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Ellis B. Klein

Ellis B. Klein

  • DUI & DWI, Traffic Tickets, Criminal Law...
  • Pennsylvania
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Jennifer M. Recommends April 4, 2024
Outstanding Legal Representation Ellis represented me recently on a second DUI charge which accompanies serious consequences, including jail time. I'm in my fifties, a healthcare professional, mother of 4, and have never been in any legal trouble in my life. The entire situation was terrifying and Ellis handled everything from start to finish. He is a consummate professional with many years of experience and connections. He told me exactly what I had to do and what to expect. His staff is supportive, extremely easy to deal with and always accessible. I have an immense gratitude for his representation. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Jen, thank you for posting the review, and I am very glad that you were satisfied with my representation. It was truly my pleasure to represent you and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

Donna A. Recommends March 28, 2024
Issues resolved I received several citations in the mail which could have cost my license and points. Ellis worked everything out and had gotten two citations dismissed and had a fine and no points. Ellis was very professional and caring and resolved my case to my extreme satisfaction. I highly recommend him.
Mason J. Recommends February 15, 2024
Effective and Responsive Attorney I received a traffic citation for going over the speed limit on the freeway and Attorney Klein was very responsive and helpful for getting my penalty reduced. He had great advice for me during the free consultation and he provided me with helpful resources to bring to the traffic court. In the end, he managed to remove the points that I would have received for this citation from my record and reduce my fine to peanuts on the dollar. Thank you Attorney Klein!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Mason, thanks for posting. Glad I was able to get you no points and a lower fine. Best of luck - Ellis

Allie S. Recommends February 15, 2024
Had charges that involved jail time and points Ellis helped me in my case where jail time was potentially involved and points on my license with suspension… Ellis got the case dismissed and the points lowered to a $200 traffic fine citation!! Amazing lawyer, friendly, helpful, determined, knowledgeable, and understanding!! Certainly going to recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you Ellis!!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: So glad I was able to help keep you out of jail. Good luck in the future - Ellis

Barbara S. Recommends January 20, 2024
Compassionate Attorney While searching for an attorney to consult with, we came across the name of Ellis Klein. We called his office on a Sunday and he replied right away. During the phone consultation, he made us feel we were in good hands. He communicates knowledge, integrity , and compassion that eased all our uncertainties and fears regarding our legal situation. Ellis and his associates were always available to answer any questions and concerns that we had. Ellis was successful in my acquisition of a greatly reduced charge and a shorter probationary sentence. This situation was one our family never thought we would ever face, but Ellis carried us through with professionalism, wisdom, and positive results. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Barb, thank you so much for the kind words. It was truly my pleasure representing you and I wish you the best of luck going forward.

Michael McCloskey Recommends December 7, 2023
A+++ Attorney Ellis was a true professional from the start of our correspondence all the way through my court hearing. During my court hearing he was able to get my sentence reduced substantially by working with both the officer and judge in my case. A true professional and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Mike, thanks for posting and I am so glad things worked out so well for you. Best of luck - Ellis

Stella M. Recommends October 25, 2023
Efficient and easy to deal with Don’t we all need a lawyer who understands our problem and reassures us of positive result from the very beginning? That’s how Mr. Klein operates. He is one of the best attorneys in our area to deal with traffic tickets and other traffic issues. I’ve been impressed by his experience and professionalism right from our first phone conversation and today’s court hearing resolution. Fascinating results!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Stella, thanks for posting the review and I am glad that I was able to exceeded your expectations in assisting you with your court case. I wish you the best of luck in the future - Ellis

Carolyn K. Recommends September 10, 2023
Professional high quality representation Ellis Klein provided excellent legal counsel and support for a driving citation with a favorable outcome. I couldn't be happier with the process, great communication, attention to detail and ultimately a great result. Highly recommend Ellis Klein for anyone with a traffic citation.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Carolyn, so happy you were please with my representation for your traffic case and I am so glad we got you such a great result. Best of luck in the future - Ellis

B. R. Recommends August 5, 2023
The Very Best Representation Ellis has recently represented my 17-year-old in traffic court. He was both very personable and professional. He was able to provide the best possible outcome to the case. He has exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend Ellis and would absolutely use his services again!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thank you for posting the review and am so happy to hear that I exceeded your expectations for your child's case. Best of luck to both of you - Ellis

