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My name is Alexander Florian Steciuch and I am a licensed attorney operating in Northwest Indiana. As a lifelong citizen of this area I have a strong personal drive in helping out the citizens of our community, whether it be through proper estate planning for throughout a client's life or helping out with whatever small legal problems that may arise. My legal passion lies in the area of estate planning and areas of elder law. I take strong personal satisfaction in helping people make sure that their wishes are known, respected and carried out by the individuals they trust most in their life in times of incapacity and insecurity.

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    Free 1 HR consultation for those looking to explore planning their estate.
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    Flat fees are charged for almost all estate planning services and traditional legal services. Litigation and consultations are on an hourly basis. I offer flat fee estate planning to its clients. It is my belief that I best serve my clients by offering clearly posted prices for our services ahead of time. There are no extra hourly costs for telephone calls, emails or other communications between the client and the attorney associated with estate planning. If your estate planning needs are not listed here, I will attempt to offer an estimated range of cost for your case. $400.00 Basic Estate Plan Package $600.00 Basic Couple’s Estate Plan $50.00 Last Wishes & Funeral Directive $1,000.00 Revocable Living Trust $1,300.00 Basic Estate Plan Package & Revocable Living Trust $1,500.00 Basic Couple’s Estate Plan Package & Revocable Living Trust Additional Services: In Home/Hospital Visit are available. Price based on distance from office. Emergency Visits and Drafting available. Price negotiable on time constraints. I also offer a variety of other general practice services, the full list of which can be viewed elsewhere. Unless otherwise agreed upon, I will attempt to offer flat fee services instead of an hourly rate.
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Professional Experience
Steciuch Law
- Current
Legal Intern
Valparaiso University School of Law Mediation Clinic
Mediated Small Claims Court cases as well as Divorce proceedings.
Law Clerk
Gordon Etzler & Associates
Valparaiso University School of Law
J.D. (2015) | Law
Honors: Cum Laude
Activities: Valpo Law Blog, Teaching Assistant
Professional Associations
Indiana State Bar # 32772-64
Articles & Publications
Upskirting and the Spirit of the Law
Valpo Law Blog
Speaking Engagements
Saving Your Family Problems and Heartache: A Guide To Estate Planning, Vibra Health Fair, Indian American Cultural Center
An Abbreviated Guide To Trusts, 605 Beech Street, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Steciuch Law
Having The Talk: Discussing Estate Planning With Your Loved Ones, 605 Beech Street, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Steciuch Law
Join us to learn how to approach the hard to discuss topic of estate planning with your family members. This topic will cover how to initiate the conversation, how to address the difficult emotional questions and the importance of planning ahead while these conversations can still take place.
The Basics of Estate Planning, 605 Beech Street, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Steciuch Law
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Indiana Board of Law Examiners
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448 Questions Answered

Q. What happens if someone steals someone else's dog?
A: Contact the police ASAP and report your dog stolen. If you find out that your dog was not stolen and has simply run away, be sure to update the police and inform them that you found your dog. If you have evidence that it was your neighbor (video recording of them committing the crime, picture of your dog in their house, communications from them telling you they did it), be sure to provide that to the police as well. As an interim step, if you believe that your dog was stolen, you can call up the local veterinarians around you and ask them to inform you if any new owners come in with a dog that matches your pet's description. If your pet is microchipped, they will most likely contact you once they scan it if an owner that does not match the microchip's information brings the dog in.
Q. Can I get my dog back after I haven't had him since June 2017?
A: Once you gave up your dog to your friend, you effectively transferred ownership of the dog to someone else. You never intended to receive the dog back. Legally your friend owned the dog and could do with it whatever she liked at that point. It is still possible for you to get the dog back from the current owner, but that is going to be through negotiating with the current owner and possibly buying it back. Consult with an attorney in your area for legal advice. Any information provided here is just for general information purposes.
Q. I received a small claims order from an eviction 13 years ago. Do I settle? I live 200+ miles away and cannot appear.
A: Statute of limitations of limitations for back rent is 6 years. You absolutely need to respond, because even if the charges are past the statute of limitations, you need to respond to point this out, otherwise they could obtain a default judgment against you regardless of the statute of limitations. Best course of action would be to have an attorney in the area the small claims proceeding is being held and contact them on your behalf to either appear on your behalf or resolve this issue.
Q. If I make ONE tshirt with a logo that is trademarked by someone else can I be sued for copyright infringement?
A: Yes, you could be sued for trademark infringement. You don't get a freebie trademark infringement.
