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Albert Laaksonen

Albert Laaksonen

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  • Michigan
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Matthew M. Recommends March 2, 2022
The one lawyer you need in your fight. Albert was a catch when it comes to representation. I came with a legal matter that no other attorney would touch. Do to a smoke screen of accusations made buy a terrible woman. I was dazed and confused, angry and hurt by her false accusations that this deceitful woman masterminded to steal my business. Albert had a reassuring Authority and was more than capable to see the underlying truth of the corruption and the double handed dealings of this angry, deceitful woman. Albert and his staff reassured me on multiple occasions that they would do everything to bring her evil vindictive false accusations too light. Giving me the justification that I so truly needed. The biggest thing that a person who is being sued and, is innocent goes through is that they feel like nobody will believe them. That everybody even old friends and family see them as guilty. With Albert and his staff on day one they had a reassuring demeanor that I was telling the truth. Which gave me some peace and tranquility in a time of great turmoil. His legal knowledge on Michigan law and law governing our great nation. It truly cannot be rivaled by any local competitor. When his rival is playing checkers and Albert is playing chess within the realm of law it is a great advantage for his clients. He had some magical capability probably ordained by the heavens itself to know at least three moves ahead of his competitor. Even when this deceitful woman flat out attacked me and my family at every possible intersection of life. Albert stood between us And did what he could to lessen the impact of her insanity. He was a beacon of light in a time when I had jackals at my doorstep. Albert stood strong against great winds of hot air that bellowed from the depths of this evil woman. She went and single-handedly started to viciously attack Albert and his reputation. In hopes that he would buckle under her pressure and drop me as a client. But his honor and with the grace of God he did not turn his back on me. Now I am not a rich man or even Well off man. The only thing that I had was my business and this evil woman stole it from me like a thief in the night. I was having a hard time finding new employment since my career was in a limited field of knowledge. They worked with me on the financial end of my bill. I made every attempt to pay him for his assistance and came up short a few times. Not once did Albert stop fighting for me claiming that the bill is due. He would just have a straightforward discussion on monies owed. We would together come up with a financial payment plan that would work for us. I could go on all day with the benefits of having Albert as an attorney. But to summarize my review which does not do Albert and his firm justification When it comes to his support. I have to say if you have legal issues and you want a true and honest, God fearing attorney with honor then you should contact Albert immediately. To hunt on hoping to find somebody with his experience and knowledge within the legal parameters of Michigan law then you are being naïve and foolish. View More