K. W. Recommends August 3, 2023
Professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable! Ellis helped me resolve my issue with ease! Ellis Klien is THE attorney to call if you need help with a traffic violation. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the whole process, and reassured me that he could help me out with my situation. I am so grateful for his help representing me in court - Ellis was able to get my citation reduced so I wouldn't have points on my license. I highly recommend Ellis; he's truly the best around, hands down!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad I was able to help reduce the citations to no points. Best of luck - Ellis

Jane R. Recommends July 24, 2023
Outstanding I got a traffic ticket, talked to him, paid with a credit card and “ Voilà”. He represented me, I did not have to go to court. The result was outstanding and better than expected. Perfect experience! Will recommend him with no hesitation to my friends and family !

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad we were able to get you a great result. Best of luck - Ellis

C. B. Recommends July 22, 2023
Ellis B.Kline is an incredible lawyer I had a very serious legal case. Attorney Kline represented me in court and my case was dismissed. I was very satisfied with the results and Mr. Kline’s law firm would be my choice for any future representation. If you need a competent and knowledgeable lawyer, he should be your FIRST choice.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thanks so much for posting the review, and I am so happy that I was able to get your case dismissed. Best of luck in the future - Ellis

Rochelle R. Recommends July 10, 2023
Absolutely the BEST Ellis turned what could have been a disaster for me into a sigh of relief. Ellis was so knowledgeable and easy to work with. And it really helps that he knows all of the state troopers and judges who like and respect him! I was facing loss of license and many points, but Ellis was able to get my charges reduced to 5 over the limit and I'll take a class. Amazing! You are crazy if you even consider using another attorney. He's absolutely the BEST!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Rochelle, thanks so much for the kind words. I am so glad we were able to get you such a great result! Best of luck - Ellis

M. Y. Recommends June 2, 2023
If you need a DUI attorney he is the best of the best!!! Ellis is a well experienced and extremely knowledgeable attorney. He represented me in 2 of my court cases following DUI. He has great relationships with the Judges, court officials, DA etc. This is important when negotiating your case for your best possible outcome. Both times he told me what would happen and both times he was correct on my sentencing. The court system is very anxiety provoking and confusing for someone who does not understand the process. Ellis walked me through the whole thing to make it as painless as possible. He’s also a very kind compassionate and caring man all around. I can tell he loves what he does and cares sincerely about his clients. Retaining him was the best decision. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thanks so much for posting. So glad I was able to help and it was truly a pleasure to represent you. Best of luck - Ellis

Jennifer L. Recommends June 2, 2023
Very knowledgeable and professional I hired Mr. Klein for a DUI case. He was extremely knowledgeable regarding the laws in my state and county. He explained everything in great detail and helped me understand all of the possible outcomes for my case. He treated me respectfully the entire time, took the time needed to listen to my situation, and was responsive to all of my questions along the way. This was my first time going through anything like this and I was worried and scared. He was very compassionate and reassuring. It helped that he knew many of the District Attorneys and it was clear that he has handled many other DUI cases. I am very appreciative of all of his work for my case and would recommend him to any friend or family member facing something similar. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Jennifer, thank you for posting and it was truly my pleasure representing you. I am so glad things worked out so well for you. Best of luck going forward - Ellis

Eric J. Recommends June 2, 2023
Amazing lawyer Ellis Klein saved me from what would’ve been points on my license which I’ve never experienced before. So easy to talk to and work with. Would definitely work with him again if needed. Recommended! What was just as good was that the police and judge like him, too.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Eric, thanks for posting and I am glad I was able to help get you no points on your license. Best of luck - Ellis

Phil S. Recommends May 24, 2023
Great lawyer I hired Ellis Klein as my lawyer and im happy that i did. My legal problems were something ive never been exposed to perviously and Ellis and his assocaites are knowedgable, professional and meticulous. His legal services are well worth every penny!
Curtis F. Recommends April 25, 2023
Saved my License!! Ellis not only saved my license, but expertly negotiated a reduction in my ticket that seemed impossible. His knowledge and negotiating skills are the best there is. If your looking for the best lawyer you can find, you shouldn't look any further, Ellis is your lawyer.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Curtis, glad I was able to help you keep your license. Best of luck - Ellis

