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Arturo C. Aguilar

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  • Business Law, Construction Law, Personal Injury...
  • Texas
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16 Recommends
Eliverto C. Recommends June 27, 2024
Excellent Legal Representation I am incredibly grateful to Art for his exceptional legal representation. He handled my case with utmost professionalism and expertise, managing to resolve it quickly and effectively without it moving beyond the initial stages. His attention to detail, excellent communication, and dedication to my case were evident from the start. I highly recommend Art for anyone seeking excellent legal assistance. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Jennifer T. Recommends May 12, 2024
Very knowledgeable and detail-oriented Arturo is a very knowledgeable and detail-oriented lawyer. He answered every question that I had thoroughly and kept me well informed about the action steps in my case. He’s very easy to get in contact with and replies in a timely manner. In addition, him being bilingual helped us immensely.
M. M. Recommends February 20, 2024
An honest Attorney you can Trust I had a lawsuit against me that was frivolous, and had cost me 6 k up to now . My wife found Art on line and we met at the What- A-Burger in Castroville. First thing I Knew he was down the earth and Pro People. My first attorney didn't ask me any questions didn't file for discovery and never explained the process to me, Art did all that in the first Hour of our meeting and he wasn't even locked in as my attorney yet, I wasn't looking any further for attorney i had found the right one. I cant tell you 7 years of Sleepless night made me get older from this Lawsuit. The Defendant didn't even pay me in full and wanted a new roof for 18 k that he only paid $3500 for. Art right away put their Lawyer on Notice that he was sitting around collecting money he was fast and in less then 5 Months the case was over, They even wanted to go to trail and that didn't even shake Art one Bit. The evidence was overwhelming and photos was the proof. Thanks Art for the Quick Response and no more sleepless nights. I am Retired Disabled Veteran and Art Cared enough for me to make this go away fast. Once again I would use Him again and so should you. A pro Roofing View More
J. O. Recommends January 17, 2024
Just a good, honest review Okay, you’ve found your way here and you’re reading reviews to figure out if Art is the right lawyer for your situation. Well let me just stop you now and say Art is hands down the best, lawyer I have ever worked with. He is honest and up front with expectations. From the first phone call I felt good about Art’s knowledge on construction law and the possibilities with our scenario. We had an initial, in-person consultation that went well and we were told exactly what to expect. A few months later we won our lawsuit thanks to Art and his team. I would recommend Art to anyone looking for a credible, construction law expert that’s going to get the job done. View More
B. M. Recommends January 12, 2024
Art Aguilar best decision We hired Art when we had a situation with a contractor. He was straight forward from the very beginning and told us how the process would work every step of the way. He made the process easy. He answered a million questions and fair in is price. At the end of the day, he won our case and we would highly recommend him. He made the stress of the lawsuit much easier and he fought for us every step of the way.
Christopher N. Recommends January 4, 2024
Great Lawyer! Art went to bat for us, advised us when we weren’t sure what to do or to whom to turn and he was patient. He was a great asset to our team and educated us throughout the process. We won! Art is a fighter and won’t give up on you. Thanks for everything Art!
Megan S. Recommends December 9, 2023
Incredible at Legal Strategy Art helped our neighborhood out with a POA issue. He maintained his professionalism throughout and excelled at trial. He kept his cool and laid out the foundation in a way to make the judge see clearly in our favor. I would highly recommend him for any legal issue you are facing. His team was amazing as well!
Mike F. Recommends December 9, 2023
Art Gets Results!!! I had hired Mr. Aguilar to help bring justice to my community. He is and his are consummate professionals. Art consistently fought for me. He also has a strong moral compass and took a personal interest in the case and the injustice that was occurring. He is very knowledgeable and most importantly he gets results! I plan on hiring him for other legal matters outside of the lawsuit as well.
Jason S. Recommends December 9, 2023
Novel HOA Dispute We hired Mr. Aguilar for an HOA dispute. Our case was novel in the sense that there was no prior cases tried similar to ours, so it required extensive research and preparation. He was able to get us a favorable ruling from the judge against a law firm representing the HOA. I would highly recommend him for any legal needs.
Toni G. Recommends October 6, 2023
Exceptional Lawyer who won my case I am an Interior designer and own a small renovation company. About 2 years ago, prior to starting the renovation addition to my business, I hired a local contractor to work alongside me. My client hired me to design, renovate and decorate his 4032 sq ft home. Long story short, the contractor ended up running off with $18,500 of my money. He blocked all my communication with him, and refused my legal paperwork when served. I was going through an emotional and financial hardship during this time. I decided to look for a construction lawyer. I came across Art Aguilar on Google and saw he had 5 stars, so I started reading them. I was very impressed, so decided to message him. After I explained my situation and how I couldn't afford to hire a lawyer, I asked him If he could possibly review my case and see if he thought I would win, prior to spending the money that I did not have. He said yes!! Art Aguilar called me after reviewing my case and said he he thought I had a good case. He said he could take $$ XXX for a retainer fee, I told him I did not have any extra money. He said could I at least pay 1/2 now and 1/2 in a month and I said yes! Later, I paid the rest of the retainer in full. Fast forward and I WON! Art Aguilar SETTLED THE CASE out of court. BUT WAIT...... it gets better. Due to the case getting settled out of court and the deposition never getting recorded, Art Aguilar REFUNDED ME $1,200 from my ORIGINAL retainer!! Prayers answered!! WHAT LAWYER GIVES YOU MONEY BACK?? I HIGHLY recommend Art Aguilar, IF you want a kind, compassionate, loving, trusting, HONEST, hard working, reliable, dependable and stands behind his word, then hire Art Aguilar, and you could be smiling just like me! THANK YOU ART!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! View More
Justin W. Recommends April 26, 2023
Very Professional / Knowledgeable Lawyer Arturo helped me create a case and collect what I was rightfully owed. He was very professional and always available. I’m glad I went with him. I was able to win the case with his help. He kept me updated throughout the case whenever there was an update. I could tell he put his maximum effort into this case.
Joseph L. Recommends December 12, 2022
Art Aguilar is the man! I recently had an issue with a shady A/C vendor and Art answered my frantic call right away (on a Sunday!) Art is unbelievably caring in following up until my matter was resolved. He spent many hours and calls between me and the contractor until it was made right. I cannot express how grateful I am for Art Aguilar and his law firm. Thanks again!
Abraham S. Recommends December 11, 2022
He is on top of things! He helped me with a legal matter. I have worked with other attorneys in the past and he is BY FAR the best I ever worked with. He was always available and very responsive. He got the job done and is a bulldog you deff want on your side! Dealing with the law can be very hard to navigate and he walks you through the process and gets results.
Toan N. Recommends December 10, 2022
Awesome Attorney! Attorney Aguilar helped us in our business matter with haste. He was able to have the other party back off before it got to litigation! He’s also very fair with his fees and returned all of the unused portion right back to us! We will definitely be hiring him again in the future it we need him.
Stephen J. Recommends August 31, 2022
Professional, Ambitious and Fast Acting Art was extremely helpful with rectifying a non-compete issue for me. Not only did he rectify the issue, he did it the same day that I called him. I strongly recommend him for anyone requiring legal representation! He is professional, clear, concise, ambitious and extremely effective.
Jeanne B. Recommends August 18, 2022
Mr. Aguilar is highly recommended for your legal needs. Mr. Aguilar cannot be recommended highly enough. He is very deliberate, strategic and aggressive in his approach. He explained well and communicated with me when I had questions. If your still looking for the best, look no further. I am very satisfied with him and his approach and with my results.

Arturo C. Aguilar's Response: Of Course! Pleasure to be of help!