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Elliott Ross Katz

Elliott Ross Katz

  • DUI & DWI, Criminal Law, Traffic Tickets
  • New Jersey
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J. Hardwick Recommends May 16, 2024
Professional and Effective I had an excellent experience when Elliott helped me with a traffic violation. I had a consultation soon after inquiring about his services, where Elliott was very knowledgable and clearly laid out the next steps. Elliott was professional and explained the potential outcomes. He told me what insurance information was needed and kept me up to date when a court date was confirmed. Elliott attended the hearing for me and ultimately got the violation changed so it wouldn’t even appear on my driving record! Very satisfied with this service and I would ask for his help again. View More
Bob M. Recommends May 7, 2024
Satisfied client obtaining best outcome While visiting my home area in Pennsylvania from North Carolina I was involved in a vehicle mishap. I was not certain what the possible fines and punishments would be regarding my case and not having the ability to return back for court appearances, I engaged Elliot as my attorney. He did a wonderful job explaining what the violations could entail and the various legal outcomes. He explained how his services could mitigate this situation. Elliot produced for me the best possible results that I could have expected . What I truly appreciated was his down to earth explanations that made it easy for me to understand the ramifications of the violation that I incurred. He under promised but over delivered. I was delighted with his help. Of course, in these situations we hope that we don't have to see each other again, but I would recommend Elliot if you find yourself in similar circumstances. View More
T. D. Recommends May 4, 2024
Excellent result Elliott represented me in a traffic matter (speeding ticket). His advice was clearly communicated, explaining the process, the likelihood of outcomes and what actions he and I should undertake to put me in the best position to settle my matter favorably. He was able to secure a better result in my case than I had thought reasonably possible. Very satisfied.
Pranav S. Recommends May 1, 2024
Highly recommend Working with Elliott was a breeze. He was responsive, knowledgeable and very professional. He represented me with my best interest in mind and his work led to a favorable outcome for me. I would highly recommend Elliott to anyone looking for services.
Judy J. Recommends April 15, 2024
Able, Attentive, and Affable Elliott I count myself lucky to have had my legal issues handled by Elliott Katz. At every step in the process, he kept me informed of his actions, what was required of me, and how things might proceed. Aside from his complete professionalism, I was also struck by his consistently pleasant and caring demeanor. If all lawyers were like Elliott, how spoiled we would be!
Paul L. Recommends April 3, 2024
Help with ticket and avoided points Elliott Katz was great help get points removed and reducing fines for a ticket. I would highly recommended consulting with Elliott if anyone is in a similar situation. The process was easy and I did not need to appear in court. Elliott took care of everything.
Tetsu (Butch) U. Recommends April 2, 2024
Great legal representation I had Mr. Katz represent me for a traffic violation and I was very pleased not only with his services but also with the disposition of the case. His communication was very timely and thorough and he was always very quick to respond to any concerns and questions that I had. I would strongly recommend him.
Paul R. Recommends March 24, 2024
Did exactly what he said he'd do. I strongly recommend Elliott Katz. He's a clear communicator, answers questions directly, and makes solid recommendations. He told me what to expect based on experience with the exact Judge who would be trying our case, and said he'd refund the retainer if he couldn't meet those expectations. He delivered!
R. P. Recommends March 20, 2024
No points for moving violation Elliott did a great job representing me in traffic court and reducing my ticket to a no points violation. I did not have to do anything beyond providing the information upfront and letting Elliott take it from there. I hope I do not need to use his services again but will if the need arises!
Jay F. Recommends January 30, 2024
Pa School Bus Laws I was over joyed with the outcome of my case, Elliot was able to have the citation amended to one which carried no license suspension (instead of a mandatory 60+ days), zero points (instead of 5 points), and a substantially lower fine. Beings I have never been involved in a hearing I had no idea what to expect. Elliot was so courteous and caring about my situation. He calmed me and explained exactly how this procedure works. I am so glad I chose him as my attorney. Elliot Katz will certainly be in my contact list incase I ever need an attorney again. View More
J. T. Recommends January 24, 2024
Results as promised I got a traffic ticket for 19mph over the speed limit that was going to put 4 points on my license. Elliott was able to get the ticket down to a non-moving violation which carried no points at all. Mr. Katz and his staff were easy to work with and I am very pleased with the results.
Dave Mauriello Recommends January 23, 2024
Great results, guaranteed Mr. Katz offerred a guarantee on results or my money back and he delivered above and beyond the expected goals. I'm very happy I found him and certainly would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation that I was in. Naturally, I hope to not need him again myself any time soon.