Randall H. Recommends April 14, 2023
Incredible Experience From the moment I first called, Ellis and his staff treated me with the upmost respect and care and were extremely friendly. As someone who has not had to consult with a lawyer before, I appreciated that he offered free consultations so that I could explain my scenario and get his opinion without having to commit upfront. After speaking, I was confident enough that Ellis was the right person to represent me for a traffic/moving violation case. He was able to get the ticket fully dismissed and I could not be more relieved! I definitely recommend Ellis Klein and I know I will be reaching out to him again in the future if needed. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Randall, thanks for posting and I am glad we were able to get your case dismissed. Best of luck - Ellis

Emma C. Recommends March 24, 2023
One of the best and knowledgeable Lawyer. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the entire staff of the KLein Burdett & associates for their work on my behalf.Attorney Ellis B.Klein ,Esquire is one of the best attorneys I came across. I was facing serious charges "Endangering welfare of children".Attorney Ellis Klein got me approved in such in amazing way for the first offender program (ARD),what he did was above and beyond.everything ended up being a happy ending for me . I highly recommend working with Attorney Ellis B.Klein,Esquire if you are seeking for a flexible and understanding lawyer. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Emma, I am so glad I was able to help. You truly deserved a break in this case and I am glad that we were able to get you into the ARD program for this offense. I wish you the best oof luck - Ellis

Mohamed M. Recommends March 6, 2023
Wonderful experience, helped reduce my ticket! Mr Klein answered all of my questions from the beginning, walking me through every step of the way. I retained him for a speeding ticket of 45 mph over the limit, and he was able to reduce it to just a non moving violation!!! Would absolutely recommend this lawyer to anyone in search for a great attorney.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Mohamed, glad I was able to assist. One of the best results I've ever gotten in traffic court. Thanks for posting and good luck - Ellis

K. K. Recommends February 1, 2023
Excellent attorney! Ellis is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He helped me with a traffic violation, the outcome was better than I could've hoped for. I was looking at a loss of liscence, and he got it dropped to only acouple points and lesser fine. Highly recommend, thank you Ellis.
Alex B. Recommends October 25, 2022
Excellent help, quick and easy. Had some problem with a failing to stop, which I disagreed. Mr. Klein managed to reduce the violation. What else to say? I am a happy guy :-) We conducted business over the phone and Internet, he was very professional and communicated with me frequently.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Alex, thanks for posting the review. Glad I was able to help in getting you no points on your record. Best of luck in the future, Ellis

Joe L. Recommends August 3, 2022
Traffic ticket I would absolutely recommend Ellis for anyone in need of representation. I had a speeding ticket for going over 30 mph the limit. And he got me down to just being 5 mph with no points added. And i got to keep my license. Helped me out so much! Phenomenal job!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad I was able to help save your license. Best of luck - Ellis

J. P. Recommends May 3, 2022
Traffic Violation Ellis was incredibly helpful throughout the process. When I originally received my citation and saw that it came with points on my record I knew I needed help, but didn’t know where to go. I reached out to Ellis, and we had a nice and educational conversation that made me feel much more comfortable with my situation. On the date of court, Ellis briefly met with the officer and managed to get the case dismissed. I couldn’t imagine a more pain free experience. Thank you, Ellis!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad we were able to get your citation dismissed. Good luck and thanks for posting the review - Ellis

Rita O. Recommends March 11, 2022
Highly recommend, an exceptional Attorney! Was coming home from work in the Pennsylvania area and live in New Jersey. On my home unfortunately, I received a citation for speeding in a school zone. Not knowing what to do I ended up receiving something in the mail from his office and decided to give him a call. He was very informative and helped me out so much!! He was able to bring my charge down to just a non moving violation with zero points that does not transfer. What also was great was he went to court for me!! I highly recommend!!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad to help and happy we were able to get you no points and no transfer of points to New Jersey. Best of luck and thanks for posting the review - Ellis

Salvatore S. Recommends February 9, 2022
I'm glad I had Mr.Klein representing me, I wouldn't have known what to do! Mr.Klein is a spectacular lawyer! I had no idea what to do or how to deal with the situation, luckily I had decided to use Mr.Klein as my attorney, with his skill he was able to acquire no points counted towards my license. I am very grateful to have had Mr.Klein representing me and I would recommend him to anyone.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad I was able to help save your license and get you no points. Thanks for posting!

