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Christin Coleman Gallardo

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Christin Coleman GallardoMs. Gallardo attended the University of North Florida where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology (2000) and she attended law school at Stetson University College of Law where she received her JD (2004). She was admitted to the Florida Bar and the United States Patent Bar in 2004.

Ms. Gallardo has 14 years of experience in the area of Probate and Guardianship. After graduation from law school, Ms. Gallardo worked as a staff attorney for the Probate Division of the 17th Judicial Circuit and later accepted a position as Probate and Guardianship Counsel for the Circuit. During her tenure in the court system she was a member of the Florida Court Technology Commission’s Probate Data Elements committee and the Probate Workgroup for the Office of the State Court Administrator’s Trial Court Case Management Solution Project. She also assisted with the Circuit’s electronic filing effort for all divisions and participated on the electronic access standards workgroup of the Supreme Court Electronic Filing Committee.

Ms. Gallardo is the co-author of Chapter 25, The Role of the Attorney in Guardianship Proceedings in Florida Guardianship Practice (2017).

She has been in private practice for over 5 years, assisting many clients with all aspects of Probate, Guardianship and Trust matters.

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Q. My Mom died more than a year ago. I am the heir and trustee of the living trust. I have 2 checks that are made out to
A: If you only have a copy, you would have to Petition the court to accept a copy of the Will in lieu of the original. This requires notice to all who would stand to inherit if the Will were not "admitted" by the Court to Probate. However, if the property is indeed Trust property, then Probate will not help. Have an attorney experienced in Trust matters take a look at the Trust for you to determine whether the Trust had valid provisions determining post death distributions before attempting to open a probate.
Q. If a house is left to three people in a will, does it need to go into probate to be sold?
A: Yes, if the house is in the decedent's name alone and she/he left it to three other individuals in a Will, then a probate will have to be opened and the Will admitted to probate in order to transfer title. You will need to hire an experienced Florida estate administration attorney to assist you with the process. It cannot be done 'pro se.'
Q. Hi How long does it takes to from funds as a Trust beneficiary?
A: As a Trust beneficiary in Florida, you are entitled at a minimum to information about the assets of the Trust, a copy of the Trust and annual accountings. The terms of the trust will govern when you are entitled to distributions. In addition, another limiting factor (as to when you receive a distribution) could be the probate administration, if the funding of the Trust is dependent on completing probate. If you can find out the identity of the Trustee of the Trust, you may have better luck obtaining information from that person (who has a fiduciary duty to you). If you cannot or if the Trustee is not cooperative, you may need to contact Florida counsel experienced in Trust matters for help.
Q. My dads estate was probated and signed by judge 12/30/17 recieved claim from credit card for $1800 am I obligated to pay
A: If you are saying that an Order of Discharge was signed on 12/30/17 and that a Notice to Creditors was published providing that creditors had three months to file a claim, then this is an untimely filed claim for which the Estate is not responsible. The only way you might obligated to pay a creditor out of assets you already received from an estate is where it was a Summary Administration and no notice to creditors.
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