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The 2017 North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine includes Bill Powers on the:

“TOP 100" North Carolina Super Lawyers List
"TOP 25" in Charlotte Super Lawyers List
11 YEARS Selected to Super Lawyers

Bill Powers is listed individually within the The 2017 Best Lawyers in America© publication for his work in Criminal Defense, being named:

"Lawyer of the Year - Criminal Defense: General Practice"
Charlotte, NC
2017 Best Lawyers®

Powers Landreth PLLC also included in the 2018 U.S. News – Best Lawyers ® “Best Law Firms” publication. The firm has been named a Charlotte Tier 1 “Best Law Firms” for the area of DUI / DWI Defense.

Bill Powers is also listed individually within the The Best Lawyers in America 2018 publication for his work in DUI / DWI Defense and Criminal Defense: General Practice.

Bill is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy / National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

Bill Powers is the founding partner of the law firm of Powers Landreth PLLC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bill Powers helps clients with:

Criminal Defense: Serious Felonies and General Misdemeanors
DWI DUI Impaired Driving Defense
Traffic Offenses / Traffic Court: Speeding, Reckless Driving, DMV and Moving Violations
Complex Wrongful Death Claims - Alcohol Related Injuries, Wrecks and Fatalities
Martindale-Hubbell lists Bill Powers as an AV "Preeminent Lawyer" 2010 - 2017*

The National Trial Lawyers has included Bill Powers in "Top 100 Trial Lawyers" in North Carolina in 2017.

Immediate Past President of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. Attorney Powers has also been listed in Business North Carolina Magazine, Legal Elite 2017.

Bill was admitted to practice in North Carolina in 1992.

*AV Preeminent and BV Distinguished are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Marti

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  • Criminal Law
  • DUI & DWI
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Personal Injury
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Immediate Past President
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
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North Carolina Advocates for Justice
President Elect
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Vice President - Communications
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Campbell University
J.D. (1992) | Juris Doctorate (JD) - Law School
Honors: Academic Scholarship. Book Award "Jurisprudence"
North Carolina State University
B.A. (1988) | Political Science
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Order of Service
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Continuing Legal Education Co-Chair / Program Host NCSCCLE DWI/DUI Continuing Education
Order of Service
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Continuing Legal Education
Order of Service
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Ebbie Award
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
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North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Immediate Past President
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North Carolina Advocates for Justice
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North Carolina DWI
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North Carolina DWI
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Trial Skills Workshops - Cross Examination, WINNING DUI TRIALS with a Little Southern Charm, Charleston, South Carolina
Courtroom Preparation & Defense Perspective - Standardized Field Sobriety Testing SFST - Law Enforcement, SFST Training - Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department, Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office
Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department
An Ethical Guide to Old School and New School Communication Skills, Mecklenburg County Bar - "Google for Practitioners", Charlotte, North Carolina
Mecklenburg County Bar
Breath Testing - Science Behind the Devices, DWI & DUI Advocacy - Masters of DWI, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Attacking the Science in DWI Cases, 2015 UNC School of Government: Spring Public Defender and Investigator Conference, Greensboro, North Carolina
North Carolina School of Government
THE GIANTS SPEAK, NCAJ - Criminal Masters of Advocacy, Wilmington, North Carolina
North Carolina Advocates for Justice
Controlled Drinking SFST Demonstration - DWI DUI Impaired Driving Emerging Topics & Legislative Efforts, NCSCCLE - Momentum, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist - "Criminal Trial Advocacy"
National Board of Legal Specialty Certification / National Board of Trial Advocacy (See:
Legal Answers
24 Questions Answered