R. A. Recommends February 1, 2022
Out of State; Great Experience I was visiting the Philadelphia area, in a rental car, and unfortunately was the recipient of a stop sign violation. Unfortunately, it would have been reported to my home state — affecting my driving record and insurance rates. Fortunately Ellis was able to get it reduced to a non-moving violation which will not be reported, communicating with me throughout the process. The best part: I did not have to appear in court. Highly recommend!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad to help! Thanks for posting the review - Ellis

L. L. Recommends January 30, 2022
Good Advocate to Have on Your Side. From the first phone call about my case Ellis was clearly very experienced and knowlegeable. He explained how the process would work, what options I had, and suggested some steps I could take that might be helpful in my defense. I was originally charged with a school bus violation and possibly a license suspension and points; Ellis was able to work with the police officer and get the citation reduced to a simple ticket with a fine. In addition, he seems to be a genuinely decent person. I would use him again and recommend him. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thanks for posting the review. I am glad things worked out and we were able to save your license and the points. Best of luck - Ellis

Asia G. Recommends December 23, 2021
Criminal and Traffic fines Ellis was able to get charges dismissed for me, not once but twice. Always a pleasure and smooth process. Very knowledgeable and able to inform you on every aspect of your case and the possibilities. Thank you again and as usual you were much appreciated!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Asia, it was my pleasure helping you out and I am so glad we were able to get both of your cases dismissed. Best of luck going forward - Ellis

A. Alexander Recommends November 18, 2021
Mr. Klein was able to reduce my citation to 0 points and a smaller fine. I did not have to go to the courtroom and he was able to reduce my citation so that no points would be on my license. I was also given a lower fine than the initial citation. It was very hands off for me and Mr. Klein took care of everything, highly recommend.
Michael P. Recommends August 17, 2021
Exceptional Attorney with Tremendous Experience and Connections I researched multiple attorneys trying to find the one I felt most confident about regarding my case. When I met Ellis Klein, I abruptly ended my search and hired him. His resume is impeccable, immediately putting me at ease. He possesses a wealth of legal experience and knowledge, especially pertaining to his specialty fields. Not only has he been a very successful defense lawyer for many years, he’s also spent quite some time as a prosecutor. Equally important, he is very well-connected. I am not exaggerating when I say the man knows just about everyone—fellow attorneys, legal colleagues, judges, police officers, and a multitude of people and professionals in and around his industry. Mr. Klein expertly guided me through my case to a favorable outcome. He was highly strategic in his work while also being comforting and explanatory in everything. Most importantly, the tips and advice he offered me were of utmost value, and I honestly believe it exactly that that helped me the most in the end. I attribute it all to an outstanding work ethic on his part. And for it I am sincerely grateful. Thanks again, Mr. Klein, I kid you not when I say I feel as if I have my life back again, like I can try to move forward. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad to help. It was my pleasure representing you and I am happy things worked out as planned. Best of luck!

G. H. Recommends August 6, 2021
Mr. Klein Saved My License I would definitely recommend Mr. Klein to anyone needing legal aid. Without his help, I would have lost my license and received 5 points for excessive speeding. Mr. Klein saved me money and stress by recommending a safe driver course to aid in reducing my ticket. He knew the cop personally and was able to speak to him and came to an agreement of 2 points instead of 5 - saving me from losing my license. I am so grateful for all of his help!!!

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad I was able to assist in saving your license. Best of luck and drive safely!!

