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I have been a prosecutor for Dearborn Heights, Troy, and Southfield, so I have seen the Drunk Driving law from both sides. My office is in a quiet area of Dearborn Heights, but I travel to all the courts in Wayne County (such as Westland, Livonia, and Plymouth / Canton, in addition to Dearborn and Dearborn Heights), Oakland County, and Macomb County, and often beyond that. Drunk Driving defense, which in Michigan is technically "Operating While Intoxicated" (OWI), but is commonly called DUI or DWI, is the primary part of my law practice. I also handle Driver's License Restoration hearings at the Secretary of State Administrative Hearings Office in Livonia (often called DLAD), for drivers who have lost their driving privileges but have addressed any alcohol issues and are ready to get back on the road, and I handle Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLS / R / D) charges for those who have not yet reinstated their license. I also handle Traffic Tickets such as Speeding.

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    I have various fee arrangements, depending on the circumstances. Most matters are handled on a flat fee or package basis, and some are handled on an hourly basis. I offer payment plans in many cases. I will discuss specific fees with you over the phone when you call.
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Frank B. Ford Attorney and Counselor at Law
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City of Southfield
Assistant Prosecutor (Temporary Position)
City of Southfield
Assistant City Attorney and Prosecutor
City of Troy
Assistant City Attorney and Prosecutor
City of Dearborn Heights
Four person firm in Dearborn Heights
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University of Connecticut
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Washington University in St. Louis
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Michigan State Bar # 27688
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
Suburban Bar Association of Western Wayne County
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Q. I had 2 dui 6 months apart 11 years ago what do i need to do to get my license back in michigan
A: To get your license back you will have to go through a demanding process. You must have long term abstinence from alcohol, and a commitment to lifetime abstinence. That means no drinking or illicit drugs, whatsoever. You must have letters of support from your friends and family that must include certain topics, you must have a professional substance abuse evaluation, do a ten panel urine test for substances, complete the Form SOS 257, and testify at a hearing. There are instructions on the Secretary of State's website, but they do not tell the whole story. It is very risky to try to do this on your own. You should locate an attorney in your area who has extensive experience in license restoration cases. If you fail, in most cases you will have to wait a year to try again. If you are successful (assuming that you are Michigan resident), you will be given a restricted license, with a requirement of having a breath interlock in any vehicle you drive, for at least a year, before you have another hearing to try to get back a full license. Don't look for an attorney based only on price. No attorney can guarantee success, but an attorney who is experienced in preparing and presenting these matters at the Administrative Hearings Section makes it far more likely that you'll get the license, if you meet the Secretary of State's criteria. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I've just received notice to contact a court for a ticket I paid years ago. What do I do?
A: Call the court tomorrow and ask them what this is about. I hope you have proof of payment from back at the time. Sometimes courts do make mistakes, and they can misfile things. Be very clear that you paid it. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. My son is doing a 8 month stint in st clair county Jail for a DUI conviction the Judge agreed to allow him work release
A: It depends on his driving record. If his license is revoked, which would be the case if he has had two convictions for drinking and driving in a seven year period, then his only options are: (1) to be in a sobriety court program, which it sounds like is out of the question, since he's been given eight months in jail, or (2) to have a hearing at the Secretary of State Administrative Hearings Section, which has very strict standards for granting a restricted work license, which I'm guessing he would not be able to meet, since this is apparently a fairly new incident that led to his incarceration. To be sure, an attorney who handles driver's license restorations would have to review his driving record. I, as many attorneys do, will review at no charge a driving record that is faxed to me. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I've been on drug court for 18 months had one slip-up was wondering can I get off early?
A: Although it is possible that you might be released early, it is highly unlikely. Given the fact that you had a violation, they will probably want to keep you on the program to make sure you continue to progress. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I got a ticket for disobeying a traffic light. Do I pay the day of court date or later?
A: You will be expected to pay any fine on the day of court. You MIGHT be given a little time to pay, but don't count on it. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. My husband is on a prob. period for driving. Does a traffic infringement hinder him losing his license if don't go 2 sos
A: To fully answer this question, his complete Certified driving record would have to be reviewed, but an Impeding Traffic charge, if paid within the period stated on the ticket, will not go onto the driving record and should not have any impact beyond having to pay the fine. Does the ticket say that the charge is Impeding Traffic? Check to make sure. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. When will I get a court date for my DWI?
A: You need to get a complete certified copy of your driving record, directly from the Secretary of State ($12), and let an attorney who handles drunk driving cases on a regular basis review it. It is likely that the Temporary Driving Permit that you were issued has been entered onto your driving record, but maybe not, since apparently SOS gave you a new picture license. But they may have given it to you by mistake. You can call the district court to see if they have any pending charges against you. Get an attorney's help. Don't wait, since key evidence, such as videos, may disappear quickly. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. I've heard the expression dry reckless - what does that mean?
A: I wonder if what you have heard of is actually "wet reckless", which is not used in Michigan, but I believe it is used in Ohio and some other states. It is a reduced charge from a drunk driving charge. In Michigan, we simply have "Reckless Driving", which is willful or wanton disregard for life or property. If there is drinking involved, the charge will almost always be some type of drinking and driving charge, and not Reckless Driving. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
Q. First time getting a speeding ticket, can i get it reduced without a laywer?
A: At 80 mph, you probably should get the help of an attorney. The ticket will say the number of days in which you must respond. Often, just calling the court is enough to satisfy that particular deadline. You can ask for an Informal Hearing or a Formal Hearing. At an Informal Hearing, there are no attorneys on either side. You might be able to get a reduction by yourself, but maybe not much of a break, at that speed. You can hire an attorney, give the attorney the authority to negotiate on your behalf, and you won't have to go to court yourself at all. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford
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