Q. When a defendent is convicted sloely from a jury charge of
A: I don't understand the question.
Q. In a criminal trial, is a lawyer allow to stop the trial while the jury is deliberating?
A: GREAT QUESTION. It's not really up to the attorney to stop the trial. She or he can ask the Judge to stop the trial; but, normally that would be solely for the purpose of withdrawing a "not guilty" plea and possibly pleading guilty. The State is NOT required to offer another plea once it's been rejected; nor is the Court required to accept a plea while the Jury is deliberating. There is a LOT of discretion involved and frankly, I've only seen something like that happen after the Jury has been out for a while and the STATE offers a better plea. Clearly, it can be complicated. More background info would help. Even if a plea the trial was stopped and a plea entered, one would expect that to be an "open plea." That means the accused pleads guilty, as charged and accepts the sentence of the Court without any agreement. I personally can't imagine why someone would do that. I guess there could be some reason I'm not thinking of. Best bet: Trust the attorney and their advice. Bill Powers North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer
Q. can a 14 yr old kid in school get sent to jail for being accused of saying they were goin shoot up the school two times?
A: Yes. Frankly, given all the school-related shootings, it's understandable that law enforcement take all threats seriously. Put simply, it's against the law to Communicate Threats. It is entirely reasonable, if not expected, that an ARREST would be the end-result. That does NOT mean ultimately the State would be able to prove a criminal charge for that. BEST BET: Retain an experienced lawyer immediately. Bill Powers North Carolina Criminal Defense
Q. after 5 to 7 years falsely testified at someone's trial will that individual face any charges
A: That person needs to speak with an attorney immediately. A lot depends on the facts and circumstances of the testimony. While a GREAT question, the internet is not the best place to do that. Thanks for the inquiry! Bill Powers North Carolina Criminal Defense
Q. Got a suspended license notice for one out of state ticket I got in Nov and paid in Dec. Why is this happening?
A: Really GREAT question; unfortunately, it's also a really complicated subject. Under the Interstate Compact, North Carolina will give "full-faith-and-credit" for citations that would have revoked / suspended a license here, had the offense taken place in NC. It's under something traffic attorneys often refer to as the INTERSTATE COMPACT. See: Article 1A. Reciprocity Agreements as to Registration and Licensing. § 20-4.1. Declaration of policy. It is the policy of this State to promote and encourage the fullest possible use of its highway system by authorizing the making and execution of motor vehicle reciprocal registration agreements, arrangements and declarations with other states, provinces, territories and countries with respect to vehicles registered in this and such other states, provinces, territories and countries thus contributing to the economic and social development and growth of this State. Unfortunately, people pass off tickets from other jurisdictions, not fully understanding the consequences. § 20-4.24. Reports of convictions; effect of reports. (b) Effect. – A state that is a member of the Drivers License Compact shall treat a report of a conviction received from another member state of the compact as a report of the conduct that resulted in the conviction. For a conviction required to be reported under subsection (a), a member state shall give the same effect to the report as if the conviction had occurred in that state. For a conviction that is not required to be reported under subsection (a), a member state shall give the effect to the report that is required by the laws of that state. G.S. 20-23 governs the effect in this State of convictions that are not required to be reported under subsection (a). Makes sense to talk to a NORTH CAROLINA attorney ASAP. There may be options available regarding driving. Bill Powers Charlotte Traffic Lawyer
Q. Got ticket in NC for driving in “excess of 45 mph outside municipal corporate limits GS 20-141(b).” The law is 55 mph?
A: GOOD QUESTION. That depends; but, likely NOT. Sometimes the speed is on the citation, but it's coded and/or otherwise hard to discern. And even if it's missing, the State could move to amend the citation up to the time of arraignment (and possibly even later in certain circumstances). Without going into crazy detail, that would take some time and likely more than just one admin court date. The basics of the uniform citation, regarding notice of the charges, involve the time, date, and location of the alleged offense, together with the stated violation: speeding under 20-141. Furthermore, the statute referenced sets forth what the speed limits are, if not otherwise posted: § 20-141. Speed restrictions. (a) No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway or in a public vehicular area at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions then existing. (b) Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, it shall be unlawful to operate a vehicle in excess of the following speeds: (1) Thirty-five miles per hour inside municipal corporate