J. J. Recommends January 15, 2024
Very very satisfied It was my first time ever receiving a MV citation, and it carried 3 points and a likely hike in insurance premiums. At the initial consultation all my concerns were addressed completely, competently, and courteously. My outcome was better than I could have ever expected - 0 points and $0 additional court costs/fees. Completely satisfied and I would certainly recommend them highly!
V. Brown Recommends January 13, 2024
Satisfaction guaranteed Mr. Katz is a true public servant. I was able to have both of my citations entirely dismissed. I was cited for making a left turn from a motorist that hit and damaged my car. Mr. Katz provided stellar legal services to me at a time that I really needed it. He is knowledgable about the law and he makes all of his cases a priority. He was able to resolve both of my citations and as a result, I will not be receiving any license suspension, no points, and I will be getting a refund from the court – all without having to come to the hearing. In addition to this Mr. Katz and his office kept me informed and up to date concerning my case via email, phone and text. I also found him courteous, professional, caring and empathetic. I will be referring him to ALL of my family members, friends and coworkers that are in need of legal services. View More
Richard M. Recommends January 12, 2024
Excellent Experience After having done some stupid traffic stuff, I called Elliott Katz. After explaining what happened, Mr. Katz was able to explain the system, outline my options, and quote me a price that turned out to be some of the best money i could have spent. He offered no phony promises, but instead gave me the scenarios and plans on how he would proceed. Mr. Katz resolved the issues, and did so without any grief to me. Elliott Katz is exactly who you want when hiring an attorney. I recommend Elliott Katz to the highest degree. View More
Craig T. Recommends December 24, 2023
Got me the results I was hoping for I had been pulled over for a window obstruction. First time I have had any sort of thing happen in over 20+ years and he helped get the issue resolved to zero points. He got the violation reduced to a non moving violation, and I did not even have to go to court. He appeared on my behalf which was a great timesaver.
Tarek M. Does Not Recommend December 20, 2023
Very poor experience with handling of my speeding ticket I'm extremely disappointed with the handling of my case. I hired Mr. Katz for a speeding violation. He was very responsive at first and confident in achieving a reduction to the citation in order to avoid the consequences of 5 points added to my record. He asked me to take an online driving test which he would share with the respective judge and I did so. He also said they would need to charge a higher fee and that's because of all the pre-work that needs to be done in speaking to the involved officer and the judge and I agreed given the expected outcome. However, all he did was postpone the hearing date without informing me ( I had to find out by chasing him). The second hearing state was held and I also did not get any feedback despite 3 email follow ups. I also called his office and only then did he respond by via email by deleting my previous follow ups and making it seem as if he was trying to reach me over phone, which is not true and until now he has failed to contact me to explain the outcome. I came to find out myself from pennDOT that he pretty much did nothing, I ended up with the same violation, same points and sanctions only $760 short for attorney fees. In summary, very disappointing. View More
Bobby J. Recommends December 18, 2023
90 in a 65 = 0 Points and original citation reduced (I got money back!) Handled everything for me, didn't even have to go to court. I had a clean record and first speeding ticket in 12 years, Mr. Katz told me to take a defensive driving course and he would take care of the rest. I got money from my orginal fine I paid back! and 0 Points to boot!
Terry L. Recommends December 13, 2023
Elliot Katz got my ticket dismissed. I had a speeding ticket worth 4 points in Cheltenham and Elliot Katz got it completely dismissed. He was friendly and communicative; even though the date kept getting pushed back, I never had to go to go to court. It was as pleasant an experience as getting a parking ticket could be. Thanks, Elliot!
Kelly S. Recommends December 10, 2023
Peace of Mind Elliot had my 3 point ticket reduced to no points with no extra fines. An accident was involved so I wanted everything to be handled properly. Not having to appear in court was a bonus, I was happy this was option. All of the staff interactions were friendly and professional.
Viraf K. Recommends December 5, 2023
Excellent, hassle-free service from Elliott Ross Katz, Esq. I retained Mr. Katz's services to help me reduce or eliminate the points on my driving record as a result of a recent, significant citation. Mr. Katz succeeded in getting these points removed from my record. This is excellent because my auto insurance would have gone up successfully otherwise. Mr. Katz took care of everything and it wasn't necessary for me to appear in person in court. This is a big deal for me since I'm a busy software professional. I wish to appreciate Mr. Katz for his services and prompt communication. It was a pleasure working with him. View More
D. G. Recommends December 5, 2023
Professional Service Elliott was very well informed and I felt well represented during the process of resolving a traffic violation. He spoke with the officer and judge. The result being a reduction of violation. He was personable and I was reassured he could help. I would recommend him for anyone unsure of how to approach a traffic violation.
