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David Wolkowitz

David Wolkowitz

  • Personal Injury
  • Illinois
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Ethics and Professionalism
Shawn McKenna
Shawn McKenna February 15, 2023
Rating: 10 Lawyer Rating - 10 out of 10
David Wolkowitz possesses a combination of excellent legal knowledge, exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, strong communication skills, high ethical standards and professionalism, a strong work ethic and dedication to his clients, compassion and empathy, creative thinking, confidence, and adaptability. View More
Q. How do you know this lawyer?
  • Classmate at Law School

David Wolkowitz and I both attended Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Q. In the cases you were involved in with this attorney, which of the following apply?
  • Same Client

David Wolkowitz and I have collaborated numerous times throughout our careers.

Q. When did you work with this lawyer?
2008 to 2022
Q. Was this lawyer an effective advocate/counselor and why?

David Wolkowitz possesses a combination of legal knowledge, analytical skills, communication skills, critical thinking, attention to detail, ethics and professionalism, client service, and persistence.

Q. Please rate this lawyer on the following:

Legal Knowledge: Excellent

David Wolkowitz possesses excellent legal knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the law, stays up-to-date with new developments, is able to apply legal principles to specific cases, has strong attention to detail, possesses excellent research and communication skills, and maintains high ethical standards.

Legal Analysis: Excellent

David Wolkowitz has excellent legal analysis skills, strong analytical skills, the ability to identify legal issues, knowledge of legal precedent, clear and logical reasoning, attention to detail, creative problem-solving skills, and excellent communication skills.

Communication Skills: Excellent

David Wolkowitz has excellent communication skills. He is able to communicate complex legal concepts clearly and effectively, actively listen to clients and understand their needs, empathize with clients, be confident, adaptable, persuasive, diplomatic, and professional.

Ethics and Professionalism: Excellent

David Wolkowitz has excellent ethics and professionalism. He demonstrates integrity, confidentiality, objectivity, diligence, respect for the law, professional conduct, a commitment to continuing education, and accountability for his actions.

Q. For which practice area(s) would you recommend this lawyer?
I recommend David Wolkowitz for a wide range of cases where a party has been injured or harmed due to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another party.
Q. Which of the following skills does this lawyer possess?
  • Appeals
  • Arbitration
  • Business Advising
  • Client Relations
  • Collaboration
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Document Review
  • Drafting
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial Literacy (handling client funds)
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Writing
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Oral Argument
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Transactions
  • Trials
  • Use of Technology
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