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I have been a prosecutor for Dearborn Heights, Troy, and Southfield, so I have seen the Drunk Driving law from both sides. My office is in a quiet area of Dearborn Heights, but I travel to all the courts in Wayne County (such as Westland, Livonia, and Plymouth / Canton, in addition to Dearborn and Dearborn Heights), Oakland County, and Macomb County, and often beyond that. Drunk Driving defense, which in Michigan is technically "Operating While Intoxicated" (OWI), but is commonly called DUI or DWI, is the primary part of my law practice. I also handle Driver's License Restoration hearings at the Secretary of State Administrative Hearings Office in Livonia (often called DLAD), for drivers who have lost their driving privileges but have addressed any alcohol issues and are ready to get back on the road, and I handle Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLS / R / D) charges for those who have not yet reinstated their license. I also handle Traffic Tickets such as Speeding.

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    I have various fee arrangements, depending on the circumstances. Most matters are handled on a flat fee or package basis, and some are handled on an hourly basis. I offer payment plans in many cases. I will discuss specific fees with you over the phone when you call.
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Frank B. Ford Attorney and Counselor at Law
- Current
Assistant Prosecutor (Temporary Position)
City of Southfield
Assistant Prosecutor (Temporary Position)
City of Southfield
Assistant City Attorney and Prosecutor
City of Troy
Assistant City Attorney and Prosecutor
City of Dearborn Heights
Four person firm in Dearborn Heights
Wayne State University Law School
J.D. | Law
University of Connecticut
M.F.A. | Playwriting
Washington University in St. Louis
B.A. | Drama
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Michigan State Bar # 27688
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
Suburban Bar Association of Western Wayne County
Member and Past President
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49 Questions Answered

Q. Does michigan have a dui law that relates to using a pedal bike
A: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is what is prohibited. A vehicle is defined as a device that moves or can move on a highway, but not if it is powered only by human power. A bicycle without a motor is not a vehicle. A bicycle that has a power assist, that is being used, would be a vehicle. If the motor was not being used, then there could be an argument about whether or not it was a vehicle. You could potentially be charged with drunk and disorderly, or some other charge of that nature. Get a very experienced drunk driving defense attorney if you are charged with anything. It wouldn't be a bad idea to consult an attorney right away, whether you are charged at this point or not. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. If Im being charged w/ OWI & high BAC (.21), what should I do? Get a lawyer or can I do court apt? Plead guilty or not?
A: Many court appointed lawyers are very competent attorneys and serve their clients well. To some extent, it depends on what court the case is in, and who you get as an attorney. Some courts use a "house counsel" system that has one attorney handling all the court appointed cases that come to that court that day. It is very hard for an attorney in those circumstances to do more than just the minimal amount of work on any one case. An attorney you retain will put a lot of time into your case, interviewing you, reviewing police reports and probably reviewing video from the police car, body cam, and in the station. House counsel may not even speak with you until the day you go to court, and then only for a few minutes. Even in courts where attorneys are assigned individually, the amount of time spent on a case may not be as much as on a retained case. It's not the fault of the attorneys, it's the nature of the system. You are looking at the possibility of having no driver's license for a month and a half, and having to have a breath interlock in your car for the rest of a year after that. Retain the best lawyer you can afford. Do not plead guilty at arraignment! Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. Can police hide then pull you over?
A: If the officer witnessed you speeding, the fact that he did not pull you over immediately is not a defense. You should contact an attorney who handles traffic cases on a regular basis for some guidance on how your particular case should be handled. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I got a speeding ticket with incorrect info on it. The Name, date of birth, address is wrong. Can I get this dismissed?
A: Probably the best way to approach this is to ask for an Informal Hearing. When you go for that, you can tell the Magistrate about the mistakes on the ticket, but even before you do that, talk with the officer, who should be there for the hearing, and see if you can reach an agreement that will not put any points on your record. Be aware, the officer can orally correct the information at the hearing, or re-write the ticket. Also, if the ticket doesn't charge you for the full speed the officer says you were going, the ticket can be amended to charge you with every mph they claim that you were going. Don't contact the supervisor; that could really backfire on you. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. Will my restricted Michigan license still be in effect if I move back there? I have full license in Colorado currently.
A: That's a good question, and hard to answer without some further information. The most likely way to get a good answer is to obtain a COMPLETE, CERTIFIED driving record from the Michigan Secretary of State, and let me or some other Michigan attorney who handles drunk driving cases and the license problems from them on a regular basis review it. If you went through a hearing to get the restricted license from Michigan, you will probably still be on a restricted here, but would probably have to go through certain steps to renew it, and would have to have another full hearing to try to get back a full, unrestricted license. I handled a situation for someone who was completely without a Michigan license, who had then gotten a Colorado license, and Michigan still considered him to be suspended, so far as driving in Michigan was concerned. So I have to believe that Michigan would not just give you a full license, even though you have the Colorado license. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. Can michigan put a hold on my license if I got a DUI before I got my Michigan license 20 plus hears ago
A: To give the best answer, I would need to see your Michigan driving record, if there is one, and also would try to interpret your Kentucky driving record. But if you have a valid Kentucky driver's license, it sounds like you should be able to get a Michigan license without the incident in Kentucky being a problem. If you apply for a Michigan license and the Secretary of State won't issue one to you, then contact me or another Michigan attorney, but make sure it is someone who handles drunk driving cases, and the driver's license problems that result, as a major part of their practice. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. Got arrested for driving without insurance, can I sell my car to pay the ticket before my court date?
A: So far as I know, there would be nothing preventing you from selling the car. If you keep the car, however, be sure you get insurance on it before you go to court, and take the proof of insurance coverage to court as soon as possible. If you can't do it before the court date, take the proof with you when you go to court. If the insurance certificate is on your phone, print out a copy, since many courts won't let you take a phone into the court building. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I was in an accident yesterday and had a blood level of 2.98. This will be my second offense and I’m really worried
A: You definitely need an attorney to help you with the situation. The information here does not indicate where this happened, which can affect how to approach the case, the cost for legal services, and who might be a good choice of attorneys. I think it would be better if you called me, or some other attorney, rather than asking for attorneys to call you. Most attorneys will discuss fees over the phone, once some of the basic information about the case is known. One thing for sure, you did not blow 2.98. If that were true, you would almost certainly not be alive. It may have been .298, but that would presumably be on a little hand-held breath tester, that is not the official test. It will take at least a few weeks for a blood test result to become available, if there was a blood draw at the hospital that was sent to the State Crime Lab. My contact information is here on Justia. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I need to take care of a 14 year old traffic for driving on suspended license what's my options
A: Contact the court to see if there is a warrant for your arrest. If so, find out what the amount of the bond is. You would normally then have to go to the police department, but sometimes directly to the court, to turn yourself in on the warrant and post the bond, and get the charge set for a Pre-trial. Make sure that all the issues that are or were keeping you from having a valid license are taken care of, if possible. It is a very good idea to have an attorney helping you with this type of situation. For one thing, what happens on that case may affect your driving privileges now, all these years later. An attorney who handles a lot of traffic cases and driver's license issues will be able to look at your driving record and make good predictions as to your options and the consequences to your license as a result of the various options, and might be able to get the charges dismissed or modified so as not to affect your driving privileges. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
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