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Cynthia Jean Nelson

Cynthia Jean Nelson

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My mission is to help people cope with the financial crisis by advising them about bankruptcy solutions to their credit or foreclosure problems.

When people have mortgages that are much larger than the value of their house, or when they are sued for credit card debt, or when their pay checks or bank accounts are garnished, bankruptcy can be a very powerful tool to help people get their lives back under control.

At Nelson Wegner LLP we work for individuals and small businesses who have been hit hard by tough circumstances. Our website offers free bankruptcy information.
We also offer free bankruptcy consultations.
Contact us to find out if bankruptcy can help you put your life back on track.

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A: Different lawyers charge different fees. A Chapter 7 should cost more for a small business owner or if there are tax debts. A Chapter 7 should cost somewhat less if there is no small business, if there are no tax debts. Many attorneys give free consultations and will give you a quote when they have an idea how easy or difficult the case will be.
Q. Once I file bankruptcy documents with the court how soon before those records are made public?
A: The documents are public when they are filed, except for your social security number.
Q. Can a creditor file an adversary proceeding based on malicious and wrongful conduct in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?
A: Yes. If you don't have a lawyer you should get one as soon as possible.
Q. How much money am I allowed to have in my bank account if I file a bankruptcy in California?
A: The exemption that is usually used for money in bankruptcy in California is called the Wild Card Exemption. You can use more of it on a bank account or less depending on what else you are trying to protect. Exemption planning for cars, for houses, for bank accounts is complicated. For the best results you should talk to a lawyer. If you are trying to protect equity in a house, then you would not get a wild card exemption. You should really discuss with a lawyer to see what exemptions are right for you.
Q. What is the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy?
A: Chapter 7 is a liquidation and Chapter 11 is a reorganization. Chapter 13 is also a reorganization. In Chapter 7, you can only keep what you can exempt under California law. The non exempt property if any will be sold to pay debts. In Chapter 11 and Chapter 13, you propose a payment plan. Many lawyers offer free consultations. Which Chapter is best for you depends on what type of debts and income you have. Good luck sorting it out.
Q. I am a low income senior with approx 10,000 credit card dept,can afford to pay should I file chapter 7,11 or what
A: You should talk with a lawyer. Many bankruptcy lawyers have free consultations. Chapter 11 is not what you want. It is for large businesses or people with very large income or very large debts. Because you are a low income senior, you might not have to file for bankruptcy at all. First find someone you can talk to.
Q. Do I need a lawyer to reprt My step father for lying on his bankruptcy with a pending lawsuit in another state he has?
A: No. Call the trustee assigned to his case, or the United States Trustee's office through the Department of Justice with the Federal government.
Q. Is it appropriate to write a letter to the judge in a bankruptcy court case when you are one of the creditors?
A: As a creditor, you need to file a proof of claim. You have the right to examine the debtor at the 341 hearing. You can request a further questioning of the debtor, called a 2004 examination. If you want to sue to prevent either this debt or this debtor from being discharged in bankruptcy, you should speak to a lawyer. The only way writing a letter to the judge will get you anywhere is if the court decides to treat it like a motion or other legal document. That puts you in the middle of a law suit. I wouldn't try it without help.
Q. What form is used to motion for dismissal of bancruptcy Chapter 7 in CA?
A: It is not easy to get a Chapter 7 bankruptcy dismissed after it is filed. Chapter 13 filers have a legal right to change their mind and dismiss their case. Chapter 7 filers do not have this right. There is no form for this. You have to submit a motion to the Court explaining why the case should be dismissed and asking the Judge to order the case dismissed. If the Trustee sees assets that can be sold to pay debts, you will likely lose on your motion. In your situation I would consult an attorney. You are in a bad situation, but there may be ways a skilled attorney can make it better.
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Nelson Wegner LLP
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Telephone: (510) 910-1619
Telephone: (510) 910-1619
Telephone: (510) 910-1619
Telephone: (510) 910-1619