write back and provide some facts, which would describe the context in which the question is based.
Q. What motions can I file?
A: What your spouse has done has absolutely NO legal effect whatsoever. You do not have to anything until you are served by a Deputy Sheriff or lawfully appointed process server. Do not file any Motions because that would involve your filing an Appearance, and that is something you don't have to do until you are served properly.
Q. If you were divorced in 2012, are you held to the new 2015 laws regarding spousal support?
A: You ask a great question. Unfortunately, our legislators never saw fit to explain what would happen in situations like yours. I do not think the appellate courts have decided what to do either. However, my guess is that your ex will have to show a substantial change of circumstances in order to get a modification of her rights under the original judgment.
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