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H. Yvonne Seeley

H. Yvonne Seeley

  • Family Law, Divorce, Arbitration & Mediation...
  • California
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Beth G. Does Not Recommend December 16, 2022
Do anything to find another attorney to represent you Yvonne Seeley does not make her money winning your case-- she definitely lost mine--But she still collected A LOT of money and the way she does it is borderline extortion. She'll take your retainer, then the two weeks prior to your hearing, she'll run up you bill with things like making copies of all pleadings and orders going back years and years (4 boxes worth! And little if any had to do with the case at hand). Like run up your bill $50k beyond your retainer! Then, she'll call you into her conference room with a FLARPL all pre-prepared, she'll hand you a pen, and tell you that unless you sign it, she won't come to your hearing. You'll sign, and what you'll be signing is a portion of your real estate holdings over to her. This is NOT how FLARPLs were intended to be used, but that's her playbook. If you are looking for an attorney to help you in your family law case, run--don't walk-- away from Seeley Law and Yvonne Seeley. View More