Ben S. Recommends December 5, 2023
A very pleased client I hadn't planned on retaining an attorney for a traffic violation, but so happy I did. Attorney Katz helped me understand the legal landscape and navigate my way to a fair resolution. He was friendly, responsive, and reassuring. For anyone who finds themselves in the undesirable position of dealing with traffic court, it's good to have someone by your side who specializes in this area of law. I highly recommend Elliot Katz.
Timothy N. Recommends December 1, 2023
Elliot Katz Saved Me a Ton of Money I recently did something stupid. I was driving on Lancaster avenue and was pulled over doing 20 MPH over the limit in a school zone. This carriers with it a penalty of 3 points and a ton of fines. I knew I needed an attorney so I did some research and come upon Elliot Katz. We spoke. He felt he could definitely help me. He even offered to return my retainer if he could not get the points eliminated and/or significantly reduce my fines. I liked his confidence so I paid him his low retainer. Later that day he emailed me a small list of paperwork he needed from me (e.g. copy of my driving record) which I promptly provided. I then went about my life. A couple weeks later he called to say the matter had been settled. The violation was changed from speeding in a school zone to just regular old speeding. Instead of being 20 MPH over the limit he got it changed to 5 MPH over the limit. No points. He even managed to get me a partial refund on the fines I paid as a deposit. I am completely happy with the outcome. I've definitely saved Elliot's number. I hope never to do anything this dumb again but if I do I will definitely contact Mr. Katz for help. View More
Mike M. Recommends November 28, 2023
Mr Katz delivers on his promises We had a complicated case with serious implications. Mr Katz outlined a strategy with action items that we needed to complete in order to improve our position before the hearing. These were simple and straightforward. He appeared on our behalf and achieved an outcome that was above and beyond our expectations. He is the epitome of someone who delivers to the best of their ability. If you need help within his area of expertise it would be a mistake not to use Mr Elliott Katz
S. E. Recommends November 9, 2023
Amazing Lawyer and Outcome Elliott is a great lawyer and was able to obtain an extremely favorable decision from the court. Due to Elliott's exceptional expertise, I was able to avoid a license suspension and received no points on my driving record. I highly recommend Elliott to anyone facing any and all issues with the law.
J. H. Recommends November 3, 2023
100% satisfaction! 10 out of 10. Elliott was able to get my entire ticket thrown out, no points, no suspensions; I did not even need to show up for the court date. =He is a pleasure to work with, was friendly and responsive. Thanks for the great representation Elliott!
X. G. Recommends October 24, 2023
Excellent Attorney,The best result I could have imagined Contacted Elliot for his services for a traffic citation and Elliott was a pleasure to work with. The whole process was simple and he was able to get my citation completely dismissed. He reallyexceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to contact him again if needed.
M. B. Recommends September 20, 2023
Amiable and Stress Free Experience Elliott was a breeze to work with from the very get-go. I called a few different law offices and Elliott was the easiest one to get a call back from. He was prompt and friendly during our initial conversation. He made me feel at ease about the situation and was willing to work with me to get the citation lowered without me even having to show up in court. As Elliott said in my final call with him, I hope to never need his services again, but if I do he will be the first person I call!
Konstantin S. Recommends September 8, 2023
Super reliable and effective attorney I got ticket running 38 mph in 15 miles zone. Elliott was able to reduce ticket amount and get rid of points. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends. I hope I will never get again in such situation. Will be extra careful next time in school zone.
A. Caprara Recommends August 30, 2023
Exceeded Promises I am an attorney from a family of attorneys. I had a Pennsyvania moving violation issue which could have been problematical. I know from sad experience that the chances of winning in local magisterial disrict courts are slim. I am also an old school lawyer who knew enough not to represent myself. I retained Elliot, on recommendation from a law school professor colleague amd friend, and was overwhelmed ( a word that I rarely use) by the positive result he obtained for me.
Bob Z. Recommends August 24, 2023
The Lawyer resolved my issues to my satisfaction. Elliott Katz, contacted me shortly after I received a Traffic Ticket. He explained the conditions that went with the ticket. He put me at ease. Elliott then outlined his plan for clearing and resolving/reducing my charges. Elliott acted on my behalf in Court, without me being in attendance. I'm completely satisfied with Elliot's service, and would use him again.
Johntel C. Recommends August 23, 2023
Honest legal representation The services I received from this attorney were great. I didn't have to constantly call him nor track him down. The results were pretty much in line with what he believe the outcome would be. I would definitely use him again in the future.