M. C. Recommends May 27, 2021
A true professional Mr. Klein, or Ellis as he prefers to be called, is a true professional and credit to his profession. I spoke with a number of attorneys before making a decision and the running theme between most was that my case was more complex than I believed it would be and would likely require multiple court appearances. They also seemed keen to charge an amount equal to multiple court appearances. When I spoke to Ellis, I felt that he actually listened to my story instead of just the "yup, mhmm, got it" I heard from others. Furthermore, he explained to me that in my specific situation, it would be possible to handle everything at our first appearance. While he could make no guarantees, he explained what he could possibly do to help me and make it happen at our first appearance. Not only that, his fee was half of what the others were charging because he didn't want to charge me for work that may not have been necessary. If plan A didn't work, then we would keep at it at the second hearing. Well, he delivered at the first hearing and I could not be happier with this result. I'd like to make note of one more thing... I noticed the respect shown to him by other attorneys in the courtroom and the Judge. It seems that he really is the good guy I believed him to be. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thank you for posting the review. It was my pleasure representing you!

Aaron M. Recommends May 25, 2021
quick response, informative, results-oriented Ellis helped me successfully deal with the legal aftermath of a traffic accident; unlikely many other attorneys who auto-advertised to me, Ellis responded promptly and professionally to my emails, and engaged easily over an initial phone consult, and subsequent texts, to make my court day as smooth as possible. His fee was all-inclusive and very reasonable, given the extent of charges and possible points I was facing.
E. S. Recommends April 28, 2021
Great Legal Team Attorney Klein assisted me in my traffic ticket hearing. He is a great attorney to work with, and is very helpful and knowledgeable. He will absolutely put your mind at ease even after just the first conversation or initial phone call. The office staff is great to deal with as well.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thanks for posting. Glad we were about to assist in getting the citation reduced to no points! Best of luck - Ellis

Dennis C. Recommends April 20, 2021
Highly Recommend On my way to work I got a speeding ticket. Not knowing how to handle this, I contacted Mr. Klein for a consultation. He was very knowable and explained step by step on what to expect, what could happen and that I would not need to appear in court. I decided to have him represent me. He kept me informed what was going on and I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Klein.
Anthony M. Recommends April 13, 2021
The absolute best! I have called upon the services of Ellis B. Klein twice, once for a speeding ticket and most recently for my chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Both times were very good experiences. Regarding the bankruptcy, the whole process was very straightforward and simple. Ellis and his team are very knowledgeable addressing any questions or concerns I had making me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Ellis to anyone seeking top of the line legal assistance!
C. F. Recommends April 7, 2021
Effective and Passionate Juvenile Defender Sending along high praise and enormous gratitude to our attorney, Ellis Klein. A friend referred us, but we feel compelled to publicly recommend Ellis. Protecting our child, and at the same time balancing her accountability in this matter took honesty, empathy, and skillful collaboration with all parties involved. Ellis created an immediate trust bond with our family. His responsiveness, clear communication and guidance allowed a scary and unfamiliar situation to be managed with great care. We achieved a fair outcome, while placing appropriate responsibility on our family. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Glad I was able to assist in representing your child and I am happy we were able to get such a good result. Please tell your child I said good luck in college! - Ellis

B. S. Recommends April 6, 2021
Great representation for a speeding ticket! I regrettably got a speeding ticket and was so glad to use Ellis Klein as my lawyer. He made it possible to reduce my violation to a zero points and I did NOT have to appear in court; he did that on my behalf. I hope to never need this again, of course, but if I or anyone I know, has this issue, he'll be my recommendation!
V. V. Recommends March 31, 2021
Professional Services Guaranteed Mr Klien has represented me for my speeding ticket. He has provided me ample information and guided me in the right path. he had recommended me to take the defensive driving course which helped me alot. He took care of everything, without me ever had to attend the court. He was prompt in responding to my emails and communication. He showed patience in listening which helped to completely explain the situation. I happened to receive a court notice which was a clerical error and he took care of it for me. I Highly recommend Mr Klein for his services. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thank you for posting the review. Glad I was able to assist! - Ellis

Wes S. Recommends March 21, 2021
Highly Recommended When I was visiting Pennsylvania from Maryland I received a speeding ticket that had a 200 dollar fine and 3 points. I researched Mr. Klein for a consultation in which he reached out to me on a Sunday which impressed me. I discussed my situation and decided to hire Mr. Klein to represent me, I have no regrets doing such. The charges were reduced to a nonmoving violation no points and a lower fine. The best part was I didn’t have to attend the case which was great for me since that saved me a 3 hour drive. I highly recommend Ellis Klein if you need an attorney. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Wes, glad I was able to be of assistance and glad that no points transferred to Maryland. It was my pleasure representing you- Ellis

