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Adam Edward Phillips

Adam Edward Phillips

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  • Wyoming
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Mary A. Recommends February 19, 2021
Adam Was The Most Exemplary Attorney I Have Ever Worked With! 5 Stars!! I reached out to Adam to handle my parent's probate after having a disappointing experience going through two other separate law firms in my county. Even though my parent's probate was not large, Wyoming is unique in that it has statutes that sets the legal fees an Attorney receives for processing a probate. Therefore, if your family member has an estate that is small, say less than $100,000, be prepared for a law firm to be either unmotivated in serving your case timely or reject helping you. Because probates are long, paperwork intensive, and the statutory fees are "just not worth their time" as one law firm told me. Lawyers are required to abide by a national & state code of ethics to: "...act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client" and "maintain communication with a client concerning the representation." Sadly, there are Attorney's in this county and other areas who could care less about being "prompt", "diligent", and/or "maintaining communication" with their Client. Nor are they interested in keeping their Client "reasonably informed about the status of the matter." One law firm, after they agreed to represent my probate need, kept me in the dark for over 4 months only to discover nothing was really done. After my months of repeated inquires for updates and asking for a simple clarification of their fees, I received an email informing me that he was "no longer interested in representing me” in parent’s probate. Unbelievable! Another law firm kept me in the dark for over 6 months after agreeing to represent me, and every time I called or emailed for an update, the Lawyer would use a spoofing app on her phone to make her calls go immediately into my voicemail without me hearing the ring to avoid speaking with me, and to portray a "prompt", "diligent" effort in "maintaining communication" with her Client when all of her efforts were faked. I am sure if my parent's estate was over $1MM, these perfunctory Attorney's would have been clamoring to process my parent's probate. I guess these rules of professional conduct & ethics Lawyers are required to adhere to mean nothing, because they clearly take the approach that their Clients serve them, not them serving their Clients. NOT ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam TOOK my phone calls, spent time UNDERSTANDING my case, CARED about me, was always AVAILABLE to meet, and placed our legal need to have our probate processed and filed has a HIGH PRIORITY. Even though my parent’s estate was small, he always treated this case will the urgency it deserved even though his fee was going to be minimal. In other words, his ethics in serving his Client’s needs took utmost priority over his compensation. Such a rare approach in this day in age. Adam and his staff was "PROMPT", "DILIGENT", and always “MAINTAINED COMMUNICATION" with me as his Client – EXCEEDING the code of ethics and professional conduct he swore to adhere to. Not only that, he completed my parent’s probate in an unbelievable fraction of time from beginning to end! Incredible!!!!! A process I thought would take 9-12 months, Adam got done in 1/3 of that time!!! Will he complete your family’s probate in record time too? I do not know, every estate has its own variables, but I wasted almost a year dealing with other law firms who promised me they would help me, only to discover I was a not a “prioritized” Client of theirs. Adam, and his staff truly exceeded my expectations for legal counsel. Now guess where I am going if another legal need arises? I will walk, NO, I will RUN to Adam E. Phillips Law Firm in Lander. And you should too! It is Lawyers like Adam who deserve to hold the respectable title of an Attorney. Adam and his firm will prosper in this role, and I am very proud to be a Client in his firm. Anytime, any day! View More
Michael H. Does Not Recommend August 24, 2020
Don't use for divorce. I used Adam as my brother works with him for him company work. Big mistake, he gave me VERY bad advice on how to do asset division, and my ex stole half my belongings and the court, even with photographic proof of me being right, didn't find her in contempt because Adam had me use a generalized list vs the VERY specific one I had originally wanted to use. He's also very non confrontational and can't stand his ground. He is NOT aggressive at all.