A. G. Recommends August 17, 2023
Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer! I found and contacted Elliott after doing some research on a few law firms and saw that his suited my needs. I ended up getting a traffic ticket which led me to contact him and then, unfortunately, received a second traffic ticket shortly after. What would have led to a license suspension and enough points that would have allowed my insurance to bankrupt me, Elliott was able to help me avoid the worst entirely! His communication was excellent, keeping me updated with everything going on and even helping me with next steps. He is super friendly and I felt really cared for throughout this entire process as he listened to me and was available whenever I had any questions. I honestly hope I never have to use his services again but he will be the first I call if I ever need to! View More
H. S. Recommends August 14, 2023
Got my citation to 0 points I got into an accident and was cited with a 3 point violation. Elliot Katz was able to get it to a 0 point violation without me going to the court. I would highly suggest you using him for any traffic violations you may have. He is a great person and a great lawyer!!
Len P. Recommends August 11, 2023
Resolved traffic violation most favorably Elliott Katz listened to me, asked the right questions, told me the possible outcomes, and achieved the best I could hope for. Case dismissed! No points, no fine, and, importantly to me, no need for me to appear in person. He is experienced, thorough, and knowledgeable. And has a great personality.
D. B. Recommends August 7, 2023
Ticket Dismissed I received a hefty ticket on the 4th of July that had me pretty anxious. I'm glad I hired Elliot who was able to help me out of a bad spot. He was able to get it dismissed and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Every ticket/situation is different. However if you receive a severe ticket, you should hire a lawyer and Elliot got me the best result possible.
S. A. Recommends August 5, 2023
Exceeded Expectations Mr. Katz not only reduced my points, he got my ticket to be cancelled. Which was more than expected. Mr. Katz was through and answered all of my and my insurance companies questions. He was available and attended my calls and replied to my emails promptly. I am very happy to work with Mr. Katz.
Meghna P. Recommends August 3, 2023
Communicative and thorough Mr. Katz was so great to work with regarding a traffic citation, he was communicative and thorough in his information collection, and always put me at ease in an otherwise stressful situation. He was pleasant to speak with on the phone, and was able to have the citation dropped with ease. I strongly recommend Mr. Katz for any legal needs.
T. B. Recommends July 30, 2023
Highly Recommended I would highly recommend Elliott. He is professional, personable and resolved my issue without me having to go to court. He was easy to contact, prompt to return messages, and followed up with me as expected. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome.
Colin H. Recommends July 27, 2023
Outstanding Service and Outcome that Significantly Exceeded my Expectations I reside in ChesCo PA and had a ticket for a moving violation in DelCo PA that would have resulted in 3 points if I had plead guilty to it. I engaged Elliott who was professional, honest, straight forward about what he thought he could do, and a pleasure to work with. Two months later, I couldn't believe the email I got from Elliott with the outcome of the trial. I plead to only a non-moving, 0 (zero) points violation, and I will actually receive about $20 back from DelCo! Thank you so much Elliott! For for anyone thinking of pleading to a moving violation ticket, don't do it until you talk to Elliott. View More
Leon L. Recommends July 25, 2023
I am completely satisfied with all legal services provided to me by the Elliot Ross Katz. The knowledge about the law, resolving my issue, keeping me informed, caring and professionalism were present during my trial period to the end by my Mr. Elliot Ross Katz! He was caring and empathetic. I was lucky to have him on my side and representing my case!
Rama Y. Recommends July 20, 2023
Speeding Ticket I got a speeding ticket with fine and 6 points. I used Mr. Elliott. Katz as my lawyer and was able to get the violation reduced to 0 points and reduced fine without appearing in the court. Thank you very much Mr. Katz and I would recommend him to anyone needing help with traffic violations.
