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The Houser Law Firm, P.C. is a Professional Corporation and full service, General Practice law firm located in Jacksonville, that serves Onslow and surrounding counties (Jones, Pender, Duplin) in South Eastern North Carolina. We know that in these tough economic times, saving money where ever possible is important to most people. Our philosophy has always been to provide our clients with prompt, courteous and professional legal services at an affordable fee. While we never compromise on our legal professionalism, we do strive to manage our cost and expenses so that we can offer high quality legal services at fees that are reasonable and affordable.

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17 Questions Answered

Q. What should I do now?
A: What you should have done in the first place - hire an attorney. If your transmission breaks and you are not a mechanic you wouldn't in a million years think to yourself, I gots a screw driver and some duct tape I'm gonna fix that sucker meself. So why with the law, something arguably more important than a transmission does everyone think - hey I can do that? Often people think they might save money doing their own divorce - truth is they often end up spending more than if they would have hired an attorney.Assuming your divorce complaint was drafted and filed properly and you didn't either put something in you don't need and / or leave something out that you do, the way to obtain service of process when you don't know where the defendant lives is to serve by legal publication in an approved newspaper in the area where you last knew him to live. The publication requires very specific wording and timing - this is not something you will likely be able to do on your own.
Q. I will give this my best shot. My girlfriend and Her soon to be ex signed over sole physical custody to her mother
A: Custody can not be transferred by will - people are not property you simply 'leave' to someone else. Further, custody is always an open issue - the idea that it can not be 'undone' is incorrect. So yes, there are numerous ways custody could change either by consent or by court order just not by a will.
Q. help for my daughter.
A: It is likely he is in the military - if so, you can try to contact someone in his command - they will often order him to provide support IF you are married. Otherwise, you are going to have to seek help from the court system in Ethiopia.
Q. is it true if a person have more then ten kids that they dont have to pay child support?
A: No. Quite the opposite is true - generally, the more kids you have the more child support you will pay.
Q. In sc how can we petition the court for a paternity test the guardian will not cooperate
A: This is a question you would need to ask of a SC attorney. However, in NC you would file a motion to compel paternity testing..
Q. if my kids live in new York and I live in north Carolina where do I need to file papers to see my children
A: Depends. Generally you can file wherever jurisdiction is proper. That could be either NY or NC or both! Further, the selection of venue (where an action is filed) is often determined based on tactical reasons. For example filing in NC to make defending the case harder and more expensive for someone living in NY.
Q. My ex was required in our divorce decree to provide our childs health ins. he is now on disability will he stil pay?
A: How are we to know what your ex will or will not do? Presumably since you know him best - you are in a much better position to predict what he might do. In any event, since it appears he hasn't stopped paying yet - there's really nothing to worry about until there is something to worry about. That said, generally there is a difference between what someone is obligated to do and what they actually do. Based on your question it appears he is court ordered to pay for the child's health insurance - so he has a legal obligation to do so. However, it is entirely possible that he may simply refuse to do so. If so, you will then need to decide if it is worth taking him back to court over the issue. It may be a difficult decision for you because unless you are still on good speaking terms and he is an honest stand up guy, you won't know if his failure to pay is legitimate or not. It may be the case that now that he is on disability he can not afford the child's insurance, in which case, if you take him back to court, he may counter with seeking to have the court order modified based on a substantial change in his financial circumstances. Or it could be that he can afford the insurance even on disability its just that doing so cuts into his beer and hooker money. You would need to know which is the case otherwise you are rolling the dice blind and could be wasting your time and money taking him back to court if he does stop paying.
Q. Can a highway patrolman give you a seat belt ticket after you have parked the car, entered store, & returned to car?
A: If a NC Trooper gave you a seatbelt ticket after parking a car, entering a store and returning, then you already know the answer to your question - yes, they can! However, I suspect what you really meant to ask is if it is proper to give a seat belt ticket under those circumstances. Again the answer is probably yes. In NC if you are in a forward motion you are required to have a seat belt on. So if the Trooper saw you in a forward motion prior to you parking - the ticket was likely legitimately issued. The fact that you parked, got out entered a store and returned does not have any impact on what happened prior. In other words it doesn't magically restart the timeframe within which a Trooper can give you a seatbelt ticket.
Q. My girlfriend broke up with me and gave me my clothes only. She still has 22 other items that she will not give me.
A: There are plenty of illegal ways to accomplish this but they would all likely land you in serious trouble. The two most common legal ways to handle it would be: 1) to file a civil small claims suit against her for either the return of the property she kept or if she has disposed of it the fair value of the property. You are going to have to prove to the magistrates satisfaction that you are the owner of the property and that you didn't gift the property to her. 2) swear out a criminal warrant for conversion. Her keeping the property could be the crime of conversion. When you broke up and your property was left in her possession she became what is known as a bailee and has an obligation to take reasonable care of your property ffor a period of time until you can take possession of it. If she keeps the property for her own use - that is the crime of conversion. Simply go to your local magistrates office and see if you can get a warrant. If so, this method is cheaper that filing a small claims action. You will want to either personally deliver or send her a certified written letter stating your intent to seek a warrant if she doesn't return your property and allow her 48 hours to return the property to you before you seek a warrant. See statute below - Good luck to you! § 14-168.1. Conversion by bailee, lessee, tenant or attorney-in-fact. Every person entrusted with any property as bailee, lessee, tenant or lodger, or with any power of attorney for the sale or transfer thereof, who fraudulently converts the same, or the proceeds thereof, to his own use, or secretes it with a fraudulent intent to convert it to his own use, shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor. If, however, the value of the property converted or secreted, or the proceeds thereof, is in excess of four hundred dollars ($400.00), every person so converting or secreting it is guilty of a Class H felony. In all cases of doubt the jury shall, in the verdict, fix the value of the property converted or secreted. § 14-168.3. Prima facie evidence of intent to convert property. It shall be prima facie evidence of intent to commit a crime as set forth in G.S. 14-167, 14-168, and 14-168.1 with respect to any property other than a truck, automobile, or other motor vehicle when one who has, by written instrument, leased or rented the personal property of another: (1) Failed or refused to return such property to its owner after the lease, bailment, or rental agreement has expired, a. Within 10 days, and b. Within 48 hours after written demand for return thereof is personally served or given by registered mail delivered to the last known address provided in such lease or rental agreement, or
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