limits for all vehicles. (2) Fifty-five miles per hour outside municipal corporate limits for all vehicles except for school buses and school activity buses. The best thing to do is retain an experienced lawyer in Wake County. As to "finding the cheapest attorney you can," I can't say I necessarily agree with that. Go with the most experienced attorney whom understands the nuances of traffic law, insurance, and motor vehicle points in NC. Traffic law looks easy, but in my humble opinion, it deserves attention from someone whom actually knows what they're talking about. While cost is obviously a consideration, in my mind, it's lower down in the hierarchy of important things to consider in choosing a lawyer. Put simply, if it's not handled correctly, it can get real expensive real fast when it comes to insurance premiums. Most lawyers offer a free consult, so it doesn't cost anything to call and ask questions. At our firm we ask a lot of questions and if we think we can help, we'll tell people that. We also will tell people when we think they can handle the citation themselves. It's likely the good folks in Raleigh whom handle Traffic Law would probably do the same. Bill Powers Charlotte Traffic Attorney
Q. Im charged with DUS 3RD ... what happens if i show up with my drivers license?
A: MORE INFO would help. By "DUS" I'm assuming the question refers to Driving Under Suspension. In North Carolina we normally refer to that as Driving While License Revoked or DWLR. There also really isn't a legal delineation or special charge for DWLR 1st, 2nd or 3rd, except as it may pertain to additional periods of revocation or suspension. Put simply, it's complicated. It also can be quite serious. The BIG line of demarcation is Driving While License Revoked due to an Impaired Driving Revocation. Gracious, the best advice at this point is to retain an experienced attorney, especially one well-versed in DWLR related citations and sentencing issues. If the revocation is based on an DWLR-DWI Revocation, new driving charges actually carry at least the potential for what I call the "triple-whammy." Not only are they new criminal charges (misdemeanors), they also can impact a Suspended Sentence on the underlying DWI or other prior DWLR, assuming there remains some level of control by the Court under Supervised or Unsupervised Probation. Jurisdictions in North Carolina can vary on how they regard these types of cases. In Charlotte-Mecklenburg for example, the DA's Office (and the Judges) don't take a shine to DWLR Impairment cases. It's understandable Judges (and DA's) get a bit frosted when someone keeps driving, especially when the basis of the suspension or revocation involves DWI. It comes off as, "I don't care what you say, I'm gonna keep driving. You can't stop me." That isn't intended to be critical. Rather, it's just an explanation of some "whys-and-wherefores" of the Judicial System. In addition to there being possible implications of new criminal charges, and old, suspended sentences, there's another serious ramification: DMV and the ability to drive, legally, in the future, be it near or far. Generally speaking, there is a pretty basic formula when it comes to NC DMV: Get a new moving violation while suspended, Get suspended even longer. Do it some more, get suspended more-and-more-and-more. This is what I refer to the slow DMV Waltz, where there is suspension-after-suspension due to continued driving, continued convictions, and ever-increasing periods of suspension as a punishment or consequence of sorts. North Carolina as a whole is really working on getting DWLR issues cleared up. There are some pretty progressive laws now to help people. That's changed. When I first started practicing law, gracious how time flies (it's been since 1992!), NC had an offense called Driving While License Permanently Revoked. It was a big deal. It carried a MANDATORY 30 day active term. That law has now since been removed from the books; yet, that does NOT mean a Judge cannot impose an active term for some cases. There is a correlation between repeated driving violations, license suspensions, failure to comply with judgments, and jail. Repeated convictions / moving violations, and failure to comply with suspended sentences which include conditions like treatment, payment of fines, costs, and community service can gut a chance to drive, legally. Talk to an attorney IMMEDIATELY. Bill Powers North Carolina Criminal Defense
Q. I've missed my court date and I believe there's a warrant out I'd like to get this taken care of asap who could help
A: Because the inquiry says traffic tickets, additional information would be helpful. In Charlotte, normally there would not be in order for arrest on a simple speeding ticket or something more minor like that. There is a process in Mecklenburg County for adding cases back on. Bill Powers Charlotte NC
Q. I just found out that a police report from 9 years ago says that I have a warrant for my arrest!
A: BEST to talk to an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer where the Warrant for Arrest has been issued. These things tend to be a bit complicated. Many, if not most, defense lawyers in NC give free advice to start. We call that a free, confidential consultation. GREAT QUESTION though. Best of luck to you, Bill Powers
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