P. J. Recommends June 20, 2023
Thank you! I received a citation for excessive speeding and was at risk of suspension and receiving 5 points on my license. I contacted Attorney Katz and immediately knew I wanted to be represented by him just after a few minutes of speaking about the case. I felt supported rather than judged. After I retained him, his prompt responses always addressed all my questions and concerns. He was able to have the excessive speeding citation amended to a non-moving violation which ultimately resulted in 0 points. He was amazing to work with, and I highly recommend him! (His jokes are a bonus). View More
Laura F. Recommends June 1, 2023
Unjust Traffic Violation Resolved I was involved in a pile up accident on the PA turnpike. I was neither the front driver, nor the rear driver, but in the middle of 4-5 cars. The state troopers arrived approximately 10-minutes after the accident and helped control traffic to get us over to the right shoulder. After speaking to us the trooper gave us a copy of the accident report and sent us on our way. The report cited the rear driver for “driving at a safe speed” a 2-point penalty. Approximately 3-hours after the accident I received a call from the PA state police and the officer that filed the report said after he was going to file another report citing myself at fault for the accident. This made no sense and I explained he was wrong, but he didn’t care to listen. When the second additional accident report arrived in the mail it cited me for “following too closely,” a 3- point offense. I immediately called Elliot Katz’s office. Talk about insult to injury. He explained my opinions with no obligation. I hired him for a small one-time fee to appear in court for me and argue my case. I sent him my information via an online portal and h took care of everything. I was able to avoid having to take a PTO day to handle this myself. Mr Katz reduced my citation which carried no points, and considered non moving so there is no record with the DMV or my insurance company. I highly recommend Mr Katz to fight for you, especially when nobody else will listen. Mr Katz will! View More
Peter B. Recommends May 24, 2023
Effective and reasonably priced The most important thing was that Mr. Katz was very effective in reducing the traffic charges to much less significant without points or suspension. He knows many judges, officers, and opposing attorneys which I believe can make all the difference in the world. He knows what needs to be done and said to get a reduction in charges. The next most important thing is that at least for me, he offered a more than reasonable fixed price. And was open about what might lead to a required increase. It is pleasant that the firm generally doesn’t require or even want you to appear in court on your hearing date. He was very engaging and honest on the phone discussing case. For me, I wasn’t fully satisfied in the responsiveness to all inquiries, but I’m not sure all the reasons for that or whatever else was going on at the time. View More
H. A. Recommends May 8, 2023
Responds immediatelyand very informative After looking for hours for an attorney I found the perfect one, Elliott Ross Katz, he and his staff were wonderful to deal with and helped my son with his speed ticket. They’ve been very professional and helpful. I'm very grateful and would recommend them to family and friends. Thank you!
Sundaravadivelu D. Recommends May 2, 2023
Citation for Obedience to Traffic-Control Devices Elliott Ross Katz is a good observer and quickly understands customer needs. He is providing hassle-free service for customers. I will deeply recommend Elliott for the service if you are in the same situation.
Sarah M. Recommends April 13, 2023
Very efficient and knowledgeable. Mr Katz seemed very empathetic regarding my case. He knew exactly what needed to be done and was very prompt with everything! He gave very clear (and timely) instructions for the whole process. I would absolutely request his services again if I were ever to need them!
G. S. Recommends April 5, 2023
Quick response, easy, stress-free process Elliot Katz represented me in a traffic violation charge. He was responsive, very easy to talk to, and reassured me that I would not have to do anything further once I havded my case over to him. He followed through with my case and had my charge reduced significantly, which was such a relief! His office was super helpful and the client portal was easy to use and convenient. I would return to his office for services in the future if need be.
Jeffrey D. Recommends April 3, 2023
Well worth the money Great sense of humor, he’ll put you mind to rest, I’ve had attorney’s in the past, he was the best, Also he’s an Army vet, which is a major A- plus. He was able to show up to court for me so I didn’t lose money from not working , he’s in my contacts list now.
Jonathan G. Recommends March 23, 2023
He doesn’t disappoint. Mr. Katz was awesome. Friendly, personable. Did an amazing job. Thank you so much. I recommend him to everyone and anyone. I was assured of his experience and that he was able to come through. His was very honest and straight forward as I gave him my case. My case was resolved.
Alicia H. Recommends March 21, 2023
Professional, reliable, affordable, and trustworthy Highly recommend. Great service and efficient. I am full time college student. Elliot Katz helped me with my court date and paperwork and was affordable for me. I did not have to miss any of my classes as he also represented in court without having to be present myself huge plus. Great service and experience!
Richard T. Recommends March 20, 2023
Highly Recommend Mr. Katz was up front and honest from out first meeting. He explained the potential outcomes and outlined the game plan. He was able to achieve the desired outcome and my involvement was minimal. I did not have to appear in court for the resolution. Great job!
Nettie D. Recommends March 16, 2023
Professional and knowledgeable. I was more than pleased and happy about the outcome of my court proceeding. The attorney was completely knowledgeable about the law. He was kind and compassionate regarding my situation. I was quite happy that I could be represented in court without me being present. Being recently widowed and having to handle something like this for the first time, I felt completely relieved after my first conversation with my attorney. I would definitely recommend your practice to anyone in my position. I am completely grateful for all the help and kindness. View More
M. S. Recommends March 15, 2023
Confident and Put at Ease Elliott assisted in my issue withteh courts. He was confident that he could get a favorable judgement and was able to put me at ease during the process. He was personable and easy to speak with and was respected by the judge and police officer duringthe court hearing.