A. P. Recommends February 27, 2021
Top notch!! First off just wanted to thank Mr.Klein for everything that he has helped me out with. One of the first things that impressed me was that he called me back on his personal cell phone number on a Saturday morning. Ellis and his office are extremely polite courteous and helpful. I have no doubt in my mind if you chose to work with this team, you won't be disappointed.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thanks for writing the review and I am so glad I was able to assist. Best of luck in the future - Ellis

Christopher M. Recommends October 1, 2020
Outstanding Service & Outcome I was a bit hesitant to hire an attorney for a traffic violation but a speeding violation and the prospect of points, increased insurance costs, etc. quickly changed my mind. I found Ellis and I am ecstatic with not only the outcome but the service as well. Ellis and his team were thoughtful and informative. I realize there are no guarantees, but everything I was told to do helped and everything I was told would happen happened. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Ellis. Outstanding!!! View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Christopher, thanks so much for posting. I am glad we were able to get your citation reduced to no points. Best of luck in the future.

J. B. Recommends September 30, 2020
The man for the job I have my cdl and drive truck for a living. I had received a speeding ticket that would have cost me job and unable to be hired at any other company and I have a large family that I am the sole supporter of. I chose Ellis for his length of experience in the legal profession, his previous employment with the district attorney’s office and all the positive reviews, and as it’s turns out he knew the judge presiding over my case well. I explained to Ellis how high the stakes were for me and he came through in spades. Ellis negotiated the ticket to a non point, non moving violation. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and I highly recommend him. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: So glad I was able to assist to help you get such a good outcome. Good luck in the future!

F. D. Recommends August 26, 2020
Excellent results! I can’t say enough good things about Ellis Klein. After receiving my speeding ticket I reached out to several lawyers and he was one of the first ones to give me a call. He was very honest and gave me every possible outcome. After I choose him to represent me he took care of all the details form my case. I am happy to say I received the best results possible for my case. I had the cost of my ticket reduced and no points added onto my license. I highly recommend Ellis Klein he will take care of you and help get the best outcome for you! View More
Keith N. Recommends July 21, 2020
Do yourself a favor... hire Ellis Klein I hired Ellis Klein to represent me in a serious traffic violation. I was cited with 3 tickets and would have had a minimum of 9 points added to my records as well as a possible suspended license plus, fines & of course an increase to my insurance rates. Ellis told me what steps to take, before the court date, that looked good in the eyes of the court. Then, on the day of court, Ellis worked with the citing officer to successfully negotiate a greatly reduced charge; which the court approved for NO POINTS and fines only. Also, I did not have to enter the court room or talk to the officer or judge, Ellis took care of everything. Ellis is friendly and pleasant to work with. The experience with Ellis Klein as representation made a moment in court that could have otherwise been scary & intimidating go as smoothly and reassuringly as possible. Do yourself a favor and hire Ellis B. Klein with confidence. View More

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Keith, thanks for the kind words and I am so happy I was able to assist you in keeping your license. Glad things worked out so well for you. Good luck - Ellis

J. B. Recommends June 25, 2020
Gave me the best possible outcome During my consultation, Mr. Klein clearly explained my options and made it easy for me to decide on my course of action. He instructed me of important next steps to take before the court appearance. He communicated everything clearly and kept in touch after pandemic-related delays, giving me his personal cell phone number. Finally, his guidance in court led to a full dismissal.

Ellis B. Klein's Response: Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad things worked out for you and we were able to get all the charges dismissed. Best of luck in the future - Ellis

K. H. Recommends June 9, 2020
Knowledgeable, professional, reliable and empathetic attorney I would highly recommend Ellis Klein! He is very knowledgeable, professional, reliable and empathetic. Ellis was there to make sure I always understood each step that was involved in my case while also being very quick to respond to any questions I had along the way.
A. C. Recommends June 8, 2020
Best Professional If you require professional legal representation or advice look no further. You will appreciate the comfort of having an experienced attorneys looking out for your best interest. Ellis works very hard to make sure you have winning results. Outstanding work ethic demonstrated throughout the process and a very satisfying final outcome. I consider Ellis my go to Attorney .