Q. are electricity bill is $629.00 and our house is still freezing and the land Lord is a jerk no ceiling in the bathroom
A: It does not sound like your heating works. Either that or your house is uninhabitable. Landlords have a duty to provide you with a safe and habitable living space. Notify your landlord, in writing (keep a copy for yourself), via certified mail of all the issues with the house and inform your landlord that the issues need to be resolved in a timely manner. If your landlord refuses to fix the issues, it may be said that you have been constructively evicted, which can be a basis upon which a tenant can consider the lease broken by the landlord. This does not guarantee that you will not be sued yourself, it merely acts as a defense for vacating the property before the lease agreement is over. One final note: if your electricity rates are astronomically high, you should consider contacting NIPSCO or whomever handles your electricity and heating to inspect the property to see if it is not an issue on their end. You should consult with a local landlord/tenant attorney in your area for legal advice and possible representation. Any information given here is for general information purposes only.
Q. If a dog comes onto my property, attacks my dog and then flees,can I shoot the dog the next time I see it on my property
A: There is no straightforward answer to this question. Shooting a dog is generally considered animal cruelty. If you are being attacked by the dog or the dog is attacking another person, you may be justified in shooting the dog. It is a defense to a criminal charge of animal cruelty to shoot the dog if the dog is attacking or destroying your property. If the dog is merely trespassing, you are most likely not justified in shooting it and could face felony animal cruelty charges. Here is the section of the Indiana Code that may help you. IC 35-46-3-12 Torture or mutilation of a vertebrate animal; killing a domestic animal Sec. 12. (a) This section does not apply to a person who euthanizes an injured, a sick, a homeless, or an unwanted domestic animal if: (1) the person is employed by a humane society, an animal control agency, or a governmental entity operating an animal shelter or other animal impounding facility; and (2) the person euthanizes the domestic animal in accordance with guidelines adopted by the humane society, animal control agency, or governmental entity operating the animal shelter or other animal impounding facility. (b) A person who knowingly or intentionally beats a vertebrate animal commits cruelty to an animal, a Class A misdemeanor. However, the offense is a Level 6 felony if: (1) the person has a previous, unrelated conviction under this section; or (2) the person committed the offense with the intent to threaten, intimidate, coerce, harass, or terrorize a family or household member. (c) A person who knowingly or intentionally tortures or mutilates a vertebrate animal commits torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal, a Level 6 felony. (d) As used in this subsection, "domestic animal" means an animal that is not wild. The term is limited to: (1) cattle, calves, horses, mules, swine, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, poultry, ostriches, rhea, and emus; and (2) an animal of the bovine, equine, ovine, caprine, porcine, canine, feline, camelid, cervidae, or bison species. A person who knowingly or intentionally kills a domestic animal without the consent of the owner of the domestic animal commits killing a domestic animal, a Level 6 felony. (e) It is a defense to a prosecution under this section that the accused person: (1) reasonably believes the conduct was necessary to: (A) prevent injury to the accused person or another person; (B) protect the property of the accused person from destruction or substantial damage; or (C) prevent a seriously injured vertebrate animal from prolonged suffering; or (2) engaged in a reasonable and recognized act of training, handling, or disciplining the vertebrate animal. (f) When a court imposes a sentence or enters a dispositional decree under this section, the court: (1) shall consider requiring: (A) a person convicted of an offense under this section; or (B) a child adjudicated a delinquent child for committing an act that would be a crime under this section if committed by an adult; to receive psychological, behavioral, or other counseling as a part of the sentence or dispositional decree; and (2) may order an individual described in subdivision (1) to receive psychological, behavioral, or other counseling as a part of the sentence or dispositional decree. You should report the incident of your neighbor's dog attacking your dog to the police, if nothing else. Please consult with a local animal attorney in your area. Any information given here should be considered general information and not legal advice.
Q. I'm in the state of Indiana. If a lease agreement has ended and the tenant refuses to leave the property can I force out
A: No, you cannot change the locks or physically remove them. Your only legal option is to obtain an eviction at the eviction hearing that you already have scheduled. If you contact the police they will not act without an eviction order.
Q. Can I get child support in Indiana if I don't have a job?
A: You can get child support established even if you do not have a job. Each county in Indiana has free legal services available to parents looking to establish child support obligations. This website can help you.
Q. I reside in Indiana. If they raise rent and I inquire why, do they have to respond?
A: Your landlord is not required to explain why he is raising rent. If you believe that the rent increase is too high this is something you can bring to his attention and attempt to negotiate him down.
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